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  1. Yes, absolutely! This is amazing and unexpected! Yas!!!!!
  2. What happened is that she happens to like trying different things! Maybe the time has come to deal with this, don’t you think?
  3. I love it! Your extended version makes it even more haunting! I love this song! It is so good! Thank you, Dub! You’re awesome! Now, I can’t help but saying that I look forward to discovering your take on Crave!
  4. Who is the man/painter featured in some of the pictures?
  5. I’m praying the same prayer. Double Amen!
  6. I love Crave! It is infused with her amazing musicality, uniqueness, inspiration and sensibility. Nobody does it like her! They are all two steps behind!
  7. This is breathtaking! She’s so amazing! Her rendition of Sodade is mindblowing! Hopefully, she will give us the chance to listen to the full Lisbon Sessions, the songs that she mentioned during the interview with Keith...the ones sung in portuguese with the musicians she met in Lisbon. Looking forward to June 14!
  8. Are you in Australia or New Zealand?
  9. This is just so amazing! Thank you for this! This is who she is. This is what she’s here for.
  10. Most likely, but those pictures have been online for all these months! Incredible that no one noticed. It must have been a private profile with a different name up to now.
  11. I just found out that an official MadameX Insta profile has been online since August 2018 and it’s full of pictures! Did anyone know that already? Here it is: https://instagram.com/officialmadamex?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1rub75pjdo5ir
  12. 1.000.608 views on YouTube right now! Yeah! Over 1 million!!!!
  13. "At the end of the day, she’s putting her 60-year-old, scanty-clad ass on the line for future generations to experience less societal limits than she did once she passed the 40-year mark. Rather than pointing out her age, every person on social media - young or old - should be celebrating it, thanking Madonna for continuously going where no one else dares to go. Because while all of Madonna’s revolutions have gained her attention, it’s nothing compared to what she’s done for the rest of us." (Vogue UK, June 2019) This is a wonderful message and there's so much truth in it! Go beyond the surface and open your heart, people! Let's celebrate her while she's alive! She is the best we've ever had and she's the best we will ever have! The one and only Madonna!
  15. I love it, Dub! So unique! So amazing! You are so good!!!! I hope you know that! Can't wait for your take on the amazing I Rise!
  16. She was 83 in 1977, but still she was very active and very present. Martha would die 14 years later. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that this is exactly what happened, that is the story that M tells in the Instagram video.
  17. Thank you, Dub! Love it! Now we need your own remix of Medellin. Your “remix sensibility” with M songs is astounding! I am sure it will be epic!
  18. At this point, considering that we are two days away from April and there’s still nothing, she is probably going to follow a pattern similar to Music with album release in September.
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