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  1. Isn't most of the western forces in Iraq since the Iraq war? I think they are, still "helping" building local police, arm forces etc. Iran is NOT supporting ISIS, actually ISIS is very anti Iran. Why? Most muslims are sunni muslims (ISIS, Saudis, Turkey, Egypt) while Iran is shia. There are shia muslims in all states around the Persian gulf (Iran has been a huge empire since the time of ancient Greece) seen as Irans fifth columns. The big dispute over there is between Iran and Saudi Arabia (in Yemen too for example) and its under Saudis influence that ISIS was formed (ISIS is ultra conservati
  2. True. And if the predictions are true, it’s gonna get much harder to reverse the effect as the days pass by without doing nothing.
  3. Its heartbreaking. I saw horrible, horrible pictures. Animals dead... People... Is it really true that 0.5 milliard animals have died????? If that is true, its an absolutely Armagedon. Unfortunately I think it has something to do with global warming, we are not doing enough. No-one does, but especially Asia, China and India to be more specific... Something must be done, there are no words to describe how many precious lives have been put to the end. Not only people, but so many animals.... I ve read that thanks to global warming half of Thailand is expected to be under water till 2050. I think
  4. Seems like the album is managing to appear on this year best lp lists. Its quite an achievement having in mind how little attention it got. Quality matters.
  5. Don’t wanna sound bitchy but this looks like the 1000000000000000000000th photoshoot for hard candy
  6. Horrible if the alt right has gains. Well, having in mind Catalunia, I am not shocked really. Hope the Socialists win though. Jari's blog is interesting.
  7. We all know she wont be nominated for anything. MadameX is a great album, but M has never been nominated on merit. LAP, TB, RH were all neglected and they were definitely at least among the 5 best records at the year they were released.
  8. Back That Up To The Beat Funana Dark Ballet Killers Who Are Partying I Rise Come Alive Bitch I'm Loca Crazy Crave Medellin God Control Faz Gostoso Future I Don't Search I Find Looking For Mercy Batuka Extreme Occident Ciao Bella
  9. You really remind me of her. She is as accepting of other ppls opinion.
  10. Because its rednecks - neonazis who support those "movements", who are never educated or base their decision on facts or studies. Its a well known fact (and undisputed) that EU has brought prosperity and peace to all its members and Europe in general. But that doesnt matter for those ppl. They want to "make it alone" against all odds or logic. Catalunia for example would never be as prosperious as within Spain and there are many reasons why, but the nationalists do not care about it. Anyways Barcelona is overrated, Madrid is MILES better anyways :).
  11. True. RH is a very underrated album, but its among my favourites. The problem were the singles. I would never understand how and why Devil Pray or Joan Of Arc or Rebel Heart were not released as singles. DP should have been the 1st single, its among her best songs ever, probably in top 5. Its that good. You are right. The voice is great and the melodies are superb.
  12. I haven't, but I really love RH. So many great songs. Its more of a mix bag though and doesn't flow as good as MX.
  13. I haven't listened to MX in almost a month. Its probably the first album of hers I stopped listening to so fast. And I really like it. I think its a great album and very artistic (like a play), with some of her best songs. I especially love Batuka, Extreme Occident and strangely enough Ciao Bella (its probably my most listened to MX song). It is strange thing really. Its like I don't want to listen to music anymore (its a phase I guess) and in the rare times I want to listen to any music, I prefer classic music.
  14. Unfortunately, its the common atmosphere in backward, conservative world, which is the majority of the world...
  15. PERFECT. I m almost decided its the best song on MadameX (but I love so many others too) and certainly one of her absolute best!!!!
  16. OMG.This catch phrase so describes the world we are living in. Unfortunately it's so true :(.
  17. Its really striking how little excitement this album has generated. I can not really say why. The album itself is among her strongest outputs, Medellin, Batuka are great videos... Its probably because she is less and less connecting with the new generation and there hasnt been a song of hers that has gone viral lately. Its kind of understandable as her last real hit is 11 years ago. I also dont listen much to the album but I usually dont listen much to music. However whenever I am listening to it, I really like it. Strangely, I find myself listening to Chao Bella on repeat the most!
  18. Blashemy :). I love them both sooo much!!! But if I would have a gun to my head I d choose Extreme Occident and generally I prefer dance madonna. Its THAT good.
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