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  1. Horrible if the alt right has gains. Well, having in mind Catalunia, I am not shocked really. Hope the Socialists win though. Jari's blog is interesting.
  2. Because its rednecks - neonazis who support those "movements", who are never educated or base their decision on facts or studies. Its a well known fact (and undisputed) that EU has brought prosperity and peace to all its members and Europe in general. But that doesnt matter for those ppl. They want to "make it alone" against all odds or logic. Catalunia for example would never be as prosperious as within Spain and there are many reasons why, but the nationalists do not care about it. Anyways Barcelona is overrated, Madrid is MILES better anyways :).
  3. Unfortunately, its the common atmosphere in backward, conservative world, which is the majority of the world...
  4. OMG.This catch phrase so describes the world we are living in. Unfortunately it's so true :(.
  5. What a medieval ashole. If it was up to him, gays would have been thrown out of tall buildings. I wonder why such a man chose to live in the West. If he so dislikes sodomites or tolerance towards them Saudi Arabia or Iran could be a much better environment for him.
  6. Gay Muslim should definitely be embraced and welcomed in any democratic country. Its only fair, because their life is in huge danger in almost any muslim majority country.
  7. Yet the vast majority are totally against gays and most justify even killings...
  8. Yes, in Istanbul he lost the elections for a mayor notably (but his party is still the biggest in the municipal council so he can block any decision of the mayor) and other big cities (liberal) like Izmir... But Anatolia is huge and he is a godlike figure there...
  9. Well, its Erdogan. He systematically turned Turkey from relatively modern into a medieval country.
  10. Nice surprise. European Turkish Trace, Istanbul, Izmir have always been pro European, pro democracy, more liberal (relatively), so I wouldn't say its unexpected. Great news.
  11. I think Budigeg would run circles around Dumb. But he probably wont win cause 1) USA is not ready for gay president 2) he is too young. Hope I m wrong cause I think Pete could win in a race with Trump. He reminds me of Obama somehow.
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