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  1. Agree with both you and Sotos8! Madame X knows the difference between having a fun moment and making a lasting impact.
  2. I totally understand your point and I agree with you.
  3. Soltera is a really good and fun bop, but comparing it to Future and/or Medellín (let alone Mirwais) is downright silly! Production on Soltera is quite basic and flat. MadameX is a wall of sounds! Open your eyes! ...and your Like Lola Leon once said: “you girls are SO BASIC with your instagram filters (and music comments, I would add)!”
  4. FUTURE is full of LIFE! Future IS life!
  5. This is NOT a song for basic people! TRUTH!
  6. Why is it a “true statement”? It’s at best a subjective statement, far removed from being a universal truth. The person who wrote the article could learn some good manners and some bits of professionalism. To say that she is far from her prime is a poor and sad way of articulating his/her thought about the lyrics of the song. These people are just bad, bad, bad! No need to say more.
  7. It must be hard to perform, dancing and moving around, with just one eye and of course nobody mentions it because she makes it look so easy and effortless. Madame X is ready to slay!
  8. “Not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is coming from the past.” She tells it so clearly! www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/Madonna/future.html
  9. The lyrics are really good! She is so right: "Not everyone is coming to the future!" This is a political statement and as usual she's doing in the least expected way! You go, MadameX! It will be very interesting to see how she does the transition from Dark Ballet to Future tomorrow night! Can't wait!
  10. I like it a lot! She is really going for those "4th chakra opening" frequencies with this and Medellin! The bridge towards the end is her magic touch...as always! Queen of bridges!
  11. Did anyone manage to download it? I missed it. It looks amazing!
  12. Italian ANSA (one of the main news agencies in Italy) issued a statement this morning, where it was written that M has indeed signed the contract and that she will perform on Saturday. The news came in at 10 am.
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