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  1. The greatest show on earth is about to begin. Some are not ready for what's about to go down on stage...
  2. La Vie En Rose will be similar to the vibe of "Love Spent / LAV" on MDNATour
  3. I hope this is true. Something for RiRis album would be a perfect fit. I would love an "American Oxygen" mix with M featured.
  4. Fucking Iconic!! No one can ever touch MADONNA. She does it so well.
  5. Queen of stand-up comedy and talk shows!!! She can do it all flawlessly!!!!
  6. Sorry I've seen the receipts. He is not a fan. If you are a fan of someone why would you make a joke about them? Good spirits or not it's still shady. And to bring her #1 nemesis on the show and be catty about her new video just shows what kind of person he is.
  7. Pretty shady and bitter these ladies. And why would M go on this low rent show any way? The way he talked about her on "Howard Stern" and now THIS pot stirring sadness. Butt hurt she denied him an interview? I wouldn't call him a fan. More like a fair weather fan since during the GaGa/M debacle he shaded her and sided with GAGA.
  8. I'm glad she brought in the Japanese Dancers. Ever since they went viral I had a hunch M would contact them because they are so perfect for her new tour.
  9. She reminded everybody why she is the Queen of Life with this majestic performance. She killed it. Anyone who only focus on the cape being pulled back need to do some serious life examining.
  10. Definitely a tour opening worthy song. It's so cinematic!!!!!
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