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  1. I kind of agree. She really need Pat Leonard classic M touch next. That said, I like Mirwais work on MX, but the only song that is somehow classic M idsif wasn’t even released and if released I m not sure it would have smashed. And I agree that the urban crowd would never embrace her and her old and present fans would never really love urbandonna.
  2. I m not fine with this because for 10 years it’s like she has done zero. If it was due to quality, girl gone wild and all mx videos would have been nominated. How did she go from being queen of mtv to not being nominated at all?
  3. But its absurd Medellin is not nominated for Best Latin, but solo Maluma is. No-one could convince me that any of his solo songs is a bigger hit to Medellin.
  4. That part is everything!!! The best part on MadameX.
  5. no, its another African singer. Ciao Bella is so good by the way.
  6. That song DESERVES to be one of her biggest hits. I think if it was promoted in Europe, it could do well?
  7. True!!! It looks breathtakingly beautiful and the batukaeras makes it so mistique... And the ocean! And her look
  8. I think he is so sexy!!!! And kind and protective of her! Hope they are dating!
  9. For me it didn't elevate it even, cause I m obsessed with it since the first listen. But the video is blowing my mind. I think it would be one of her best videos! That scenery! And she radiates beauty and happiness
  10. 1989 vibes!!! And the song is so powerful and strong! Hope the video is as magnificent!
  11. it will premiere then? How do u know? PS I saw the EST time.
  12. It gets me too exited! Looks like one of her best video!!! It could end up my favourite VIDEO & SONG this era!
  13. I don't understand the hate for Batuka. Or the dislike. It was an obvious stand out track for me from the very first listen. Apart from being a great song, it is also a love letter to Africa.
  14. I think MadameX has one of the best Madonna covers ever. The Frida one is absolute work of art.
  15. What a medieval ashole. If it was up to him, gays would have been thrown out of tall buildings. I wonder why such a man chose to live in the West. If he so dislikes sodomites or tolerance towards them Saudi Arabia or Iran could be a much better environment for him.
  16. I was about to post this. He is great, gotta love him. So educational about the creative process and the ad campaign. I just love such write ups.
  17. its not just a good song, its a great song and among the best on this album. The fact that a line is repeated many times doesn't diminish the greatness of the song, actually its one of the reasons why the song works so well. See Extreme Occident central chant "Life Is a Circle". I think Batuka also sounds like an African chant and thats one of the reasons why it is so powerful.
  18. Gay Muslim should definitely be embraced and welcomed in any democratic country. Its only fair, because their life is in huge danger in almost any muslim majority country.
  19. Yet the vast majority are totally against gays and most justify even killings...
  20. Yes, in Istanbul he lost the elections for a mayor notably (but his party is still the biggest in the municipal council so he can block any decision of the mayor) and other big cities (liberal) like Izmir... But Anatolia is huge and he is a godlike figure there...
  21. Well, its Erdogan. He systematically turned Turkey from relatively modern into a medieval country.
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