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  1. Reductive

    On the other hand the fact that she is grouped with Riri just shows she is relevant no matter what they say. She is the only star that started in the 80ties who is grouped with youngsters. Queen of relevance. Of course being associated with Gaga is an insult.
  2. LFL from both. If I had to choose the lead would ve been Devil Pray though or Hold Tight. Those two felt like first singles to me.
  3. Reductive

    Sorry but Gaga is moronic and M - iconic. Please edit.

    Dancing is fun and great, no matter what.
  5. so its confirmed he works on WE ARE THE STARS :)?
  6. OMG! GGW and Masterpiece are both great songs, Masterpiece more than GGW. GGW could sound a bit cheesy, but its a lot of fun! Love it.
  7. Lets be honest. Live To Tell is among the best ballads ever recorded. She was coming off a huge success with LAV. She looked like a 40ties hollywood star in the video. No chance this could have backfired.
  8. Great info, I ve read it somewhere before, but its good to hear it from him. Hopefully they will work together on the next album.
  9. I know, but its probably due to the screenwriters, not the cast. And there were some tired "jokes" with her age, how she looks... As a whole there was a shade too.
  10. I get the same impression. They talk like they dislike her or am I mistaken?
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I think she has grown her eyebrows and has darken them. This means she either is going dark or more likely: has done a photoshoot where she is wearing a dark wig...
  12. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    exactly... Hope they are a couple or become a couple. You know sometimes best friends could become lovers :)
  13. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

  14. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Let it be Pierre! I want a new, European man You cant get more European than Belgian :). Come on Madge! Take Pierre!
  15. Massive Attack's "Teardrop"

    I was just thinking about this a week or two ago. I so want to hear her sing that song. I think Massive Attack and her are match made in heaven. Actually I think it could have fitted in ROL.
  16. True, she is voluptuous now and more feminine. I think she ll look great with light brown hair that look natural. I think a reinvention is long overdue.
  17. I d love her if she goes at least light brown ala ROL.
  18. And Jancel cares about Erotica shipments cause???
  19. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    OMG! Pierre! Please marry Madonna :)
  20. Come on. We always hear that excuse about Australia. The theory that she was scaling down cause she ignored AUS for years. Lets just mention that she hasn't been to certain places at all yet she was popular there. For example she did not tour Bulgaria until 2009 yet she was always the biggest female singer prior to that. To be honest I think the general "cold" reaction in the RH era is due to many reasons. The first being that her last real huge and mind-blowing single was in 2005, some 10 years before RH tour. 4 minutes was a hit, but for most it felt less genuine and more Justin than Madonna. Her last minor hit was 2009, still 6 years before RHT. Since leaving WB the marketing has been totally off, the choice of the singles has been dreadful and last but not least: she has taken very long breaks between the eras, which left the impression in the general public that she has retired. The sad thing is that she has continued to make great albums and more specifically RH, but most people didn't even know the album existed and RH unfortunately remains her only album (or second after MDNA) without any genuine hit. The surge in her popularity has happened everywhere unfortunately, not just in AUS. I really hope the next album is so great (although RH contains one of her very best songs like Devil Pray) that it becomes a hit against all odds like ROL did.
  21. By the way, thats what I thought. I think the song as a song is ok (not great), but the production is atrocious. Duke Dumont seems to have produced it. Maybe with Madonna doing 50 percent of the writing of the music (melody, chorus) and lyrics and different producer, the song could be great.
  22. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Too bad, look wise he is perfect for Madonna. I wonder who her boyfriend is. It seems like she has been single for ages.