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  1. gorgeous! She is really the greatest
  2. So "Evita". Is this Bradley Cooper "movie" musical too? First the Music copy then regressing 4 years back to Evita... I guess she tries to distract us by randomly copying Madge and NOT chronologically. Yet, its too obvious...
  3. I also adore his version and I adore Gary! So talented and beautiful (especially now). I love M version 2.
  4. Is the guy with the twin her current boyfriend???
  5. Uou, I d love to hear Angels with Dirty Faces...
  6. I don't want to rain on your parade, but I don't see it. Madonna is not nostalgic and wouldn't do anything like that. WB? Doubt it. They ll probably need Ms permission and I don't see her granting it.
  7. I don't think so. Even if the album fails miserably commercially (and if that happens I think that would be due to her not advertising the album, cause she has no record company and her concentration on the money returns so in the end they ll spend 0 on advertising campaign and videos), I think the collaboration would be success musically. It could even do great if its so good that it would be sold by word of mouth (think COADF in USA)... I think at this point someone like Pat would be her best choice for collaboration, not someone like Diplo, who is commercial anyways and didn't even give her his best tunes (think Lean On and Leon On is a joke compared to what Pat and M could do). Pat would have the drive to do his best to make amazing music and I think Madonna would have the drive too if she wants to continue touring on that scale...
  8. She can. If she works with Pat. It has always been a win. M+Pat=Classic Madonna
  9. It would be a success, I m sure. But she ll go for Pharrel or Kanye or smith like that when the best songs have always been with Leonard. I wouldn't mind Henry 2
  10. OMG! He was so beautiful! HEARTBREAKING! The festival should have stopped!!!
  11. I think ROL Alainis hair/white vest/jeans was more iconic. Frozen gothic look is more iconic than HU in my opinion. After those, yes, its HU.