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  1. Ben Stiller, Madonna and Chris Rock donate thousands to Christchurch appeal https://uk.movies.yahoo.com/ben-stiller-madonna-chris-rock-donate-thousands-christchurch-appeal-113039873.html
  2. For me, as an youngster I really liked Moonwalker. I liked him in the 80ties but never as much as Madonna. Madonna was always THE star. But then it was feeded to all that he was the male equivalent of Madonna. And I didn't really know he had a boy on his hand like constantly. Then of course I heard the allegations but was not really sure, cause i never really followed him, i wasn't really interested in his life. I thought its as possible he was extorted for money. Then the Bashir documentary made me so uneasy. Then I kind of lost any interest. And now its just really gloomy. I feel this darkness probably was around him. However I never got his appeal really and I never analysed him a lot. He was just there.
  3. I saw it. I dont know what to think. I feel like it happened and I kind of see him in this totally different light. Neverland gives me the creeps now. In the past it was never a proven fact as many boys witnessed for him. Hope its not true, but it felt like it. I really dont wanna believe he was that evil.
  4. Atrocious and unbelievable. RIP to the victims. But again this is what you get when you try to push the right wing agenda as the new normal.
  5. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    But Beto O'Rourke lost to Ted Cruz. I read it was a close loss, but loss nevertheless and I wonder if he could take down Dump.
  6. Thank you @Geiger83! Great recommendations!
  7. I admire classic musicians. So great and good for you. I d like some suggestions for classic music as passionate as this one!
  8. Its perfect! Love this kind of music
  9. yeap, it relaxes me so much! But also moves you so much. Cyril has pushed me to listen to classical music much more and I am becoming a huge fan.
  10. I discovered this piece through The Favourite. Antonio Vivaldi is among my favourites and especially this. Love Baroque music as a whole. Do you?
  11. More like 5 :). And I agree with all that you have said!
  12. Turtles are beautiful. Such a great news. Hopefully there are others of that species.
  13. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    Exactly. Hillary did not really inspire the Americans to vote. Most voted for her as a mean to stop Trump. And if the Dems choose another uninspiring candidate, Trump is winning again.
  14. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    I am from Bulgaria, but I watch CNN a lot. I know there are countless democratic candidates at present and thats why I wondered if he ll be nominated as the candidate for the Democratic party against Trump. I know Bernie almost beat Hilary in 2016. Bernie is old but quite impactful. He has a chance. Actually Cory looks interesting and hot, but there is a lot of noise about him making favours for pharmaceutical companies. Pete Buttigieg is also interesting, but since he is gay, he might not really stand a chance. Kamala Harris seems like the favourite sofar, but I dont feel like she is as impactful as she should be to stand a chance against Trump.