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  1. Well, I really hope that for the next crisis (hope there isn't but anyways) EU Commission does a better PR. Because sofar China and Russia are miles better at the pr than EU. I know its not time for PR, but I m sure that China and Russia are using this time for exactly that. And its not even PR, the facts must be out.
  2. There is practically NO INFO in Bulgaria that it was the EU who helped China in January with medical supplies so its only natural that China gave back a month later to Italy. IN our news its always China and Russia (!!!!) that have helped Italy, while EU has done zero. All lies. EU has deblocked enormous amount of money to help fight this crisis and France and Germany have alone already donated more medical supplies to Italy and Spain than China and Russia. But hey, I guess no-one cares about the facts these days...
  3. What has happened? Cant find any info on google. Its time for federalisation.
  4. Fucking lowlife. People ARE DYING. How could anyone like this shit?????
  5. Omg, that’s unfortunate. However I m sure you ll have the normal flu and would be okey. I m sure in your case M would be right: if it’s bitter at the start, then it’s sweeter in the end. I m sure your move would turn out for the better in the end. Hope you are feeling better now. Karbatal is right: just monitor your temperature and drink lots of fluids.
  6. Isn't there some kind of protocol in Mexico? Is Mexico in a lockdown?
  7. Hopefully she donates to Italy! Italy must be saved. I read that it is expected that the peak would be the next week and then hopefully its downhill from there!
  8. You too darling! Be strong and stay healthy and in high spirits!
  9. That is really strange. Why would US send its army in Europe at this exact time???
  10. We only go to the shop. My parents do the same. It is spreading though. They introduced harder measures: shop hours for the people over 60, no walks in the parks, going out only on serious grounds. Hope Jari gets better really soon!!!
  11. Hopefully you never know. Hope its flu and passes. Hope you are OK and healthy soon. Kisses.
  12. True. It has been chaotic time and yes the response was weak from both the states and the EU and when they did smth, it was too late. But one has to have in mind that EU has no competence in health matters, its within the competences of the member states. Maybe the states should really grant the EU vast competences for a feature (God forbid) pandemic? Just a thought. Even Italy acted FIRST closing itself for Chinese people but it was not enough and still what is happening is devastating. But you are right: no-one was really prepared on any level. All the European states should have watched the Chinese response closely. But its easy to say now what should have been done, when we know what a storm that is. I think Europe as a whole did not take this as seriously because the last epidemic that started in China, stayed in China.
  13. WTF. The Euro was just postponed for a year.
  14. Fucking vile. And more shocking is that France is going through the same dreadfulness, like all of Europe.
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