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  1. You should all get out and vote him out. USA, no matter how much its influence has diminished under Trump, still matters on worlds stage and can affect the world at large.
  2. Appalling!!!! This fraud would lie himself into a win AGAIN.
  3. USA has to fix their "voting system" invented to make peace between slavery loving racist South and free North. Hello, its 2020. US must be the only country where a president can get the job when he has lost the votes of the ppl. Really fucked up AND medieval.
  4. Will there be debates, cause I ve read somewhere that Biden advisers tell him NOT to debate Dumb?
  5. There is no song from MX that could have been a smash ala HU or Frozen. Faz could have worked, but it was a cover so i guess she wouldn't have released it anyways.
  6. Kamala is great, miles better than Amy.
  7. China and Russia are the devil. It’s simple but look at lgbtq rights there. Especially Russia where killings of lgbtq ppl are not even investigated. Plus Putin is united with conservatives from USA and both are funding anti liberal hybrid war in Europe. They are succeeding in Eastern Europe. They paint EU as decadent useless structure that is a weapon of Soros (Wtf that is, he is the face of liberals I guess) and is waging a lgbtq agenda onto the populace of Europe and Istanbul convention is an instrument for this. You won’t believe how stupid people are. It’s like Wahhabism for the Eastern Eu
  8. I think Dumb has genius plan to remain in power. How? 1) most republicans think COVID is a scam unlike the democrats 2) most rep would therefore go to vote in person unlike democrats 3) by attacking in mail voting he tries to deprive the democrats from their right to vote or at least those who take Covid seriously which I believe are the majority of the democrats 4) why no one in the USA news points that out?
  9. He showed France hasn’t lost its senses as USA and UK when he beat Le Pen.
  10. Unfortunately I m sure most of the Dumbsters wouldn't even acknowledge they would vote for Dumb, so I would NOT be happy in advance. I m sure the same thing happened with Hillary. I wouldn't be overoptimistic with those "polls". The polls fucked up big time with Dumb and Brexit.
  11. Indeed, Emus are obviously clever than humans.
  12. Maybe the love of her life left her for transgender woman? that seems the most logical explanation. Just like the repressed gays are the biggest homophobes. You are never that invested into (especially hating) smth unless it concerns you directly.
  13. Well then congrats for having another Trump mandate. You did it.
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