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  2. lets hope thats true and that its Macron who wins.
  3. I agree with u that if she is chosen, the EU is doomed. And its this way since the core are Germany and France.
  4. The reason why ROL worked was because of the lyrics, melodies, strong songwriting: in other words it was due to Patrick and Rick Nowles etc. The Orbit production simply put a modern spin on an already brilliantly written album. By the way Rick Nowles is among her best collaborations too: I d love to see her retiming with him and judging by Lana Del Ray albums he continues to write amazing songs! Probably I would ve recommend to Madge to write with both of them and then give it to some fag DJ :) to put a haggish production on it :).
  5. Well its normal since the best songs were cowritten with Pat.
  6. Atrocious. And what for? Everyone knows who the animals are and its appalling when such an animalistic society is free to operate.
  7. whats strange is that it happens a mere day ahead of the elections and in the light that Macron is ahead of the Puta in the polls. Coincidence?
  8. that's another proof Leonard also needs Madonna: imagine this with the hooks, melodies and the pop sensibility of M. Ciccone. It could have been great and now its not :(
  9. better yes, but nowhere near as great as they were from LAP up till ROL.
  10. I agree with her on one point: the videos have decreased in quality/thought/meaning. Her best videos are 1989-1999.
  11. hopefully, its time for them to work together.
  12. I mean like working WITH HER on her music, not a soundtrack to a movie no one saw.
  13. The answer is great, but I feel they HAVE to work together again. I think the difference with all her co-producers is that their collaborations always felt timeless and brought out the "core" Madonna sound. When they collaborated on I ll Remember it was like the core Madonna was back and in top form. It feels like he is bringing out the best in her. It seems like they complement each other in the best possible way. Maybe something happened around ROL, he was mad she turned to Orbit or smth, but its kind of strange she never returned to him for almost 20ty years... Hopefully that would change for her next album. I feel a Pat/M album would be a critical success, I don't know about commercial as she probably wont be played on the radio so no one would know she has an album out, but I feel the good word of mouth could sell it like it did for COADF in America.
  14. Yes scary times ahead for Bulgaria and EU as a whole. I expect worsening of the relations between EU and Turkey and even a refugee exodus in the EU.
  15. If anyone should be pressed to work with Madonna at this very moment by Guy Oseary: it should be Patrick, not Pharrel. And I like Pharrel, but was he ever a good match for Madonna? No. Patrick is the one that is capable of writing deep, meaningful music and she is great at putting her great pop sensibility stamp on it. Its that kind of music that really let Madonna shine and has cemented her as queen of pop. One has to simply listen to Frozen to know those are capable of creating masterpieces. She could let someone else produce it, but they should write. Like now.
  16. Arent the states obliged to follow federal law in the US? Hasn't the Supreme Court already ruled on the issue and isn't it ruling mandatory on the states, having in mind that US is part of the so called court precedent legal system (the ruling of the higher court is mandatory on the lower courts)? Doesn't this very conception make this law illegal? I mean any court would overturn it as it is obliged to follow the Supreme Court ruling?
  17. "Appear" is right. From what I ve read it seems Russia has helped Trump enormously to get elected. And its not an easy task to appear the bad guy compared to Trump. Those two "machos" feel like natural allies, not enemies. From their obvious dislike of lgbt ppl, to their desire to appear "on top" of the world, to their love of authoritarian rule, those two are match made in heaven.
  18. Uou! The definition of beauty!!!! Is this around Confessions? Seriously its among her beauty peaks. I consider 1991, 2000, 2006, 2012 and 2015 as her "beauty" peaks.
  19. Just read about this. Chechnya must be one of the worst places on earth. Satanic ppl.
  20. That's atrocious. Those evil bastards should be stopped.
  21. she HAS to be there every year if they want a real star there
  22. I always admired this country. I m devastated with what happened. Something must be done to stop this madness.