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  1. Preach sister! Not to mention Dumb is mere 3 years younger and even after 70, 3 years are nothing. Practically they are the same age. Its just a lame excuse for some to justify voting for evil.
  2. I know, but even if Biden looses Ohio and Florida, according to the polls he will win Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan where Biden has comfortable lead and he will be elected president. Not to mention he has real chance in Georgia and other southern states too (leads currently). In reality, if polls are right, Biden should win the most battleground states. Unfortunately the polls said the same thing in 2016, but Hillary led in less states. But she lost most states she had a small lead in. She lost Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan etc. I think unfortunately Trump has many shy supporters who ar
  3. Yes, plus 2 mill more, but in us system the states, not the people directly, choose the president. She had to win more states to be elected as each state is awarded a number of electors. This basically means the voice in California doesn’t have as much power as the one in Florida.
  4. SCARY. Hope this time the polls ARE RIGHT.
  5. the new "emails"... Obviously they wanna recreate 2016.
  6. So we have another "emails" suppostedly written by the son of Biden to some Chinease buisnessman... The right (Fox) try to make it centralpiece of the last days. Gulianni supostedly took them from the Russians. 2016 much? Hopefully Dumb doesnt outdumb the Americans AGAIN...
  7. It’s probably his way to suck up to Biden, fearing Dumb is loosing. To save face for afterwards. Hopefully his fear materializes.
  8. OK it seems SKYNEWS are owned by Foxnews....
  9. This AUS TV show raises some interesting points THAT really scared me. Like the fact that there are many voters who just registered in swing states and republicans are 3:1 to democrats!!! Scary. Dumb may have it in the bag. Also maybe ALOT of ppl are ashamed to say they are voting for him! SO everyone AND their mother HAS to go out and vote for Biden otherwise the USA as we have known it for 70ty years would stop to exist. Also Dumb would to everything to crush EU it seems. Scary.
  10. Cause the first one went horribly for his campaign. I wouldn't be surprise if COVID was celebrated as a way out of the debate in his campaign.
  11. Not exactly right, but close. There are number of electors assigned to a concrete state "depending on its population". You vote for Dumb or Biden, but actually choose the electors who then go to the College of electors and vote Biden/Dumb.
  12. Its absolutely disgusting that there are ppl who wont vote Biden. He is NOT inspiring, but damn he is NOT Trump and that should be enough to get him elected as the next president with HUGE lead.
  13. Hopefully you are right. The fact that he didn’t care or even mocked masks wearing ppl should not benefited him in any case but I would not take it for granted with us redneck states. They did elect him the first time.
  14. Now Biden MUST reestablish them.
  15. The statement is OK, BUT they should have added "HOWEVER the contraction is proof how mistaken Trump was for mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask and for not encouraging enough his supporters and the Americans as a whole to wear a mask".
  16. I m all for Biden UNFORTUNATELY I cant vote. My remark was for the fact that Biden seems very uninspirational. Dumb, as evil as he is, seemed determined and easily overpowered the debate. Of course I do not want Dumb to win, but Joe really has to step up his game. Obviouslly the hating, lying, cheating etc. of Dumb has ZERO influence on his popularity among the rednecks.
  17. OMG Joe Biden did really bad in my view. He should have been much more brutal with Dumb. Unfortunately I feel like Dumb could very well win.
  18. You should all get out and vote him out. USA, no matter how much its influence has diminished under Trump, still matters on worlds stage and can affect the world at large.
  19. Appalling!!!! This fraud would lie himself into a win AGAIN.
  20. USA has to fix their "voting system" invented to make peace between slavery loving racist South and free North. Hello, its 2020. US must be the only country where a president can get the job when he has lost the votes of the ppl. Really fucked up AND medieval.
  21. Will there be debates, cause I ve read somewhere that Biden advisers tell him NOT to debate Dumb?
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