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  1. JUST CAME BACK!!! SHE GAVE ME THE MICE AGAIN IN INTO THE GROOVE (SHE GAVE IT TO ME IN BUDVA TOO)! SHE REMEMBERED ME! SHE SAID THAT SHE KNOWS I SANG LAST TIME !!!! She was amazing!. MUch morefuller than last year! She looked great! She loved Sofia! She was saying Sofia Sofia Sofia! At one time Sofia belisima! The public was insane! They loved her absolutely! And she loved us!
  2. Hard Candy has ok cover but what is important is that it is a very good album.
  3. I think its true. I ve heard this number lots of times.
  4. It is a miracle come true! Madonna will sing in Sofia. The megastar has included Bulgaria's capital in her world tour, her official website informs. The pop icon will perform in Bulgaria at the end of August. She will stage a concert at the National Stadium 'Vassil Levski' in Sofia. The ticket's price will start at 50 euros. A pass for a VIP box will reach 500 euros. Several Bulgarian production houses compete to bring the biggest star on the planet to Bulgaria. "Sofia Music Enterprises" as official representative of 'Live Nation", with which Madonna has signed a ten-year tour contract has
  6. It looks like there is smth like songs written behind her. Cound this be the ad for the CD and NOT the video?
  7. I like the look but I hope it wont be some cheap video, shot for 2 dollars (as GITM)
  8. I dont care about him. I know Bulgaria and Romania deserve to be in EU and thats why they are.
  9. Bulgaria is beautiful country. Check your facts, ok? I love my country. I ve been in Bucharest too. I liked it.
  10. Happy birthay Madonna. You are the queen.
  11. Right now: Celebration Spanish Lesson Candyshop The Beat Goes On Devil
  12. Mariah would beat Madonna in USA. However outside of USA probably Madonna would be much more sucsessful (I hope).
  13. A tie between Confessions On A Dancefloor and Ray Of Light
  14. Most of those ignorant people try to pass Slovenia as some third world country while in fact its a beautiful EU country with long and interesting history.
  15. O please! Where exactly are you from?
  16. Exactly. Its amazing how some people are risking to come off as ignorants just because they didnt even try to do some research before posting. Slovenia is small, but quite rich country, that was for centuries part of the Austro-hungarian empire and there is much of Austrian influence you could see and feel in Lublyana. Its their loss they never visited Slovenia. But if I do not know something I try to not comment it. But its just me I guess.
  17. Do u know anything about Slovenia? Please research before posting. Its one of the most developed and modern countries in central and east europe and it was chairing SUCSESSFULLY EU quite recently.
  19. I think DAD is one of her weakest songs ever. I think she disappointed alot of people with this song. It had no rythum, no melody. It was the moment when her music was becomming "non-pleasant" to the ear. That was even more evident on AL. After the slap she got for the album, she came to her sense and made COADF, one of her best albums. I always thought DAD was the first signal she was going downwards musically after the gorgeous ROL and the pleasant Music.
  20. I loved HC. I adored COADF. I love Celebration. Last thing I hated by Madonna was half of American life lp. So uninspired and forced and unlistenable. But she came back stronger than ever with COADF. COADF is probably my favourite Madonna album.
  21. At least some thinking people here got why I posted those quotes. The idea was the other members to post quotes about Madonna (good and bad). The idea came when I was reading those quotes on the bitchiest stars. So it was not my intention to be negative, it was to gather quotes about her from different stars. Some forum members here are overdramatic.
  22. Boy George On Madonna: "I just think she's a vile, hideous human being with no redeeming qualities. There's nothing nice about her. I've never heard anyone say anything nice about her at all. And anyone that's ever met her she's been vile to. Vile, full of herself - so unspiritual. How has this woman got away with it for so long?" http://www.virginmedia.com/music/pictures/toptens/bitchiestpopstars.php?ssid=5 Amy Whinehpuse On Madonna: "Now she's an old lady. She can't shock people any more, I think she should get a nice band, just stand in front of them and f**king sing" Elton John On Madon
  23. Very very rarely. Last thing I liked that had this flavour was Rehab. I prefer straight out pop and disco pop. You know, the cheesy gay stuff. By the way if Celebrate fails to become a big hit, I ll accept there is something very wrong with the state of todays music. I know there is an element of eurodisco trash in C but I think its tongue in cheek.
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