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  1. Gurl! Her new vagina is not capable of breaking a zucchini into half with hands free.... DON'T ask me how I know
  2. DISGUSTING US decision not to punish crown prince puts us in grave danger, Saudi exiles say Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington | Thu, 4 March 2021 Exiled dissidents who have been warned about threats against them by Saudi Arabia said they have been put in greater danger by the Biden administration’s decision to forgo direct sanctions on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – even as US intelligence agencies acknowledged that he was complicit in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The activists, including some who have previously been warned that they were possibly at risk of being hurt by agents of the kingdom, said in interviews with the Guardian that they believed the 35-year-old crown prince would be emboldened after the White House declined to sanction him. “The Biden administration’s release of the ODNI report [into Jamal Khashoggi’s murder] is welcomed transparency, but the lack of direct accountability will give MBS permanent impunity, rendering him more dangerous,” said Khalid Aljabri, the son of a former senior Saudi official who is living in exile in Canada and whose siblings, Omar and Sarah, are being held in the kingdom. “He is probably thinking he can get away with future assassinations as long as he doesn’t leave fingerprints,” Aljabri said. The view was shared by a number of Saudis and others who are seen by Prince Mohammed as enemies of the kingdom. In Norway, pro-democracy activist İyad el-Baghdadi, a Palestinian critic of the crown prince who is living under asylum protection, was rushed to a safe location in April 2019 following a CIA tip-off that he was facing a potential threat from Saudi Arabia. “I am actually less safe now than I was before this. The combined facts of [the US saying] “Yes, he did it” and “No, we cannot do anything about it but sanction some of his henchmen” is very dangerous. What does this normalise?” El-Baghdadi said. “In my mind, this cannot be it. It seems that people in the White House are thinking about conventional foreign policy and they need to wake the fuck up. They are bringing a knife to a gunfight.” Another high-profile dissident, Omar Abdulaziz, who was a close associate of Khashoggi and was warned last summer by Canadian authorities that he was a “potential target” of Saudi Arabia, said it was evident the crown prince “can do whatever he wants”. “No one is going to stop him, no one is going to punish him, they are going to call him a bad guy,” Abdulaziz, who is Saudi, and whose family and friends have been imprisoned in the kingdom, said. “I’m trying to be optimistic here, but justice has not been served.” He also pointed with concern to a recent reported case of a Montreal-based Saudi activist, Ahmed Alharby, who sought asylum in Canada and has reportedly been returned to the kingdom under mysterious circumstances following a visit to the Saudi consulate in Ottawa. According to the Toronto Star, a new Twitter account belonging to Alharby has begun posting positive messages about Saudi Arabia, sharply contrasting with Alharby’s earlier previous criticisms. Saudi officials in Canada have not responded to requests for comment. In Washington, the Saudi academic and activist Abdullah Alaoudh praised the administration’s new “Khashoggi ban”, a policy the state department has said gives it additional tools to protect journalists and dissidents, but said Prince Mohammed was nevertheless being “let off the hook”. Under the policy, the department said it would now be allowed to restrict visa issuance to any individual who, acting on behalf of a foreign government, engages in “serious, extraterritorial counter-dissident activities”, including suppression, harassment, surveillance and threats. “This ban is meant to stop agents of foreign governments from carrying out another horrific murder like Khashoggi’s anywhere in the world,” a state department spokesperson said. But the US government has declined to comment on whether Prince Mohammed himself is one of the 76 Saudis who have been placed on the visa ban list. Alaoudh, whose father is a prominent Saudi reformist and scholar facing the death penalty in a Saudi prison, said the new policy was a “big deal”, but did not represent “accountability or justice”. He pointed out that, shortly after the administration released the report as well as sanctions against some Saudi officials, his colleague Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of Dawn, a pro-reform group started by Khashoggi, tweeted in Arabic about an op-ed the two had written together calling “MBS” – as he is known – a thorn in the side of the world, and the Saudi people. “It was read by tens of thousands of people, but that tweet got almost 3,000 responses from Saudi bots, with attacks and smears against her,” he said. “If the intention [of the administration] was to send this guy a message, well the mission has not been accomplished. This is the exact same environment, or worse, that led to the killing of Khashoggi,” Alaoudh said. Hala Aldosari, another Saudi dissident in the US, who is focused of