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  1. Alessandro

    rate the tours

    1. Who's That Girl 2. Virgin Tour 3. Blond Ambition 4. Girlie Show 5. Re-Invention 6. MDNA 7. Confessions 8. Rebel Heart 9. Drowned World 10. Sticky & Sweet
  2. Alessandro

    George Michael thread

    Anyone has them? XOXO
  3. Really? just watched the clip... I think they are adorable ... oh well
  4. why so much hate towards Robbie? Y'all Motherfucker's Need Jesus
  5. Alessandro

    Mexico City, January 7 2016 // 2' Date

    ahhaha Best review ever!! Thank you XO
  6. Alessandro

    Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    In L.A she was late, in SJ she was late ... .who cares?????? Bitch She's Madonna!
  7. Alessandro

    Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    earlier I said that the crowd was embarrassing..... I can confirm that they still are pure garbage and it's not about obsession it's matter of fact!
  8. Alessandro

    Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    they are embarrassing .... she needs to skip that part of Europe lol
  9. Some of you are so judgmental and vicious that It is kind of sad ... FOR YOUR INFORMATION, with my money I do whatever I want .... just sayin... Shut your jealous mouth and be a better version of yourself. Now let me get ready I have another show to attend ....#unapologeticBitch
  10. Where is Who's That Girl? #Please