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  1. Don't think so. Just browse her twitter... she's such a HARDCORE Dumpster supporter.
  2. Sooner or later, her body will not be able to take it anymore and would probably end up amputation. Anyway, even if all her limbs are amputated, she can still live like a queen with all the money that she had inherited.
  3. EXCLUSIVE: 'My arm is paralysed': Jessica Alves is rushed to hospital after injecting herself with steroids to ease the pain in her limbs which swell up every time she eats Jessica recently had surgery to remove nine litres of silicone oil removed from her legs and feet which travelled from her bottom She is still having issues with swelling which is made worse when she eats The TV star, 37, told MailOnline she has been self-medicating with steroid injections to ease the pain of the swelling But on Thursday, she could no longer feel her arm and has a possible infectio
  4. "What the hell do you have to lose"? EVERYTHING.
  5. She made it sounds like something silly and can be ignored.
  6. Earlier this month, Jessica was seen packing on the PDA as she shared a kiss with her plastic surgeon and ex-beau Giacomo Urtis. The blonde has often been snapped with Giacomo and has visited his clinic in Milan several times. However the star told MailOnline they're just pals and not dating. Speaking with MailOnline, "the TV star" @Rugbyguy said explained how she has been close friends with Giacomo for years. The media personality said: 'We are great close friends. Three years ago we had a relationship that led to a strong friendship and last year we recorded a song togethe
  7. She said it's for "health reason"... Injecting cooking oil into her ass... interesting... was it cholesterol free oil?
  8. Birds with same feather flock together. I'm 100% sure Russia supports him as well 'cos US vs China, Russia is the biggest gainer.
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