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  1. please no. Put Mirwais, Leonard and Henry into the studio and trow the key. The result should be similar to "You Hold The Key"...
  2. So they might start working on the album? That would be great!!!
  3. M/Mirwais/Leonard with/without Henry is such a strong combo that this could very well end up being her best album ever. How exiting!
  4. Uou! So quickly! I think she ll probably release the album late in the year though. But you could be right. They recorded LAP for 2 weeks.
  5. interesting. Pat and Mirwais could have been asked to be silent so that there is a huge surprise for the fans.
  6. But he is offline since 6 October 2017 and there is piano and notebook on his last post which eludes to the fact that he is off somewhere writing music. It could very well be with M. Actually I m starting to think that M/Pat/Mirwais could work. M/M had the ambition, but there was smth lacking for me (as a musicality). With Pat, I think they ll have the deep, classic M back with a sleek Mirwais production.
  7. Thats so exiting, by the way!!!! HOPE ITS PAT! Hows his twitter/instagram?
  8. Its not critical towards her. Hopefully she ll be back with vengeance! I know I d love the album because there is no album of hers that I dont love. It was just an observation.
  9. Amazing! She has been slowly improving from HC to MDNA to RH so I expect another flawless album. Hopefully the album would be so great that it would be sold by word of mouth. Unfortunately even if she does smth as grand as Frozen or HU for the first single, radios won't play her. She probably has a better chance in Europe.
  10. Or maybe "Life"? Or "Confessions?
  11. It was a let down after COADF, but to be honest I REALLY love TBGO and Devil Wouldn't Even Recognize You. I still believe IF she released those 2 songs, the album would have smashed on a bigger scale. Although compared to the other releases it did amazing. I think she was recognized as the best selling US artist in 2008 (World Music Awards). I saw her for the first time on Sticky and Sweet Tour 2008 and she blew my mind with TBGO performance. It gave me LIFE!!!!