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  1. 4 hours ago, runa said:

    I'm pretty sure you would get the same numbers elsewhere, tbqh, even in USA. 

    Absolutely wrong. Putin has done all he can to demonise gays and this is a direct result of his rule. He has been targeting half of

    Europe with disinformation about gays and the moral degradation of the west (he is aligned with ultra conservatives from the west too). And it pains me to admit his hybrid war against the west succeeds in Eastern Europe. EU should wake up and expose him for what he really is.

  2. https://www.queerty.com/everyones-salivating-elite-spanish-armys-revealing-uniforms-20200416


    If you’ve found yourself feeling a little more, ahem, thirsty than usual since being on lockdown, you’re not the only one. Pretty much everyone is borderline dehydrated these days after not being able to hook up have any human contact in weeks.

    And then came the Spanish army to make the problem better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it.

    It all started a few weeks ago when photos of the army’s elite devision, La Legión, began recirculating on social media after it had been deployed to help manage the country’s coronavirus outbreak.

    As everyone was quarantined in their homes, they began re-sharing photos of the soldiers in their signature pastel green uniforms, tight-fitting pants, and distinctively low-cut shirts.

    “The Spanish Army creating a lockdown looks gayer than any gay pride event I’ve ever attended,” one person shared on Facebook, along with several images.

  3. On 3/19/2020 at 8:55 PM, XXL said:

    Why is Mr Dump sending all these troops, tankers and drones to Europe? But he cannot be bothered with dealing with US citizens health?





    30,000 US soldiers on European soil not even wearing masks. Many of these soldiers come directly from the National Guard selected from 15 US states





    That is really strange. Why would US send its army in Europe at this exact time???

  4. 17 hours ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    ^Basically with you. LEAST of it seems to be his sexuality which is amazing (tho STILL think come GE middle US and esp the south would still get nutty crazed abt it even today). Less than 10 yrs ago would've been the MOST of it and disqualifying. His biggest 'issues' (and they're huge) are NO AA support. Second, kind of sorta is his age but the former waay bigger issue than the latter. He's getting overwhelming white educated esp. soccer suburban swingy voting Moms etc...and some overall crossover (but ur toast w/out or min. AA/ Hispanic support)! He and Amy are possibly the BEST most sane, non divisive, 'fresh' candidates who'd likely unify the party. Gotta say tho much as Bernie is kind of a horrifying nominee, I loathe Warren. Worst. Esp. her last few debates. Raging, grating entitled c**t. She's like the Ted Cruz of 2016. Bernie at least day 1 (40 yrs ago to the present day) is the SAME grumpy old man. I find him waay more authentic but 0 doubt internal #s the DNC is seeing (ESP for state/local and down ballots) must be dire w/ Bernie on top of the ticket 😕 I HATE what Trump did to the GOP and much as what the f'king squad to the Dems. Both exhausting, extreme, circus sh!t shows!  

    But Amy doesnt come off as a sympathetic person, especially in her interaction with Pete. Seems kind of evil and obviouslly jelous, because he chips off her base. As for Bernie, if he miraculouslly gets elected (hope & pray he does if he is the nominee), he will be sabotaged left and right by the republicans and democrats and probably wont deliver 1/100 of what he has promised. That would probably hurt the dems.

  5. 6 hours ago, Paul said:

    He has the most delegates in the bag, but won’t be enough for nomination. Convention will see everyone else get behind either Biden or (because he’ll give money to people) Bloomberg. I’d be happy with a Biden presidency - in the SC debate he’s the only one that seemed like an adult. 

    I d like a Budigieg presidency. Bernie would be interesting, but the big money would go out of their way to sabotage him.

  6. 15 hours ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Spot on. Thing w/ Pete (main 'issue') is there's just this overall disconnect w/ his demeanor, style etc...(more than 'the harm' lol he did to blacks in South Bend) not totally untrue but blown out of proportion. Not 'fake news' but basically as bad. It's seriously FABRICATED news. Pete has a dorky silicone valley Starbucks latte loving CEO demeanor. I 'get' why Biden STILL has that connection as much as he's plummeting. It's not just being Obamas VP. It's tone, style verbal and non verbal.  What Bloomberg did was waay worse in NYC (only JUST apologized a year ago! lol) and yet he's rapidly stacking up major black endorsements and gaining major ground w/ them! Again, it's his machinery (A+ list team, operation, data, ground game, outreach etc..) Pete and the rest CANNOT compete and that's okay because Trump needs to get crushed and you need a ruthle$$ Rottweiler. This isn't about ideology or 'revolutions' it's getting the Trump syndicate FLUSHED fast and hard. 

