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    They had to start selling the tickets TODAY, but their official site (madonna.com/livenation) sends you to some CROATIAN site, where it says they are doing PRESALE (SHOULDNT HAVE ENDED TILL TODAY!!!).

    Later on a friend of mine sent me a SERBIAN site where they are selling the tickets BUT ONLY TO PEOPLE WHICH LIVE IN SERBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was stupid enough to think that I could get tickets through the internet. After a couple of hours I realised I had to give up trying that and rush to get them at the box-office or else I would never get into the concert! :banghead:

    Unfortunately, I couldnt buy tickets! I am from Bulgaria, I tried to buy tickets online, but it said "server under heavy loading". Now the only tickets left are for Pitch B and I am not travelling that distance to watch her in the distance! Do u think they ll be selling tickets in front of the stadium? I m happy I didnt buy my plane ticket.

  3. I dont get this desire for TMB to fall. It did its purpose. The lambs + fatty ordered it countless times and it reached N1 and this fact would be remembered. On the other hand, it would be remembered 4M reached ONLY N3. So it doesnt really matter 4M outsold it already. The fact remains: she did what she wanted.

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