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  1. Alessandro

    George Michael thread

    Anyone has them? XOXO
  2. Really? just watched the clip... I think they are adorable ... oh well
  3. why so much hate towards Robbie? Y'all Motherfucker's Need Jesus
  4. Alessandro

    Your top 5 Rebel Heart tracks

    LFL Addicted Inside Out Rebel Heart Veni Vidi Vici
  5. Alessandro

    Bitch I'm Madonna Remixes are out!

    I don't get the hate for the cover ... she looks flawless ... the remixes are AWFUL !!!!
  6. Alessandro


  7. Alessandro

    Madonna on Ellen: continued

    What did I say 20 pages ago? the Performances are 3 and only 3 ...just saying!!! BTW, Loved DYU very much
  8. I was there ... so ...if there is one it was one with no audience ...
  9. Ok then ...there is no going to be another performance ..
  10. Ghost Town will air on friday
  11. 3 ..only 3 songs were performed during the Ellen Show
  12. the performances were only 3: Living for Love Joan of Arc Ghost Town The rest is part of the fun between M and Ellen ..
  13. Alessandro


    This is PURE ICONIC
  14. Alessandro