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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    That would be great! David and lola seem so cool although all her children seem amazing
  2. Madonna new album 2028

    You are not alone. I never liked what she did with Mirwais and if he is involved, I hope his producing is totally different. For me their best collaboration was Let It Will Be and that was produced by Price.
  3. In Germany the majority is Turks and Turkey has been a secular country for almost a century. Its also the most westernised muslim majority country. Of course, things are going south there too at present. France's muslims come from the ex French colonies in Northern Africa where islam has quite a stronghold. Personally I feel France would have the biggest problems (and already has if we look at the bomb attacks). UK has Pakistanians etc who are also religious in general.
  4. Madonna new album 2028

    Yes, its true. It was already established she recorded an album written with Leonard and produced by Mirwais then scrapped that to record an album with 3 hot rappers/7 DJ who are "hot right now".
  5. http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/27/new-europe-survey-finds-44-of-muslims-believe-in-islamic-fundamentalism/ An incredibly large number of Muslims want Islamic Sharia law to dominate over local laws. For instance, 72 percent of Muslims in France want to see Sharia as the main or only source of law in the country. That figure remains astonishingly high in the United Kingdom at 69 percent. But in Germany, the number of Muslims who want Sharia supremacy is only 13 percent. Others German Muslims, at 44 percent, think Sharia is just a good moral guide. and also the previous link for uk
  6. Over 40% of UK Muslims support “aspects” of sharia law http://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2016/12/over-40-percent-of-uk-muslims-support-aspects-of-sharia-law
  7. But in this survey there is no info on Western Europe muslims. There is survey only on Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo etc. where the muslims are majority. But those countries were never very religious and up till recently were communist/socialist thus not really representative of the views of the muslims in Western Europe. Those in WE probably support sharia.
  8. ok, gang bang me like cowards do, on packs. I dont care
  9. ok I m racist for pointing out smth stated in the surveys. Most muslims support imposing Sharia law and Sharia doesn't support gays.
  10. I love the painting, he was an absolute genius who lived 500 years before his time. It looks esoteric too...
  11. Patrick Leonard thread

    Hah, well this collaboration is long overdue! By the way, Jump is one of her best songs ever!!!
  12. Oh, now I m islamophobic. Good to know. Wonder why then one of my best friends is muslim? But sure, as always you know best.
  13. Your input has always been invaluable. And if you would again threaten me with banning, why don't you simply ignore my posts like I have been doning with yours? Because by commenting you obviously want a reaction and leaving that comment you don't expect a cheering from me, right?
  14. True. Some ppl would like to pretend there is no problem here. I m not against the migrants at all, but I m against ppl running from war, trying to impose their way of life on ppl who are helping them. And really if Europe gets to be governed by Sharia law, like the majority of the European muslims want, it won't be Europe any more. It would become a backward place ruled by a backward religion that wants to suppress women and kill the gays. Its the reality.