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  1. 'cos 2017 RSD M's Dance Mix release was not interesting. One of my local vinyl shop still has plenty of stocks.
  2. I still dun like AL album. We already had AL, we dun need another one.
  3. My original picture disc LP leaflet indicates BU 4.50 I believe this re-release will be an exact replica of the original LP.
  4. As those who had read, Gianni Versace was shot to death while M was recording for ROL. I was wondering if HTB was inspired by this incident? I should be glad that I'm alive It could have been much worse I might have never loved at all And never known what I am worth How the gods above Could be so unfair HTB is definitely not a B-side material but what we learned is that M wants a '13' tracks album hence it was excluded. I somehow believe HTB could have easily replaced Shanti/Ashtangi and made it to the cut but M didn't want to use her friend's death to sell ROL alnum (Same goes to Tupac's IRBYL) as well as to avoid witch hunting by the vicious media/critics. This is merely a personal hypothesis, please don't attack me.
  5. WARNING: NSFW Spoiler: 2nd WARNING: Are you sure you wanna see? Spoiler:
  6. Where have you been? Amazon was having sales for COADF pink LP back in December.
  7. I'm torn between "One More Chance" & "Me Against The Music" I ended up pick OMC 'cos it's a solo song.
  8. Believe it or not, even with a Blu-ray release, WB will just transfer the same content & quality from DVD to BR.
  9. Air Strikes on Syria

    FUCK THAT MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN! And yet all 3 powers voluntarily to be his pull string puppets in exchange for oil.
  10. It's THANTH. Both tracks are equally lovely! As for me, it's either Shanti or MG to go.
  11. Oh wait, I just realized the wording on the pink sticker is SO different! The catalog number, the barcode, the release date, and the original WB logo is missing too! How interesting! Maybe I will get one for the sake of supporting M!
  12. Mix2 or not, red vinyl is collectable and I will get it. Whereas for the 1st album, I have already had 2 of the original Japanese picture LP. Repressing it it's kinda unnecessary since nothing special about it but to some will find it more interesting. One man's meat another man's poison.
  13. So with an extra "MIX 2" wording on the cover in black vinyl is more interesting & rare than the red vinyl? um... OK.
  14. This bitch is still cashing on M?!
  15. As what Jesus had mentioned earlier, it's the same thing except Venezuela version comes with a "Mix 2" wording. The tracks are exactly the same. US YCD Venezuela YCD It's funny that some people said they are not buying 'cos it's US YCD but they will definitely buy it if it comes with extra wording "Mix 2" even though the tracks are the same