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  1. It's #1 for 6 consecutive weeks on US Billboard 200 album chart. Whereas the single LAP spent 3 weeks @ #1 on US Billboard Hot 100 single chart.
  2. I thought she was trying to cut some cakes for tea with the black jesus.
  3. She's probably still looking for a magazine who's dumb enough to pay her million to show her baby pic. That's what happened to Pariah in the past.
  4. It did not top the Billboard Hot 100 single chart 'cos Destiny's Child Bootylicious blocked her for 2 weeks. Loverboy was #1 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop song chart (2 weeks) as well as single sales chart (4 weeks, thanks to the 49 cents).
  5. The tiger cub lost its appetite the moment they decided it should be called "Mariah".
  6. 3 hours ago, Kurt420 said: Oh yes! She confirmed the tour on TRL if I'm not mistaken (??) then TNBT happened......oh I was so disappointed.....then when I actually saw the movie . Despair, regret, and tenderness Is what I feel for you
  7. Excuse me?! The fabulous "Paradise" was inspired by TNBT! There is a light... above my head...
  8. She's introducing a new perfume.
  9. Poor Madonna, she only have 3 best selling singles (HU 9m, Vogue 6m, LAP 5m) as compare to Pariah 1 best selling single. She's gonna loose sleep tonight.