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  1. lori

    Prince Dead at 57

    I'm numb. No words, just tears.
  2. lori

    Manila February 24

    No TAB. Just WTG & LAP. My friend who was there just confirmed.
  3. lori

    Manila February 24

    My friend is going to the show in Manila & she's interested in availing of this offer. Do you have the contact info?
  4. lori

    San Juan Puerto Rico, January 28

    That pile up is hysterical. Thanks for the link.
  5. lori

    Miami January 24

    What song did she play?
  6. lori


    The pricing is in Singapore $$. SN$1288 = US$896 for VIP tickets SN$688 = US$479 for CAT 1 tickets A bit more than the US but not outrageous.
  7. lori

    Berlin November 11

    Do they know her in Germany?
  8. lori

    Berlin November 11

    What's even worse is that she'll punish these poor fans by skipping one of her big production numbers. She should do the reverse and reward them with two extra songs.
  9. lori

    Berlin November 10

    I do, I do, I do!!! 😂😂😂 http://youtu.be/cK43UboTkA0
  10. lori

    Berlin November 10

    Did she do the medley?
  11. lori

    Prague - November 7

    WOW! I love her. Video please.
  12. I agree. It's not a matter of waiting. It's a matter of respect and consideration that most people have to get up early in the morning & go to work. Not everyone lives 5 minutes away from the venue. By the time people get home, it's close to 2 am & before they get to sleep, it's 3 am & then they have to wake up in 3-4 hours to get ready for work. I was in the same boat when I went to her US opening night in Philly for MDNA. Although I was super pumped to be there, I was so stressed waiting till 10:30 for her to start. I got back to New York at 3 am, slept at 4 & got up at 6. I could hardly function the next day & my work suffered. Three friends who came with me were so angry that they refused to spend another penny on her this time around. I was at a mall months later wearing an MDNA t-shirt & a couple actually came up to me to complain how they paid so much money to see her & just leave early cuz their babysitter had to go home. I think her late starts is a big factor for the weaker ticket sales for RHT. People don't expect her to start at 8 with or without a front act. But at least start by 9:30. And if there are technical problems that prevents her from starting earlier, make an announcement, explain & apologize.
  13. lori

    Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    Hahaha! She's not making sense. Crime of passion - WTF???
  14. lori

    Edmonton october 11

    She's so funny!