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  1. no, they were nowhere to be seen in the charts
  2. yes hopefully all are well
  3. I agree about generalisation, but it seems like the muslims tend to be more religious as a whole and to live more segregated compared to other groups. Of course there are so many exceptions but still.
  4. I have seen the situation firsthand in France, Germany, Netherlands. You either want to see it or not. I know you are well travelled, but maybe you haven't been to those exact places recently? I m not against those ppl per se, but I m against ppl so keen on their religion, they act illological. For example a friend who works as a nurse in France and wears a cross told me that an arab woman (wearing a hijab) refused to let her help her undress until she removes her cross. She refused.
  5. exactly, GT should ve been withheld.
  6. Sorry but I don't agree. Having ghettos everywhere in the eu is not helping the economy and are not a breath of fresh air. The emigration policies should be rethought and in eu should be allowed ppl that respect devision between state and religion. There are a lot of ppl like that from the Middle East. In my opinion there is definite rise of terrorism in eu even compared to 5 years ago. Maybe it doesn't feel like that in Spain Tnx to the basque
  7. Yes, that 2, but I think the cultural change and terror within a generation has a lot to do with the rise of far right
  8. And also the mass migration and terrorist attacks. I think Brexit and Trump in a way are a vote against globalization/rise of terror/arrival of many muslims that do not want to integrate within the society. And impoverishment, which is a result in a way of globalization and the fact that there is no communism in Eastern Europe nowadays which was the reason for a lot of social rights and freedoms to be granted in the West.
  9. Hopefully Macron wins.
  10. But still miles better than Le Pen. He is pro EU, pro gay which is enough to win for me.
  11. Merkel proved her class in their press conference, must be her decades experience but she sounded clever, grounded, respectful. I must say she has made some terrible mistakes like the refugee crisis, but who doesn't? She really sounds like a sane person and that it aint that easy to find among politicians these days.
  12. yes, if he tones down the hipster look he could be crazy hot
  13. Well so many positive things here: 1) he is in his mid 30ties 2) he is talented and successful on his own (won't be with her for the money) 3) his work seems great, an influence on her would be great; 4) she might have an intelligent conversation at last with a bf 5) he is hot/sexy/compliments her great visually (skin deep I know)
  14. He is so sexy!!! She should ve stucked with him! P.S. The 20 something bfs are so uninteresting, I m in my late 30ties and I won't date a 20ty smth...
  15. Nicola is great. Hopefully her actions would lead to the following: 1) Scotland staying within UK; 2) UK staying within EU.