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  1. Tokyo Dome capacity 55,000 Osaka Dome capacity 55,000 All 1st date of each city has sold out. Total tix = 110,000 (2 shows only) Whereas for Mimi TAOM, she has sold out almost all 5 dates but the total was just 116,000 tix. Even if all Madonna 2nd dates sold only 10%, it will STILL outsell Mimi
  2. Oh, it's just the ingredient for puttanesca.
  3. Ok try this: --------------------------------------------- Artist/Event: Mariah Carey, Sean Paul Venue: TD Banknorth Garden City/State: Boston, Mass. Event Dates: Aug. 21, 2006 Gross Sales: $1,034,794 Attend/Capacity: 11,993 / 14,922 Shows/Sellouts: 1 / 0 Prices: $127, $17 Promoters: Live Nation --------------------------------------------- Feeling better right now?
  4. Why not? They are useless and worthless after the show. One word - eBay
  5. 676 tickets leftover?! That bitch should've sold it for US$9.60! And drop Prague from Madonna future tour list!
  6. MosNews Russia Weather Experts Promise Sun Will Shine on Madonna Concert in Moscow Russian weather experts are to spray the sky above a Moscow stadium so it doesn’t rain on a show by Madonna, The Sunday Times reports. Grey clouds are expected during her concert next Tuesday at the Luzhniki stadium. But they will be “spiked” in advance by 10 planes spraying chemicals forcing them to release rain before they reach the Russian capital. The system was originally developed to keep Red Square rallies dry in Soviet times, and was used for the G8 summit. Meanwhile, security has been stepped up for her first gig in Russia following death threats to her and her two children. As she arrives in Moscow Monday her hotel has been turned into a virtual fortress.
  7. USATODAY Weather Madonna-fication A sign of achieving the pinnacle of international pop superstardom, I suppose, is when one has the power to make it rain. By Fyodor Savintsev, AP With a billboard advertising the first ever concert of Madonna in Russia, left, and a statue of Lenin, right, in the background, police officers guard an entrance to the Luzhniki stadium, the site of the concert, Moscow on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006. That is the power of Madonna, as she makes her first ever concert appearance in Russia tonight. According to a Mosnews.com story, Chris Lamb, manager of the Confessions world tour, said that, "Rain would be an unpleasant occurrence. Madonna will dance a lot during the show and the stage must be dry." Apparently, Russian weather experts got the message loud and clear. With cloudy skies in the forecast, they plan to deploy 10 planes to spray chemicals above Luzhniki stadium in Moscow in advance of the concert to coax any moisture out of the clouds. The system had been developed in Soviet times to keep rallies dry in Red Square, and it was also used when Moscow hosted the G8 summit.
  8. Let's see: Cher - US$200million / 325 dates = US$615,385 / date Madonna - US$180million / 60 dates = US$3 million / date Madonna wins!
  9. Has Cher's farewell tour ended? or still farewell-ing?
  10. Will Madonna cancelled all german show? :gggggg:
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