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  1. On 5/18/2021 at 10:15 PM, karbatal said:

    The propaganda of Israel is laughable. Today I watched how they were lamenting the death of an Arab girl in Israel killed by a Hamas rocket. Of course it's a tragedy but they've killed DOZENS of children! 

    Killing from both sides is atrocious, but let’s be real: Israel has always been much more equipped with modern weapons than Hamas so as the more equipped side is expected logically to inflict more damage, is it not? Its not right of course, but it has been expected as it has been the case since the 40ties. It’s a hot topic and I understand why both sides are hating the other. I think at present both sides are ruled by parties/organisations who do not want peace and that’s the biggest problem. There must be two state solution, but I don’t know how that would happen with the situation in West Bank...

  2. 9 hours ago, air1975 said:


    I think that is the crux of the problem, and one that there is now no good solution to. 

    Of course, Israel cannot just 'leave' the land that is already settled by their people. Citizens of Israel deserve safety and a 'home'. 

    At the same time, if any country's lands were partitioned, and given to other people (eg. if someone gave 40% of United States lands to an ethnic/religious group to form a new country) - the original inhabitants would be outraged. 

    It is a bad situation. 

    But weren't there alot of Jews in 1947 already living in what is Israel today? The movement of the Jews to return to the holy land and to reestablish Israel is at least a century and half old and there was a big resettlement of Jews in the Middle East happening already. And honestly, the Palestinians probably descend from the Hannan Jews anyways and those two nations are basically brothers... And at the time of the establishment of Israel the territory was ruled by UK and there was no Palestine or am I wrong?

  3. 7 hours ago, karbatal said:

    To be honest, half the society in many countries tolerate every crazy or horrible thing from conservatives, for fear that the left parties bring more immigration or whatever they fear.

    Nowadays the president of the Madrid autonomy in Spain is a female trump, absolutely crazy and half the people there vote her for fear of some imaginary communism that the left parties would bring. 

    Only if the leftist people mobilise to vote en masse will those politicians go, as it happened in USA. 

    I never understood conservatism really... if someone is stuck in the past, what’s the ideal? Absolutism? Wasn’t then when all but the sun king/ruler fucked? Why are they fearing progress?

  4. Yes, though I m not convinced its entirely safe for CERTAIN people. I think it could probably affect your psychic if consumed regularly - I m not sure thats the reason for a friend of mine, but I highly suspect it. Having said that, alcohol in huge amounts or cigarettes is as dangerous as marihuana or as many said before me - maybe even more. In an evolved/developed society, one must be allowed to make informed choices, including smoking weed. I find it ABSURD that one would have to go to jail for smoking weed.

  5. 3 hours ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    It’s amazing what a double standard those conservatives have. If Jill was a naked model like Melania, we would be told that she is slut, morally degrading and much worse things... but now they complain about a fishnet, her phd, her baking cookies... the very same thing they would have praised any republican First Lady for... where is the objectivity 

  6. There has been a HUGE hybrid war in Eastern Europe over the so called Istanbul Convention. I d say its fuelled by Putin and US Evangelists. The idea they try to push is that the Convention is a mean to push LGBTQ "propaganda" onto young children, promote "3rd" gender etc. non sense. The Bulgarian public was so psyched that even the word gender came to mean a person with no particular sex, gay etc. and it became quite derogatory. The alt right uses the Convention as a threat: like it aims to end the "conventional family". I am ashamed to say they did win: last year the Bulgarian Constitutional Court came up with an absurd decision deeming that the Convention was in breach with our constitution. And sofar we have signed the Convention, but we haven't ratified it. The situation/propaganda in other Eastern European countries are similar. In July 2020, the Polish government announced its intention to withdraw from the Convention. 


  7. On 3/17/2021 at 11:24 PM, karbatal said:

    I learned since I was a kid to difference religion from church. 

    Jesus fed the hungry, helped the outcasts and threw the greedy merchants from the temple. He told people to love each other and accept each other. He is a real inspiration. 

    The fact that pigs took his message to profit, kill and oppress doesn't mean that the message isn't pure love. 

    I believe in every inspiring prophet and I get inspired by them. 

    I feel the same way. Jesus is the son of God as all he did or say obviously comes from the Light. The church is a creation of mere men and this is another proof.

  8. 36 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Some would say TOO LITTLE TOO LATE about all these social media and tech companies suddenly taking action over their part in this radicalisation just a matter of days before a brand new administration takes power.

    However demonic Fox TV are crying to high heavens that the radical left has censored the right. Unfortunately I fear this would lead to more radicalisation and capsulation of the alt right. There might even appear right wing "twitter", "facebook" etc. Now they can play the victim card. Maybe more effective would have been if there is an administrative body that imposes penalties to people who are are spreading fake news.

  9. 32 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    Boris Johnson's father is applying for French passport to maintain the EU movement privileges 😱😱😱😱

    This is getting so ridiculous! 

    And Gibraltar will be part of Schengen. The fence will be taken down and Spain will be in charge of the security. FRONTEX will control the coast. 

    Johnson posted it as a victory and ALL Brexit followers clapped. I'm thinking hard but I can't understand why they celebrate it: Gibraltar has become a quasi independent state and UK citizens will need a passport to travel there whereas any Schengen EU citizen can freely go! And the British Army has nothing to do there as FRONTEX is in charge! 

    So interesting! One would wonder why Brexit was needed. It made the UK citizens pariah in their sovereign territory (Gibraltar, Northern Ireland) and it fuelled Scottish and Irish independence. 

  10. 27 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    I sincerely hope so. It's an incredibly unfair situation. 

    And the UK being now a third country, it wouldn't mean that countries like Spain would block it out of fear of others declaring independence.  At least I hope so. I would very embarrassed of my country (much more than I already am regarding the Catalonia mess). 

    With Brexit and the covid effect on economy and politics, I think that there's bigger possibilities of Scotland being independent.

    I do not believe in million years Spain would ever block reentering of Scotland into EU. Its not in any way in Spains favour to block a respected and would be influential member like Scotland.

  11. 56 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Well there's no regulatory provisions for financial services so far, that's still to come next year, and considering the services industry makes up 80% of the UK economy (after the Tories under Thatcher killed off manufacturing lest we forget) the whole thing is really still up in the air. Fishing federations have also already confirmed that the deal they got was absolute shit as well so that was always just a piece of symbolic nonsense.

    Now with a PM who's basically allowed to lie over and over with impunity from a compliant media and a populace that's... well.. a bit thick, I'm not surprised that others looking in aren't sure what kind of reaction they're seeing.

    Needless to say, we in Scotland, an ancient European nation, aren't in any way "happy" .


    As the EU said last year, in Brussels, EU would leave a light for Scotland to find its way home 🙂

  12. 30 minutes ago, pithy said:

    He's also making heaps of money from this ridiculous sideshow. His campaign has raised hundreds of millions in donations since the election alone, with more still coming in fast.

    As if he didn't already richly deserve indictments, I hope they'll come just for this. He doesn't care what destruction lies in his wake, provided he gets what he thinks he should have. It's indeed insanity.

    He made close to 300 mill for "legal fees" since 3rd of November and has spends like 10 mill for it. In small letters it is written that the money could be used pretty much as he pleases. Its a scam to make money and he is of course never admitting his loss.

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