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  1. 50K in US if we are lucky, It is 2019 not 2005, let's get real
  2. Madonna is now following Rosalia! Now we are talking!!
  3. Wendy’s career is based on bashing Madonna 24/7 so no! A very bad idea IMO! ... this is 2019 not 1990!
  4. Reading some of your opinions gave me diarreah
  5. Listening to Spotlight while y'all waiting for a new song to drop
  6. Who's that Girl Tour Version Rebel Heart Tour Version Girlie Show Tour Version DWT Tour Version
  7. That's what he did when madonna was in front of him ... by the cross .. I was 1st row the opposite side ... but then again who knows how and why he acted that way ... he was taking videos of her too which I believe he posted on instagram
  8. He was in Los Angeles at the concert .. he was taking videos of her during HolyWater ..but he didn't expect that she was going to be right infront of him so he was hiding for a bit and then he left ...he is a douchebag
  9. In L.A she was late, in SJ she was late ... .who cares?????? Bitch She's Madonna!
  10. earlier I said that the crowd was embarrassing..... I can confirm that they still are pure garbage and it's not about obsession it's matter of fact!
  11. they are embarrassing .... she needs to skip that part of Europe lol
  12. Some of you are so judgmental and vicious that It is kind of sad ... FOR YOUR INFORMATION, with my money I do whatever I want .... just sayin... Shut your jealous mouth and be a better version of yourself. Now let me get ready I have another show to attend ....#unapologeticBitch
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