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  1. Why even bring her up? Some of her tours lost money. She's no where near M. M is just competing with herself here. If Gaga manages to top M, it would only be because she toured for years nonstop. And, it would be temporary, like when Cher briefly took M's touring record away.
  2. Its not that big of a deal. They are not hating Madonna, the fans looked like they were enjoying the actual show, they hate that the show was too short. The hate is coming because they wanted MORE Madonna. So, its really not that big of a deal. Anyways, in a few days no one will remember that incident.
  3. I like her look in the video. She looks gorgeous.
  4. You can quote me. I wasn't being negative, I was being realistic. Based on the dates and the early box scores, it does not look like she will top s&s. I hope you are right and I'm wrong. MDNA is a much better tour. This is the tour that shoud be seen by everyone, not s&s. Regarless, like I said, it will be a very successful tour, just likely not enough to break her own record. She might though if she adds more dates, as is, it does not look likely. It's what I like doing, I'm always looking at everyone's box scores. I probably pay more attention to box scores than anyone els
  5. Till the official box scores come out, theres a lots of guessing going on. Any number you read before the box scores is likely an informed guess. As for the sellouts, the promoter can report any capacity number they want. They do this for everyone, though. This tour will be a big success, but likely won't break any records.
  6. I wanted that during the Erotica era. Her completely naked with just boots, a purse and a mic
  7. Exactly, the day they stop talking about her is the day she should be worried. The entire media caring this much over a nipple is positive. It shows the mainstream media still cares about everything she does.
  8. I don't like the way it was done. She should have taken the entire bra off
  9. That's the highly of this tour, the backdrop videos on the gigantic screens. They are what makes this tour special and what makes it so asthetically pleasing to look at. This tour is going to look amazing on BluRay! Hopefully HBO is interested!
  10. As a whole, MDNA is the best tour opening. But, nothing beats watching Madonna come out of the disco ball. It was such an amazing moment live.
  11. They truly are, they go on and on about Gaga being the new queen of pop. That alone is setting her up to fail. There will never be another queen of pop. Similarly to the way there will never be another king of pop. That's MJ. He's gone and there will never be another. If a female pop star comes along that has M's longevity, she will likely be called something else and will likely be different.
  12. This was also a power play by Madonna. Similar to U2's claw in the rock world, M's team used her reliable mega boxscore numbers to secure a huge budget to get her a stage that only a megastar of M's stature can afford. Other pop stars can try to request a stage like M's, but the answer will be "its too expensive." You can also tell she paid for the best, all those videos that were used for the show were all custom made for her show. That alone can't be cheap. The lighting was also the best that's ever been used for a pop concert. Madonna truly did a show only she could do.
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