    I am not in the USA, but I follow the candidates and I prefer Pete BY A MILE and not because he is gay. I dont even feel like he is the gay candidate. Its more that he reminds me of Obama, because he is clever, educated, soft spoken and intelligent. I m tired of MORONS like Trump who emphasises a word 5 times so that people believe him, cause he is a known liar and that repetition should be something like a witchcraft. He is a fucking dimwit but in a way genius in manipulating. By the way his relationship with the press is a total copy paste of the Nazi-press relationship in Germany in 1920-1930 (Nazi program, point 23. We demand legal opposition to known lies and their promulgation through the press. ) Fucking disturbing. So to have a clever person, who knows couple of languages and can talk charmingly and is gay is indeed a dream come true. But I would take any candidate of the Dems really, any. Dump has killed the USA-EU relationship and has attacked EU non stop. We need a dem president who is intelligent enough to see in a bigger distance and to know that the west needs a unity, especially in the growing influence of China and others.

  7. 2 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    Of course they will blame the EU for everything, as those Eton mongs have done for decades, supported by the tabloids. 

    The EU is not responsible for your low wages, your skyrocketing prices, your absurdly high cost of living, your lost empire and your deindustrialization. 

    Good luck. 

    Exactly!!!! They will milk the EU card till the end, even over the cliff!!! I m sick of it! Good luck indeed. They will need it.

    Farage is a lying, manipulative, revolting excuse of a man.

    EU should STICK together and give UK either the Norways option (with paying much more than they did till now) OR no option at all. UK should strive to make a "great, marvellous" deed with Trump and the ex colonies.

  8. 3 hours ago, Paul said:

    I need someone to explain all this to me. The Australian government has been saying in the past few days that we are not withdrawing the australian troops that are in iraq because we need to "stay the course" - I can't even remember why we are there (Oh! was it WMDs?), but Im pretty sure the reason was not to have a war with iran? Is Iran supporting ISIS? Is Russia supporting Iran? I'm a bit worried as I have friends that live in Oman, Qatar and UAE, including airline crew that routinely fly over Iran. I hope Iran knows that most people in 'the west' dont want war. (Im not a big fan of sanctions either). What's the solution?

    Isn't most of the western forces in Iraq since the Iraq war? I think they are, still "helping" building local police, arm forces etc. Iran is NOT supporting ISIS, actually ISIS is very anti Iran. Why? Most muslims are sunni muslims (ISIS, Saudis, Turkey, Egypt) while Iran is shia. There are shia muslims in all states around the Persian gulf  (Iran has been a huge empire since the time of ancient Greece) seen as Irans fifth columns. The big dispute over there is between Iran and Saudi Arabia (in Yemen too for example) and its under Saudis influence that ISIS was formed (ISIS is ultra conservative muslim sect believing everything must be like it was in the Mohamed time - 7th century like Saudi Wahabism and Salafism). Russia is very friendly and close to Iran, I dont know if it is supporting it right now, I guess yes, since Putin wants to end the dominance of the West.

  9. Its heartbreaking. I saw horrible, horrible pictures. Animals dead... People... Is it really true that 0.5 milliard animals have died????? If that is true, its an absolutely Armagedon. Unfortunately I think it has something to do with global warming, we are not doing enough. No-one does, but especially Asia, China and India to be more specific... Something must be done, there are no words to describe how many precious lives have been put to the end. Not only people, but so many animals.... I ve read that thanks to global warming half of Thailand is expected to be under water till 2050. I think it was Washington Post. Its... indescribable.

  10. 8 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    First polls are at 21.00 (Spanish time) but contrary to the rest of the world our polls are always wrong, as if people lied on porpose :lmao: 

    By 22.30 there'll be enough real results to know something. A friend of mine told me that where she voted LOTS were voting the far right extremists 😱😱😱😱😱 I hope it's just her place. 

    Spain is much on turmoil and like so many countries it's as if we got stupid suddenly. Anything can happen. 

    Btw, Jari has now a blog in Bulgarian about Spain. He just wrote about this elections and how we got to this situation. Maybe you find it interesting: 


    Horrible if the alt right has gains. Well, having in mind Catalunia, I am not shocked really. Hope the Socialists win though.

    Jari's blog is interesting.

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