women’s rights, said she had been forced to cut her ties and her work with women in Saudi because they are surveilled at home, and have faced investigations and torture for associating with her. “In the charges against [some women] activists, my name came up. I was considered a hostile agent,” Aldosari said. The Biden administration has highlighted the case of the prominent activist Loujain al-Hathloul, who was recently released from prison but still faces severe restrictions and a travel ban in Saudi Arabia, as a sign of progress. But Aldosari said there was no sign that the Saudi regime is changing course. “I don’t think the Saudi regime is amenable to compromise. Since Mohammed bin Salman has come to power, it has been about centralising power and becoming the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia. This is not something you can solve by making a classified report transparent,” she said. “There needs to be a visa ban, asset bans on Mohammed bin Salman.” There are practical issues involved with the safety precautions Aldosari takes, like avoiding Saudi embassies and consulates, which has meant she has not been able to access an inheritance from her father. “As a person of course I’m worried that I cannot see my family, I cannot contact them and talk to them freely. I always have this sense that they might be affected. And I think all of the activists in diaspora are having those sorts of issues and problems so they cannot actually be close to their own families,” she said. Asked if she felt she could live with more ease now, given the new administration’s support, she said “of course not”. Even though she said she was grateful for Biden’s personal support for Loujain al-Hathloul – whose name he mentioned when she was released – she said it was important to remember that even this pressure did not ensure Al-Hathloul’s freedom or ability to get back to work as an activist. “If that happens to someone whose name has been negotiated at the highest level, you can imagine what could happen to people like us,” she said. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/04/mohammed-bin-salman-crown-prince-saudi-exiled-dissidents-khashoggi-killing
  3. Living for loveI'm living for loveNot gonna stop'Cause love's gonna lift me up
  4. Jessica said she's looking for LOVE! : And she's not tranny anymore! She's a real woman!
  5. TOP PRICE Jessica Alves reveals men have offered her £15k to take her virginity after sex reassignment op Shannon Power | 4 Mar 2021 JESSICA Alves says men are lining up to take her 'virginity' after undergoing gender affirming surgery. The 37-year-old, recently underwent the surgery in Thailand and has been proudly showing off the results. She recently shared a nude snap on her Instagram stories with emojis covering her modesty. The stunning blonde pouted seductively in the mirror selfie as she held her long hair. Now that the star has completed her series of gender affirming surgeries, has declared she is now "looking for love" after taking down the striking selfie. "I took that photo down because a lot of men sent me messages and I don’t know how to handle it. Some even offer me money to break my virginity," the Celebrity Big Brother star told Mail Online. "One man offered me £15,000! I would never sell my body, I am looking for love and not for money." She also opened up about how she avoided relationships with gay men because she always identified as female. Jessica previously told MailOnline she avoided relationships with gay men while she was a man and that she hopes to lose her 'virginity' to someone 'special' now that she has transitioned into a woman. "I have never had a relationship with a gay man because my brain has always been female. I remember when I was growing up I used to wear my mother's clothing and dance around the house and that was when I was happy," she said. "The issue is that I don’t have anyone on my radar yet. I want that day to be magical and special even, so if I have to wait longer for it I will do so until the right man for my me comes along." Even though it's only been a few weeks since her surgery, Jessica is already planning her next breast enlargement. "It's been nine days after my sex reassignment surgery and I'm feeling great, I can sing, I can dance, I can do everything," she said in a video. "It feels very different, and today is the first day I'm actually I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna go to a hair salon to wash my hair I'm so happy I'm like a new person." Jessica added: "Next surgery I'm going to have a breast implant I'm gonna be having my breasts bigger and fuller. And also the doctor will remove this implant because I keep having problems with this chin implant and shave this jawline." She revealed her recovery was swift because "a few years ago or even still now when people have sex change surgery they have to be in bed for 2 weeks. In my case I had the best surgery option". "I feel so good that I am now next week changing my breast implants which without a wonder bra it is too low down to my belly and far apart," Jessica said. Jessica, who lives in London, said: “It feels like I have been born again at the age of 37. Read More: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/14228253/jessica-alves-men-15k-virginity-sex-reassignment-op/
