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  1. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    She looks amazing by the way. Very BA.
  2. hope this crisis is resolved soon without violence... I think in the end the central government would grant some privileges like a Basque tax system, but then I think they should decrease the help they grant to Catalonia as grants. I have read that Catalonia is among the biggest beneficieries. Its all about the money and its absurd. They should show some solidarity to the other poorer parts of Spain.
  3. Exactly. The police violence was stupid, useless and unnecessary, but to paint Spain as this brutal state is also hilarious. And of course Spanish government won't just stay away doing nothing when a large part of the state secedes following a non representative referendum of the whole of the population of the region...
  4. And he looked very awkward, he has no presence, no charisma. How he is a president? And his speech was very ambiguous though I must admit I liked the fact that he proposed dialogue.
  5. Me too. I don't think there was a declaration of independence?
  6. You can watch the speech directly in English here.
  7. I doubt it. Its so messy and absurd. And perfect timing again. I ve read an article that there is infrastrictural project that passes through Catalonia that would decrease the dependance on the gas from the east. It was in Bulgarian otherwise I would ve posted it. Please Spaniards, keep us informed about this. Hope the Catalanian president won't announce independence when under 50ty percent of the people are for it (some have voted multiple times) and hope there won't be any violence on any of the sides.
  8. You can go to the beach and thats pretty much it. And you have to go there in the winter time, cause its unbearably hot in the summer/early autumn/late spring. There is almost no history there, nothing. The old market is from the 60ties-70ties. I mean its ridiculous. The history museum consists of like 4 rooms. There are only modern buildings that I had zero interest to see. The malls are like the malls everywhere in the world. Its a dull and snobby place with zero substance. But then again I know a lot of airheads who love it so I guess it has its lovers...
  9. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    But she could work with him for songwriting only and then take the dongs to another producer like she did in ROL
  10. Thats what you get when you mask a country with a 3rd world legal system as a 1st world country.
  11. He officially and directly sponsored Le Penn campaign and her official goal was to fuck up the euro, propose such EU reforms that wouldn't have been accepted so in the end the goal was Frexit and break up of the EU. The link with Trump is under investigation. UK has stated that Russian hackers have been influencing the Brexit vote, on the Brexit side. What those 3 and Catalonia have in common? They created problems (some unsuccessfullly like in France) for EU so that it is dealing with internal problems and it have no time for any activities in the east like in Georgia, Ukraine etc...
  12. Karbatal, this discussion has been really interesting for me. Hopefully you will continue keeping us informed, because this has been the news for me lately. I so hope both parties find a solution and Catalonia stays within Spain. I personally feel like this whole situation could have been sponsored by states like Russia who would like to see EU weaker and dealing with internal problems instead of concentrating on expanding on the Western Balkans for example. Or playing a more prominent role on the international scene or concentrating on reforming itself deeply, like Macron has proposed. I see it as another Brexit really that weakens Spain and EU and I hope Catalonians don't fall for that trap.