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  1. mr_boogiewoogie

    Miami January 24

    Is there any video from Don't Cry For Me Argentina (second night)?
  2. mr_boogiewoogie

    Miami January 24

    Did she sing Don't Cry For Me Argentina again?
  3. mr_boogiewoogie

    Amsterdam - 5 December

    Thank you!
  4. mr_boogiewoogie

    Amsterdam - 5 December

    Are GA tickets still available for both shows?
  5. mr_boogiewoogie

    Turin - November 21st

    Outside the venue right now.
  6. mr_boogiewoogie

    The iHeart Radio Music Awards (continued)

    Is the audio available in the form a High Quality mp3 yet? She was amazing! The way that she sang, the way that she moved, her energy, her presence, her beauty. It was unbelievable!!!
  7. He's a very sweet man and Liz embarassed herself with that ignorant and unnecessary comment. She truly made herself look and sound so stupid and superficial. I mean, come on.
  8. mr_boogiewoogie

    Rebel Heart album discussion

    Yes, it was for real! This record is a masterpiece! Question: how do you play flac files on your iPhone 6? Thanks in advance!
  9. Would someone be so kind to post the full interview here?
  10. It was a nightmare to see her being pulled to the ground like that, yes. I am still shaken. But I am so proud of her! She is just other-worldly. She belongs to a different race. She is the epitome of strength and powerfulness. She's an example for all of us. I bow to her and am oh-so-grateful! This song's meaning has been just taken to a whole new level. Queen of the Universe...that is, our Madonna!
  11. She's got the Number One song in the UK. Radio One surely can't deny that.
  12. Number One song in the UK...most likely opening the Brit Awards in about 90 minutes...the whole world watching on You Tube...what a great day this is!!!!!! Wow!!!!!
  13. It's awesome that she's back on top in the UK with Living for Love. She fucking deserves it! About time!
  14. Wasn't she supposed to be interviewed backstage at 4 pm UK time?
  15. Is it so difficult to have proper scans? We are in 2015. It shouldn't be that difficult. A little generosity, guys.