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  1. I love love love Dark Ballet!!!! It's so good that I almost wish it was longer!
  2. What did she write under Guy’s post? I don’t remember. “Do you remember when I used to...?”
  3. Quavo is doing a really good job on this track. It would be great if you could make an extended version of Future. It is such a cool song!
  4. It was such a great and powerful show with a strong message of peace and love and hope and amazing visuals!!! "A celebration of love, life and humanity"! As for the ongoing controversy about the live vocals of Like A Prayer, it's time to give it break! She has beautifully sung Like a Prayer live hundreds of times during her career. She has nothing to prove. She's obviously able to sing it even better than what people can now hear on her Vevo channel video. Shit happens to everyone. She's been up there doing her thing for 35 years contributing to changing the music world and our society for the better. What about those who are once again putting her up on the cross? What have they done? Like someone else already pointed, haters gonna hate, that's the only thing they are able to do from the safety and complacency of their keyboards and touchscreens. WAKE UP! ....oh and of course, NOT EVERYONE is coming to the future! She's GOLD and she's FIRE! 
  5. Unfortunately for you and Jebi and others she is not a performing monkey who was put on earth to satisfy your needs and expectations or abide by your standards of what an artist should or shouldn’t do in front of 200 million people. She does what she wants and it is HER career and no one else’s. Take it or leave it!
  6. Thank God for your intelligence and constructive contribution to this discussion! I loved it and it moved me! I’m with you !
  7. Those who were expecting her to capitalize on the exposure to promote her current single and her upcoming album, you are so naive! Madonna has proved the kind of ARTIST that she is. Yes, she could have performed Medellin. That would have been the easy route, but she’s not that. She’s the one to take the road less traveled by. Instead, she used that platform to spread a message of love, unity and compassion and Like a Prayer, Dark Ballet and Future just happened to be the perfect platform to get the message across. The opportunity was too important, too big, too precious to let it pass by. She went and did exactly that! Thank God she was not perfect during Like a Prayer. Once again she’s putting herself up on that cross for public ludicrium, harassment and abuse but while this happens the discussion is open and some people are starting to understand the real intention behind the performance. It was not about proving that she is the Queen - no need for that, she has 35 years of proof and evidence. It was about giving a contribution to making this world a better place. We have a lot to learn from this. It’s true, the storm is inside of us, the battleground is within us and it is up to each and every one of us to work on ourselves in order to wake up, learn from the past, open our minds, open our eyes and propel ourselves into the FUTURE, which is NOT recreating the past as it has been happening. This is what Future is all about. I’M FUCKING PROUD OF HER!
  8. Does she have to? She’s still here and still doing her thing. She’s not here to remind anyone of anything.
  9. Kudos to the one and only Queen! She had a couple shaky moments during LAP, it’s true, but overall she did good. She was there with body, emotion and heart and she felt it all. She’s not a robot and the fact that after so many years she can still be caught up with her emotions is proof of the fact that she is a true artist! There is no one like her! The visuals were absolutely amazing and breathtaking!
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