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  1. I remember UK allows dual citizenship.
  2. Anyone would die for a British citizenship. Just ask anyone from Hong Kong. Not me.... lol
  3. They send national guards in just 1 day of protest. Just look at how merciless these national guards are.
  4. I'm SHOCK! VERY SHOCK! Even the HK police don't dare to run over protesters! No matter how much they try to hurt the police.
  5. THIS Human rights do not exist or applicable in Middle east and yet you don't see Dumpster accusing them even when they chopped up someone in pieces... he didn't even blink an eye AT ALL.
  6. US government is equally guilty as well when it comes to killing students. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_shootings And no, I'm not comparing who's more evil 'cos BOTH ARE EQUALLY EVIL. Dumpster can do anything he wants but not the other way round. Does he REALLY care for the Hong Kong protesters? or just simply one of his strategy to win the trade war? Why didn't he say anything about Catalonia independence? Why didn't he care about human rights in Africa/Middle east? Why is he always on China's back? The sad part is Dumpster minion Boris Johnson, Scott Morisson will support whatever Dumpster do. Has any one of them showed any "concern" about the George Floyd incident? I hope British & Australian can get rid of their "Dumpster" replica in the next election. In fact no leader in this world dares to call Dumspter out 'cos they're afraid they would lose their trade with US.
  7. Just ONE DAY, national guards have been deployed to suppress these "domestic violence". As compare to Hong Kong "domestic violence" that has been ongoing for > SIX MONTHS, not a single army deployed from China government till now. Dumpster said Hong Kong protestors are fighting for their rights and deserve to be treated humanely whereas when it comes to Minneapolis protestors, he called them as "THUGS" and suppress them without mercy. All the media from Europe/Australia/South America/Canada/Taiwan, who criticized China & Hong Kong government on the HK protest incident even calling out China's prime minister Xi Jinping, none of them has the balls to call Dumpster out. Fucking hypocrites. Fucking disgusting.
  8. Banning twitter is banning himself from tweeting! The double edge sword
  9. Is he gonna ban all social media in the land of freedom? You go gurl! Ban ban ban!
  10. It's funny that he supports those Hong Kong "Thugs". Talk about double standard.
  11. I just read the tweets and apparently this is not the first time this cunt Tom Austin committing racism act. Because of these cunts, that orange clown made it to the white house. SICK.
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