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  1. Sticky and Sweet Tour (live from Argentina) was aired 2 months ago on HBO Bulgaria.
  2. hung up was amazing madonna was hot, especially in the club scene
  3. She looks amazing today and much better than in 2001-2002 era. Whatever she did, it was great, she looks like herself back in 1991: versus Much better now.
  4. Uou Madonna was so beautiful! I love the idea of this sketch, but i didnt find it funny. Madonna LOOKS amazing!
  5. for me, Madonna has managed to stay on top and make brilliant records from 1982 till 2009 with some let downs which are: 1994 Bedtime Stories 2004 American Life. Both albums have been very unmadonna, but everything else have been totally great. She has been totally mindblowing (Madonna, True Blue, half of Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light, Confessions On A Dancefloor), just amazing (LAV, the other half of LAP,I m Breathless, Evita, Hard Candy)or just very good (WTG, Erotica, Music) thoughout her career. I deffinately do not hear any regress, on the contrary, COADF, a recent record, is probably he
  6. I love it, especially the chorus.
  7. la toya was so cute and the envious witches couldnt believe where the talk was heading. Great watch!
  8. This look reminds me of her do at the 1995 vmas. She looks lovely, really.
  9. I am sure Madonna REJECTED the MTV Icon award because she has always been against such honours (except 1-2 awards she couldnt turn down like Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame). No one with his right mind could compare Janet to Madonna. Madonna is absolutely unique among the women. Janet could only wish. Its obvious Madge, MJ, Prince turn down the Icon thing. everyone who thinks smth different is delusional. Also I really do not think Madonna should present Janet. Madonna is much bigger ans should be used for the tribute only like say some words for Michael. Thats it. I m sure that would be the case
  10. Her best tour ever. I saw it 2 times (2008 in Budva, 2009 in Sofia) both times she gave me the mike in "Into the Groove". She was so amazing. Non stop dancing. She looked so beautiful: especially this year. I ll miss the tour and I m looking forward to the others. But I honestly think this was her best one.
  11. When she gave me the mike she says "I ll give you another chance to sing"! She remembered me from Budva! It was amazing! She is so beautiful . My star minute: 3:32, but you cant see me because the person that recorded it was afar. You could only hear my horrible singing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdg5vsPST8E
  12. She looked much much better than last year!
  13. http://www.paparak.bg/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1602 pics from Sofiaaaaaaaaaaa
  14. Madonna in Sofia, news: http://www.btv.bg/news/news_details.pcgi?cont_id=138648
  15. uou!!!!!!!We danced like crazy! It was amazing! I hope she tours soon
  16. the pics are great, your pic is great.
  17. Of course we will! I saw it . It was a great concert, I had a great time!
  18. The people at the concert were talking that he had mental problems.
  19. No she didnt talk about gypsies. She just said smth like Bulgaria I m gonna sing You Must Love Me or smth. like that.
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