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  1. Trump to claim total control of GOP Mike Allen | 20 hours ago - Politics & Policy In his first post-presidential appearance, Donald Trump plans to send the message next weekend that he is Republicans' "presumptive 2024 nominee" with a vise grip on the party's base, top Trump allies tell Axios. What to watch: A longtime adviser called Trump's speech a "show of force," and said the message will be: "I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I'm still in charge." Payback is his chief obsession. Axios has learned that Trump advisers will meet with him at Mar-a-Lago t
  2. IKR She's a self-made "celebrity" by paying the paparazzi to create buzz for her. Eric West should take note! Updating his imdb & wiki page is not enough
  3. Same as biological vagina? Gurl, you don't and will never have eggs.
  4. 'I can't stop looking at my new vagina': Jessica Alves says she's delighted with the results of her sex reassignment surgery operation as she vows 'my life starts now' Jessica recently underwent a Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty in Bangkok She spent six hours on the operating table on February 17 - the operation cost £13,700 Jessica has admitted that, as a man, she didn't date gay men, as she always saw herself as a woman The reality star said: 'The aesthetics of my vagina is exactly the same as a biological vagina, I look at it all the time' She also admits that
  5. She will keep going for surgery until she dies on the op bed.
  6. She should've kept her penis. Hormones is the last thing you wanna fuck up with.
  7. More shit coming out.... Ted Cruz's wife texted neighbours inviting them to flee 'freezing' homes to Mexican resort Nick Allen | Fri, 19 February 2021, 11:43 pm·3-min read Ted Cruz has faced condemnation from Texans as leaked text messages showed his wife had planned a four-day family break in Mexico as millions in the storm-ravaged state went without power. Heidi Cruz sent a group text message to friends saying their home was “FREEZING” and they "couldn't stand it anymore". She asked if anyone wanted to join a trip to Cancun, Mexico and suggested the Ritz-Carlton hotel
  8. Poor Dr.Fauci... Dr Fauci says Trump did ‘terrible things’ to him and now has to live under armed security The doctor said he has been living under the protection of armed security since last April Graig Graziosi | 19 hours ago Donald Trump would do "terrible things" anytime Dr Anthony Fauci disagreed with him publicly, the doctor revealed in a recently released interview. The Mr Trump's antagonistic behaviour towards Dr Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, inspired his supporters to do the same. Now, Dr Fauci has to live under
  9. It's a red neck state. Those republicunt supporters voted for him. You reap what you sow I guess?
  10. Ladies & Gentlemen! Jessica has reborn! ‘BORN AGAIN’ Ex-Human Ken Doll Jessica Alves completes gender transformation with £13,700 op to build a new vagina in Thailand Sarah Grealish | 19 Feb 2021 FORMER Human Ken Doll Jessica Alves has had a pioneering £13,700 operation in Thailand to complete the final stage of her gender transformation The 37-year-old, formerly known as Rodrigo, spent six hours on the operating table on February 17. She says now feels like she can finally be herself after being born into the wrong body. Jessica, who lives in London, said: “
  11. This is so sad Australia has the most venomous/unique animals/insects in this world and yet very facinating 'cos it's one of the oldest continent in the world!
  12. @Butter9 would you pay a visit to Kamol Cosmetic Hospital anytime soon?
  13. Do you remember his children going to private school thingy? https://www.mamamia.com.au/scott-morrison-children-school/ Clearly he's not LGBT friendly.
  14. Finally! After completing 2 weeks of quarantine, Jessica Alves is wheeled into surgery for 'life changing' cosmetic procedure at a Bangkok Kamol Cosmetic hospital. Her Evita moment Deep in my heart I'm concealing... things that I longing to chop... You must love me!
  15. Australian PM Scott Morrison under fire for handling of rape scandal Critics have demanded an overhaul of what has been called a toxic and sexist culture in Canberra politics Published: 17th February 2021 03:11 PM | AFP Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison was under mounting pressure Wednesday after a former government staffer who said she was raped in parliament accused the government of revealing sensitive details of the case. Critics have demanded an overhaul of what has been called a toxic and sexist culture in Canberra politics, after Brittany Higgins this week alle
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