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  1. You mean Lionel Richie pulled a Gaga's hip replacement stunt?
  2. Could Melody_Maker = Sunday Girl? 'cos the last 5 posts were posted in here. I guess she will post else where once she sees my post to pretend she's not.
  3. Burning Up! She's burning up the chart and couldn't be stopped. So why not "Burning Up"?
  4. Swept Away was showed in 196 theatres whereas only 24 theatres played W.E.
  5. And Rihanna broke her "Grammy most nominated but won none" record.
  6. See what I mean? That's why this bitch should flop for the rest of her LIFE!
  7. I can't believe what I've just read.
  8. I like Pariah? Yes, I like to despise her.
  9. I hope she will have the same prescription that killed MJ.
  10. Yes! she loves to throw shade at Madge. And ppl wondering why I DESPISE this cunt so much. 2016 should've taken her instead of GM.
  11. 2037 release date is giving me LIFE!!! YAASSSSS!