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  1. elijah

    Paris is burning

    And what exactly is the alternative? Marine Le Penn - a neofascist, sponsored by Putin, intent on Fraexit and dismantling EU?????? Wake up. Macron was, is and will be the best choice for France and for the EU.
  2. Horrible. My hope was that Spain (and Portugal) was the last sane place in Europe. Its so sad to see it follows suit with all the other European nations :(. Europes political landscape is getting more depressing with each passing year. Its like madness.
  3. elijah

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    😰well, I would put it past him that this situation could give him some pleasure. He never won in Cali and he has visited once I think. If it was a red state (or Trumpinian), I supposed he would have visited long time ago.
  4. Hopefully this madness could be reversed somehow. Maybe they will vote the deal and have an option "Remain"? I guess that would probably stop it? Like have 3 options: 1) Remain 2) Accept the deal 3) Hard Brexit. I think Remain would easily win at this point. But I dont see the others agreeing on the same terms? There would probably be no rabat and they ll have to adopt the euro?
  5. I guess this was the demand of Ireland so EU has to push for it? And you are right, Norway and Iceland may not be happy since it shows anything can happen when negotiating with EU. But if EU has ensured the 4 freedoms within Northern Ireland then I guess they dont have that much to complain?
  6. elijah

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Well, in the eyes of us, Europeans, that just made Macron much more precious. I was always amazed how Macron and Trump got along till this weekend: for me they always represented the opposite views on life. This just solidified Macron as the King of Europe (and Angela is of course the Queen, but she always hated Trump and he her).
  7. elijah

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    just when u think he can not hit another low.
  8. elijah

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Cold wall in the EU? Millions of refugees have been accepted in Germany, Sweden, Norway. Pretty much this is the reason for the rise of the right in Europe. Meanwhile 0 refugees are accepted in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar. Apart from EU, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have done a lot to help the refugees.
  9. elijah

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Well, yes, when you are too religious - muslim, Christian, Jew, its never cute. My point was that there is reason to consider islam political movement, because Quran tries to regulate civil life unlike Christianity, where spiritual and civil life are clearly separated.
  10. elijah

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Yes, but thats political movements, not religions. The Basques didn't do those atrocities in the name of God. Thats why I say islam is pretty much a political movement, because it aims to regulate everyday life, civil life, law, marriage, family life, unlike Christianity.
  11. elijah

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Exactly. The core in Christianity and Islam is different really. Yes, Christianity has been hijacked many times (crusades, orthodoxy right now), but in reality Jesus said those who are without sin, cast the first stone. Mohammad ordered public stoning and his radical followers today dream of public stoning. Pretty different I must say.
  12. elijah

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    ❤️yeah, darling, but killing innocent people just like this, with terrorist acts, is the worst. It only happens to radical muslims from all the organised religions. Which means its not just a religion, but a political movement.
  13. elijah

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Why only islam radicalises its followers??? I know evangelists are coockoo too, but you never hear about such atrocities committed by Christians/Jews or others? Is it cause of Mohamad or what?
  14. elijah

    ABBA thread

    ❤️🙂❤️ oh yeah, can't wait