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  1. Can i see her ???

    It has been rumoured that she is going to spend her B-day in Europe, most likely Italy.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Does it say "Advertisement...free car"?
  3. Drowned Madonna just reported that the reason why Madonna flew to Los Angeles on June 21 was to have a 'secret' meeting with Netflix. Of course, they don't say anything else...in typical Drowned Madonna style. Is it true? Is it false? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. What were the wigs for? She didn't use them during the Blond Ambition.
  5. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    How do you download it?
  6. September 4 1987

    Thank you so much for this topic! It was such an amazing event!!!! Does anyone have HQ mp3 files of the Turin/Firenze concert? I used to have them but can non longer find them. I would love to have them back. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you!!!!! Amazing!
  8. HQ Photos Thread

    Does anyone have the Interview cover (1990) in HQ (including all the shots inside). I am referring to the one where she is wearing the same outfit as the cover of The Immaculate Collection? Thanks in advance!
  9. Madonna In Africa

    In Italy they keep selling her name as a guest for the Dolce&Gabbana event in Naples tomorrow and Sunday. Do they even know she is in Africa? Of course, not.
  10. I honestly don't understand the reason behind this attitude that some have towards Katypatra. He has only shared something. To some this "something" may be interesting, to some others it may have no meaning. There is nothing wrong or right about that. To say to him that he has to expect this kind of reaction because "this is the Internet" or because this forum is a place where "irreverence" and "tongue-in-cheekness" are some sort of rules to go by or key words, well I find it quite questionable. Kabbalah has played a major role in Madonna's career since 1998 and this is a fact. The relevance of contributions related to understanding or merely indentifying some of the connections between her artistic choices and her knowledge and study of kabbalah is definitely high or could be high for some of the members here.
  11. Thanks Katypatra for your contribution! It is very interesting and thought-provoking. To be so rapidly dismissive of it is unfortunate because there definitely is something to learn from all contributions. Of course, to each their own and everyone is free to walk through Life in whatever form and whatever way each and every one wants. It is quote obvious that these elements, this knowledge, this information have heavily influenced M's work, her perspective, her choices, her approach to art, career and life. It is definitely worth investigating, at least for me. Like Madonna has said multiple times, it is important that we see everything with an open heart and an open mind and with compassion, humility and understanding. Thank you again Katrypatra!
  12. Madonna LIVE EARTH

    No. It's not! She looks so cool in it! The whole performance (La Isla/Hung Up) is absolutely flawless.
  13. Madonna covers L'Officiel Thailand

    She is so beautiful!!!!! Breathtaking!