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  1. she is an actress who plays in glee tv series.
  2. Diana will be perfect for The First Album/LAV/TB/WTG LAP/BA/Erotica/BS probably... ......... Sherilyn-Fenn
  3. I think Dianna Agron should play Madonna! Dress her in Madonnas clothes and she ll look like Madge: At least she reminds me alot of Madge as far as faceial features goes!
  4. Has she looked more gorgeous??? She looks killer, amazing...
  5. I like Celebration - the original one. Its so positive, I love it. I like its dated sound. The video though is horrid. She should just invest some time and money into her videos. How did she come from Frozen, Vogue, Express Yourself to this, I can still get it.
  6. Stuart Price in Attitude Magazine on Madonna not working with him after COADF: "Madonna felt that COADF hadn't been a success in the US. Warner records were also saying the same thing. She needed that voice that was telling her to do that and she looked at what was really successful in the US and although I think it wa...s a little late in the curve, she worked with Timbaland and Pharrell." http://www.facebook.com/#!/MadEyesNet
  7. L'invecchiamento, Photoshopped e bellissima Madonna. These shots are taken from the Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot Madge did back in April -not the sunnies one (though looking at those pictures, it isn't hard to tell where Gaga gets her style inspiration) -but for the chi-chi Italian label's 2010 Fall/Winter collection. This may or may not have been around the time she had a little something done to her face. Really? I don't care. It's not like she looks radically different (c'mon, she does not) nor is she trying to force some homogenized, Montagesque, Countess-Blandula-look onto her featur
  8. uouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I love them both, amazing!!!!!
  9. Joni Mitchell Calls Bob Dylan Fake, Madonna Shallow Posted about 19 hours ago Decades after anyone really cares, Joni Mitchell has decided to launch all out attacks on the state of music, and the world at large. According to the LA Times, Mitchell says that Madonna was the crux at which the world became stupid and shallow (referring to Madge as Nero). She then said Bob Dylan was a fake: "Bob is not authentic at all: He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I." Ouch. But it's not all doom and gloom. She did ma
  10. Madonna should really speak for the inprisoned gay couple!!!
  11. If its something groundbreaking like Ray of Light was, I m sure she can do alot more.
  12. Actually no. Compared to Confessions, Hard Candy was not that sucsessful in some European countries (and I loved both albums).
  13. The most (now): Borderline Across The Sky I Cant Forget Who's That Girl The least (now): Dont know really.
  14. I agree. She aged 10 years in 1 year (late 1992 - early 1993) and it all went down from there till 1995. She started looking amazing again in 1995. I do not know what it was in 93-94: was it the fact that for the first time in her career she had troubles and was practically hated by the mainstreem public, was it the fact she looked totally unfemininethanks to her wardrome/make up/fitness regime... I do not know, but I always wondered how she went from looking magnificent in 1991 to looking so unsexy in 1993.
  15. http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/hwood_party_girl/b170542_madonna_makes_party_scene_with_new.html Madonna has been making the Oscar party rounds, but one thing's been missing: her younger man Jesus Luz! On Thursday, she was spotted getting super friendly with Zachary Quinto during Grey Goose's party at Soho House. "They were very fast friends and very interested in what one another had to say," an eyewitness tells me. And just last night, she hit Moet & Chandon's fête for photographer Tom Munro's latest book with a new younger man by her side. Whoever the new guy is, he certainly seemed
  16. EXCLUSIVE! HollyWho-Knew Madonna And Zachary Quinto Were New BFF’s? Do you think Zachary Quinto is about boldly go where few people have gone before…into Madonna’s VIP circle of besties? Madonna is such a superstar that she has a very tight circle of friends – but luckily for Zachary Quinto, it looks like he’s about to be let in to her inner realm! The Star Trek star met the Material Girl at Grey Goose’s pre-Oscar party at Soho House in West Hollywood March 4, and it was love at first sight. “It was unreal! Madonna and Zachary were introduced and talked outside locked in conversation
  17. Madge goes it alone By 3am 6/03/2010 Madonna has had an almighty row with her toyboy lover, model Jesus Luz. She went off alone to John's Soho House bash on Thursday, leaving baby Jesus to pack for a couple of DJ gigs in Portugal. At the exclusive bash, Madge, below, was overheard grumbling about their turbulent relationship. A well-placed source tells us: "Everyone kept asking Madonna where Jesus was. "In the end she confided they'd had a huge row the previous day. Advertisement - article continues below » "He is due to be in Portugal for some DJ gigs, so she went to the Soho House p
  18. Sick at 2:58 pm on March 1st, 2010 It’s actually over another role again, like w/Winona. This time it’s Gwyneth hiring herself & PRODUCING in the lead role for Marlene Dietrich, the role Madonna thought she would give to her. response to the fallout report http://www.musictoob.com/why-gwyneth-paltrow-has-fallen-out-with-madonna-14418
  19. When we contacted Paltrow's spokesman for comment on the purported rift with her A-list pal, he told us, "It is absolutely not true." http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/gwyneths-workout-fallout-with-madonna-1540589-1540596.story Could this be Tracy Gwen was talking about?
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