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  1. I haven't watched the Bulgarian news yesterday and I dont know how was it covered, but this affected me a lot too. Maybe, cause I have visited and its my favourite part of Paris (together with the Latin quarter). And I also dont get the point of promise to try - comparing it with media coverage of death or war. I mean of course a person life is priceless, but so is the preservation of such historic buildings: in the end this is a unique architectural masterpiece standing there since 12 century, its a cultural object of a world importance. I felt as bad when the islamists were destroying Palmira too. Maybe even more, cause it was due to peoples stupidity, brutality and inhumanity and I was mad at those monsters. Anyways I always feel sad when I see a masterpiece destroyed, something that is unique and cant be duplicated and thats the case here... I am sure it would be restored to its initial magnificence.
  2. For the whole world more likely. Its one of the oldest and biggest churches still standing. Absolutely horrible for world history/architecture/religion. Devastating. That was my favourite part of Paris.
  3. Exactly. Some of the muslims dont wanna gasp the idea that tolerance is two way street. On that note: when will Saudi Arabia allow practicing other faiths on its territory? Ancient churches have been uncovered there and this is still underreported.
  4. True. Islamophobia is not ok too. But I m amazed there is not huge USA or EU condemnation for this. Is it cause those evil basters are rich? I guess, if we look at the worst offender: the Saudis. They have been doing this for decades and its ok since they are buying USA arms for 120 milliards.
  5. But its not his islamophobia that is the cause for this. Its the ultra conservative islam itself. And the first victims would be (probably) muslims, but its also ultraconservative muslims who support this atrocity. And gays and people unhappy in their relationships would die without a doubt. I dont know why we shouldn't discuss the problem itself: whabbis/conservative islam. Its worst than fascism.
  6. Ben Stiller, Madonna and Chris Rock donate thousands to Christchurch appeal https://uk.movies.yahoo.com/ben-stiller-madonna-chris-rock-donate-thousands-christchurch-appeal-113039873.html
  7. For me, as an youngster I really liked Moonwalker. I liked him in the 80ties but never as much as Madonna. Madonna was always THE star. But then it was feeded to all that he was the male equivalent of Madonna. And I didn't really know he had a boy on his hand like constantly. Then of course I heard the allegations but was not really sure, cause i never really followed him, i wasn't really interested in his life. I thought its as possible he was extorted for money. Then the Bashir documentary made me so uneasy. Then I kind of lost any interest. And now its just really gloomy. I feel this darkness probably was around him. However I never got his appeal really and I never analysed him a lot. He was just there.
  8. I saw it. I dont know what to think. I feel like it happened and I kind of see him in this totally different light. Neverland gives me the creeps now. In the past it was never a proven fact as many boys witnessed for him. Hope its not true, but it felt like it. I really dont wanna believe he was that evil.
  9. Atrocious and unbelievable. RIP to the victims. But again this is what you get when you try to push the right wing agenda as the new normal.
  10. But Beto O'Rourke lost to Ted Cruz. I read it was a close loss, but loss nevertheless and I wonder if he could take down Dump.
  11. Thank you @Geiger83! Great recommendations!
  12. I admire classic musicians. So great and good for you. I d like some suggestions for classic music as passionate as this one!
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