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  1. He showed France hasn’t lost its senses as USA and UK when he beat Le Pen.
  2. Unfortunately I m sure most of the Dumbsters wouldn't even acknowledge they would vote for Dumb, so I would NOT be happy in advance. I m sure the same thing happened with Hillary. I wouldn't be overoptimistic with those "polls". The polls fucked up big time with Dumb and Brexit.
  3. Indeed, Emus are obviously clever than humans.
  4. Maybe the love of her life left her for transgender woman? that seems the most logical explanation. Just like the repressed gays are the biggest homophobes. You are never that invested into (especially hating) smth unless it concerns you directly.
  5. Well then congrats for having another Trump mandate. You did it.
  6. Mutti was obviously the only adult on that phone. I m amazed Americans have accepted such behaviour from their commander in chief and would probably hand him second term this year.
  7. It’s like a santimeter big. A big let down and Leonardo has better works...
  8. Prado is indeed one of the best museums for paintings I have ever been to and among like top 3 in Europe.
  9. Ъou underestimated the rednecks and Bible Belt
  10. I thought Trump united Korea. I guess his friend is as rebellious as ever.
  11. Uou. I d like to see how Dumb appointees voted here. I m happy that the real jurists still rule the US Supreme Court.
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