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  1. I dont think US should be blamed for how Afganistan is functioning... Obviously the state is such that it could be easily occupied by the Talibans and I wouldn't be surprised if the majority are for the Taliban regime.
  2. Yes, everything but Trump. Having said that, Afghanistan was a major fuck up for Biden, but I guess from the info it’s obvious all is a consequence of the Trump administration and their deals with the Talibans. However this is not a great look for Biden, especially from the point of view of Europe
  3. Agreed. Why he even resigns when most probably do the same?
  4. So true. But The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union does exist since Lisbon treaty: https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/government_in_ireland/european_government/eu_law/charter_of_fundamental_rights.html it’s plainly obviously Hungary has infringed many of those with their new “law”. And I agree with you: BG has to be forced to accept gay marriages or risk being thrown out like most of the Eastern EU members… it’s too much Russian propaganda for family values here. Yet Sofia pride was attended by 10000 ppl while the protest for traditional family by 100.
  5. Exactly. What a joke. And Hungary??? I m fuming!!! Orban must be stopped. He is deranged!
  6. Uou! Its clear where things are heading...
  7. Killing from both sides is atrocious, but let’s be real: Israel has always been much more equipped with modern weapons than Hamas so as the more equipped side is expected logically to inflict more damage, is it not? Its not right of course, but it has been expected as it has been the case since the 40ties. It’s a hot topic and I understand why both sides are hating the other. I think at present both sides are ruled by parties/organisations who do not want peace and that’s the biggest problem. There must be two state solution, but I don’t know how that would happen with the situation in West Bank...
  8. But weren't there alot of Jews in 1947 already living in what is Israel today? The movement of the Jews to return to the holy land and to reestablish Israel is at least a century and half old and there was a big resettlement of Jews in the Middle East happening already. And honestly, the Palestinians probably descend from the Hannan Jews anyways and those two nations are basically brothers... And at the time of the establishment of Israel the territory was ruled by UK and there was no Palestine or am I wrong?
  9. I never understood conservatism really... if someone is stuck in the past, what’s the ideal? Absolutism? Wasn’t then when all but the sun king/ruler fucked? Why are they fearing progress?
  10. Omg, rosamund pike and madge in a movie... love them both
  11. Yes, though I m not convinced its entirely safe for CERTAIN people. I think it could probably affect your psychic if consumed regularly - I m not sure thats the reason for a friend of mine, but I highly suspect it. Having said that, alcohol in huge amounts or cigarettes is as dangerous as marihuana or as many said before me - maybe even more. In an evolved/developed society, one must be allowed to make informed choices, including smoking weed. I find it ABSURD that one would have to go to jail for smoking weed.
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