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  1. Didn't the whole idea of QAnon come from Stephen King Doctor Sleep where a group (now renamed as Hollywood stars, the demoNcrats) prayed on children's energy... Not very creative that Q we must conclude.
  2. However demonic Fox TV are crying to high heavens that the radical left has censored the right. Unfortunately I fear this would lead to more radicalisation and capsulation of the alt right. There might even appear right wing "twitter", "facebook" etc. Now they can play the victim card. Maybe more effective would have been if there is an administrative body that imposes penalties to people who are are spreading fake news.
  3. I love her. She should have ruled UK. The only sane politician on the island.
  4. So interesting! One would wonder why Brexit was needed. It made the UK citizens pariah in their sovereign territory (Gibraltar, Northern Ireland) and it fuelled Scottish and Irish independence.
  5. I do not believe in million years Spain would ever block reentering of Scotland into EU. Its not in any way in Spains favour to block a respected and would be influential member like Scotland.
  6. As the EU said last year, in Brussels, EU would leave a light for Scotland to find its way home
  7. He made close to 300 mill for "legal fees" since 3rd of November and has spends like 10 mill for it. In small letters it is written that the money could be used pretty much as he pleases. Its a scam to make money and he is of course never admitting his loss.
  8. Its a cult thing. In cults, its never in the devotees interest to follow the cult leader, but he does blindly until there is an intervention or until he comes to his/her senses.
  9. https://www.advocate.com/politicians/2018/5/24/18-homophobic-leaders-who-turned-out-be-gay-or-bi?fbclid=IwAR09N4HM__ewCYOjsSQ1YclXvdaJ8HBvk_jaW85CgdbhZEhOUx0OOhhM1GU#media-gallery-media-6 18 Homophobic Leaders Who Turned Out to Be Gay or Bi
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