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  1. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    Exactly. Hillary did not really inspire the Americans to vote. Most voted for her as a mean to stop Trump. And if the Dems choose another uninspiring candidate, Trump is winning again.
  2. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    I am from Bulgaria, but I watch CNN a lot. I know there are countless democratic candidates at present and thats why I wondered if he ll be nominated as the candidate for the Democratic party against Trump. I know Bernie almost beat Hilary in 2016. Bernie is old but quite impactful. He has a chance. Actually Cory looks interesting and hot, but there is a lot of noise about him making favours for pharmaceutical companies. Pete Buttigieg is also interesting, but since he is gay, he might not really stand a chance. Kamala Harris seems like the favourite sofar, but I dont feel like she is as impactful as she should be to stand a chance against Trump.
  3. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    Sure, T is MILES better.
  4. elijah

    2020 U.S. Election

    Brilliant! But will he be the Democratic nominee?
  5. absolutely right. If u are not facing the problem, but just creating another country out of Spain (why???), you are taking the problem with you. In reality, things would probably become even worse
  6. elijah

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Exactly. Why should you be proud to be born x nationality, when you had no choice - the same as u didn't choose to be white or black, dark or blond, straight or gay. You may feel lucky, because you have more opportunities, if its a well developed country, but proud? Very superficial. You can love your country of course, but many nationalists are really delusional and can't really asses how their country compares to the others.
  7. Why Tusk should have used other language? He is right. The Brexiteer politicians have done a great disservice to UK ppl.
  8. elijah

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    But slagging off Gags feels great.
  9. Well, we can definitely say he was a visionary.
  10. You sound like Anne Coulter when she said that the wall wasn't racist or anything, it was a protection for the middle class and poor American wages. Its fascinating (and frightening) how increasingly the alt right tries to present a ridiculous (often racist/homophobic) idea as having a humanistic reasons.
  11. Omg! Yesss to all of this!!!
  12. elijah

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    FOR FUCK SAKES? How could USA get down to this????
  13. elijah

    Troye Sivan

    He has that instant appeal to his songs. I d want a collaboration with Madonna.