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  1. So we have another "emails" suppostedly written by the son of Biden to some Chinease buisnessman... The right (Fox) try to make it centralpiece of the last days. Gulianni supostedly took them from the Russians. 2016 much? Hopefully Dumb doesnt outdumb the Americans AGAIN...

  2. 53 minutes ago, Nightshade said:

    Although Romney may have a SHRED of decency left in him, I have no respect for him or his party. They all allowed this to happen. They are just as guilty as their voters.

    It’s probably his way to suck up to Biden, fearing Dumb is loosing. To save face for afterwards. Hopefully his fear materializes.

  3. This AUS TV show raises some interesting points THAT really scared me. Like the fact that there are many voters who just registered in swing states and republicans are 3:1 to democrats!!! Scary. Dumb may have it in the bag. Also maybe ALOT of ppl are ashamed to say they are voting for him! SO everyone AND their mother HAS to go out and vote for Biden otherwise the USA as we have known it for 70ty years would stop to exist. Also Dumb would to everything to crush EU it seems. Scary.

  4. Just now, horn said:

    Yes. Unfortunately. The election is not based on total number of votes.


    Total Population 3m

    Poll shows 2m of ppl supports Biden (66%) whereas 1m supports Dumspter (33%)

    State 1 - population 2m - Biden won

    State 2 - population 0.3m - Dumspter won

    State 3 - population 0.7m - Dumspter won

    Biden won 1 state

    Dumspter won 2 states

    Next President: Dumspter :rolleyes: 

    Correct me if I'm wrong.


    Not exactly right, but close. There are number of electors assigned to a concrete state "depending on its population". You vote for Dumb or Biden, but actually choose the electors who then go to the College of electors and vote Biden/Dumb.

  5. 48 minutes ago, Junior said:

    He is so vile my God! The prissy Democrats unsure whether they should even vote need to suck it up and get off their asses to vote Biden! 

    Its absolutely disgusting that there are ppl who wont vote Biden. He is NOT inspiring, but damn he is NOT Trump and that should be enough to get him elected as the next president with HUGE lead.

  6. 5 hours ago, Nightshade said:

    I am not so sure Trump getting COVID-19 helps his re-election. I mean, we'll see what polls say (not that I trust them as much since 2016), but based on what people know about the precautions you should take and the fact that Trump has flouted them - and his entire inner circle is now exposed - I don't think it's going to play well. His base is a lost cause, but independents won't feel sorry for him.

    Hopefully you are right. The fact that he didn’t care or even mocked masks wearing ppl should not benefited him in any case but I would not take it for granted with us redneck states. They did elect him the first time.

  7. 1 minute ago, Martin B. said:

    If it was the other way around, believe me POS would have Twit immediately as it was proof that Sleepy Joe was too old and weak to be president. The Democrats refuse to admit that they are at war with the establishment of an autocratic regime and that they must strike hard whenever they have a chance. After the way POS ridiculed Biden for wearing the mask on Tuesday night, it was an opportunity to kick low this morning.

    The statement is OK, BUT they should have added "HOWEVER the contraction is proof how mistaken Trump was for mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask and for not encouraging enough his supporters and the Americans as a whole to wear a mask".

  8. 30 minutes ago, Cyber-Raga said:

    All this talk about how Biden is en par with trump and that you don’t really have a choice when it comes to voting blah blah blah is textbook voter’s demoralization. If Democrats wish for 2020 to repeat then that’s what they gotta keep on doing or falling into this trap set out by the right or Russia. 

    As Jazzy wrote: your choice is between a Nazi in the White House or Joe Biden. That should be the end of the discussion and all of these debates etc are pointless. 

    I m all for Biden UNFORTUNATELY I cant vote. My remark was for the fact that Biden seems very uninspirational. Dumb, as evil as he is, seemed determined and easily overpowered the debate. Of course I do not want Dumb to win, but Joe really has to step up his game. Obviouslly the hating, lying, cheating etc. of Dumb has ZERO influence on his popularity among the rednecks.

  9. 18 hours ago, runa said:

    TikTok has nothing to do with that, tbqh. China does.

    Sad and dangerous, really. Can't believe Trump will be there for another 4 years. This world gets more and more frightening each day. You see things you would never thought you would see one day in your life.

    You should all get out and vote him out. USA, no matter how much its influence has diminished under Trump, still matters on worlds stage and can affect the world at large.

  10. 8 minutes ago, LSD said:


    USA has to fix their "voting system" invented to make peace between slavery loving racist South and free North. Hello, its 2020. US must be the only country where a president can get the job when he has lost the votes of the ppl. Really fucked up AND medieval.

  11. 18 minutes ago, pithy said:

    Could we be looking at the eventual first female president? If their ticket wins the presidency, I can't see Biden having two full terms in him. Kamala would take the reins. If nothing else, watching her annihilate Pence during their debate in a couple of months promises to be a sight to behold.

    Will there be debates, cause I ve read somewhere that Biden advisers tell him NOT to debate Dumb?

  12. 2 hours ago, XXL said:




    It's embarrassing

    China and Russia are the Devil but Saudi Arabia who openly sponsors ISIS and Al Qaeda and Wahhabism in general is fine, go figure

    China and Russia are the devil. It’s simple but look at lgbtq rights there. Especially Russia where killings of lgbtq ppl are not even investigated. Plus Putin is united with conservatives from USA and both are funding anti liberal hybrid war in Europe. They are succeeding in Eastern Europe. They paint EU as decadent useless structure that is a weapon of Soros (Wtf that is, he is the face of liberals I guess) and is waging a lgbtq agenda onto the populace of Europe and Istanbul convention is an instrument for this. You won’t believe how stupid people are. It’s like Wahhabism for the Eastern Europe. Russia is far from great. They are harming EU big time. Look at Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria. Yes ppl are stupid, but those conspiracies are fed their throats.

  13. I think Dumb has genius plan to remain in power. How? 1) most republicans think COVID is a scam unlike the democrats 2) most rep would therefore go to vote in person unlike democrats 3) by attacking in mail voting he tries to deprive the democrats from their right to vote or at least those who take Covid seriously which I believe are the majority of the democrats 4) why no one in the USA news points that out?

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