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  1. Something like Bebel would be perfect! She is such a fav of mine!
  2. I know, but have you been to Lisbon? I was for the first time this summer (a month ago). The whole country is full of Brazilians, they dance Brazilian dances in the centre, sell Brazilian goods everywhere...And that is true not only for Lisbon, but Porto and Algarve... I d say she ll meet lots of Brazilians and inevitably bossa nova musicians... So technically you are right, but she WILL be exposed on the Brazilian influence in Portugal and particularly bossa nova...
  3. I think it would be very unher to do that. She is the queen of melodies/hooks. I think AL was an attempt to impress Guy. I think she ll do bossa nova with great hooks/melodies. It won't be commercial, cause it won't sound like the crap thats on radio, but it could be a hit for her.
  4. Yes, but that local woman was mad. How can she trow stones because a woman has said she thinks her tea is overpriced????
  5. What un-commercial means? I think if she continues to write good songs, with great melodies, great hooks like she has always done, I think she ll be safe. The most unmelodic album I think is AL so I don't want anything like that.
  6. I think Guy (she) saw how much money Springsteen was making and she decided to go for it. But I still think everyone associates Madonna with a BA type of show and that's why she is the best and biggest touring artist. I don't see that small thing affair working... I think they should do their all to try and have a hit with the first single and the album: that would make any tour a success. And smth similar like Confessions tour would be great!
  7. what? its almost new year, she ll have it in early 2019 at best...
  8. its getting stranger and stranger. I really thought White Shadow stole EY but now its an unknown Danish Madonna fan... Go figure...
  9. I d love if she does smh like Christine and The Queens - Saint Claude with a bit of Portugease input. Love that song. Christina is great.
  10. So basically he hit goldmine when he managed to sell to Gag Express Yourself?
  11. Rita Oral - Like A Virgin

    I don't like this oversinging. You could convey emotion without being fake or a show off. Thats why Madonna would always be greater to Rita or Christina or Gag.
  12. OMG. I just looked: the looser is a producer, the song is written (think copy-pasted) by a Danish guy (a Madge fan?): Written by Gaga and Jeppe Laursen, who produced it along with Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow, the track was developed while Gaga was on the road with The Monster Ball Tour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Born_This_Way_(song)
  13. Couldn't agree more. He looks older than Silvio Ciccone yet lectures about "old hags". And he is a vile creature: going against M when he blatantly ripped EY while lying to Gag that he wrote it. You know that she simply slapped her name onto it without really having any input into writing... We have many proofs: the rape song, John Wane or whatever that song was called: the demo was basically identical to the final version yet it is said Gag wrote it (she is listed as the first "songwriter"). "Madonna and I are very different" indeed
  14. Mexico's Fatal Earthquake

    OMG. Sounds terrible. Hope everything is back to normal in a heartbeat...
  15. Mexico's Fatal Earthquake

    OMG! That's heartbreaking! I hope there are no victims and not too many damages. Another proof we are just an insignificant part of the earth and mother nature could change our life in a heart beat. The backing off the Paris agreement couldn't come in more inappropriate time...
  16. One of her best albums so she has to be proud. By the way, I don't see the question as offensive. Its quite interesting actually and I m interested in how she sees the fact that she didn't sell as much as the previous one (though RH being much superior in quality to MDNA). I think its quite a relevant question.
  17. So true. As M said, it always came down to the music and Gaga doesn't have one timeless song to back up her pretence. It's all cheap trash written by 9 y old at best
  18. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Poor them. It should have been more fitting to leave them in the orphanage... some ppl! They are great, they are one of the luckiest ppl in the world! From ppl with probably no opportunities they turned into ppl with countless possibilities with a great Mum that would teach them how to cope with life in an amazing way!
  19. Omg! So unstarlike! Madonna and I are very different, indeed!
  20. Yes and Paula hits sound more modern at this point. I m saying IF Gorgon was lucky to strike some other hits.
  21. But Janet has more hits and they are much more memorable to people, Europe included. She is the new Cindy Lauper at best or if she is really lucky - Paula Abdul, but Paula is also much greater/bigger/with much more MEMORABLE hits.
  22. I love that she gets inspired by fado and jazz. I suppose we are getting a serious/deep/grown up album. Maybe she ll fuse those with some kind of electronica and I suppose it would sound divine.
  23. Yes that. And also the fact that M is her n1 obsession. By associating with her, she probably thinks she is her equal! Also trying to rewrite history, delete Madonna and present herself as this human, relatable, suffering Madonna that anyone could love. Only it escapes her that it won't be a Madonna if it's a wining, always complaining, non overcoming anything creature. That would be a Gaga.
  24. She ll never attack Swift. She is too safe with the public and Gaga never goes against the public opinion. Katy - she tried, got beaten up on the charts and probably doesn't want it replayed. Madonna is for a long time fed to the public as this cold-hearted, manipulative, exploitative diva and USA rednecks believe it (its absolutely the opposite as it is seen by the opening of the hospital in Malawi but she is turned into a soundbite as everything in US) so who is best to pick a fight with? Of course M since she won't even care to respond and Gorgon would play the victim 24/7 and even the rednecks would believe it. Cause nobody cares to factcheck these days...
  25. I loved all. Such an inspirational human being! She is graceful and lovely!