  6. Woman caught without face mask whips off undies to use instead Tom Williams | 26 Feb 2021 A woman who was caught without a face covering while shopping in a supermarket was quick to come up with an alternative solution. Footage has emerged of the moment a customer whipped off her underwear and put them over her nose and mouth to placate a security guard during a row in South Africa. The viral incident was filmed at a Pick n Pay supermarket. The woman was asked to put on a mask – as is the law in South Africa – but claimed she did not have one. After the staff member threatens to remove her from the store, the woman then reaches under her dress and takes off her undies to use instead. Another female shopper, reportedly the same woman who went viral earlier in the week for telling supermarket staff to remove their face masks, says ‘well done’ and appears to congratulate the woman. However, the shopper’s actions were criticised by many online who told her to ‘grow up.’ One Facebook user said: ‘Stay at home and do online shopping if you don’t like the idea of wearing a mask.’ Another commented: ‘This makes me sick. She is aware of the law worldwide. We have a serious virus and (she thinks) a G-string will save her. Come on grow up. What must your family think?’ In December 2020, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa stressed that not wearing a face mask in public is a criminal offence. He said: ‘A person who does not wear a mask could be arrested and prosecuted. On conviction, they will be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both a fine and imprisonment.’ The country was the first place where a highly infectious new variant of the disease was discovered. Cases of the so-called ‘South African strain’ have now spread around the globe amid fears it that it might be more resistant to vaccines. The country is seen nearly 50,000 deaths and 1.5million cases from Covid since the pandemic began almost a year ago. Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/26/woman-caught-without-face-mask-whips-off-undies-to-use-instead-14152394/?fbclid=IwAR0iwBFUJCodDkPyDtudtlkM9TaOH2uwT60pILi_T9YweTwROCclXgcrPWg?ito=cbshare
  7. The western media & EU must condemn Saudi for undermining human rights! But so far I have seen almost none.
  8. Trump to claim total control of GOP Mike Allen | 20 hours ago - Politics & Policy In his first post-presidential appearance, Donald Trump plans to send the message next weekend that he is Republicans' "presumptive 2024 nominee" with a vise grip on the party's base, top Trump allies tell Axios. What to watch: A longtime adviser called Trump's speech a "show of force," and said the message will be: "I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I'm still in charge." Payback is his chief obsession. Axios has learned that Trump advisers will meet with him at Mar-a-Lago this week to plan his next political moves, and to set up the machinery for kingmaking in the 2022 midterms. Trump is expected to stoke primary challenges for some of those who have crossed him, and shower money and endorsements on the Trumpiest candidates. State-level officials, fresh off censuring Trump critics, stand ready to back him up. Why it matters: Trump's speech Sunday at CPAC in Orlando is designed to show that he controls the party, whether or not he runs in 2024. His advisers argue that his power within the GOP runs deeper and broader than ever, and that no force can temper him. "Trump effectively is the Republican Party," Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told me. "The only chasm is between Beltway insiders and grassroots Republicans around the country. When you attack President Trump, you're attacking the Republican grassroots." The big picture: The few Republicans who have spoken ill of Trump since the election — including House members who voted to impeach him, and senators who voted to convict — have found themselves censured, challenged and vilified by the parties in their home states. What's next: Trump's leadership PAC, Save America, has $75 million on hand, and he has a database of tens of millions of names. The long game: Many Trump confidants think he'll pretend to run but ultimately pass. He knows the possibility — or threat — gives him leverage and attention. A Trump source said some Republicans have told him: "If you endorse me, I'll run." But advisers say that's not how it'll work. This week's meeting will aim to tap the brakes. Instead, Trump is going to set up a formal process for vetting potential endorsees, including a requirement that they raise money and put together an organization. What we're watching: Trump plans to argue in the CPAC speech that many of his predictions about President Biden have already come true. Look for Trump to lay into "the swamp" and Beltway insiders in a big way. The Trump source said: "Much like 2016, we’re taking on Washington again." https://www.axios.com/trump-2024-republican-party-cpac-b687bd9f-6702-47cb-b1ac-d112deb23880.html
  9. IKR She's a self-made "celebrity" by paying the paparazzi to create buzz for her. Eric West should take note! Updating his imdb & wiki page is not enough
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