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  1. Apparently, she was paid $10 million for it. Not bad for doing nothing http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywood-is-making-millions-slot-machines-1043343
  2. No wonder she's pushing MDNA. It's already a big moneymaker. It will enable her to do other things like the film & the small gigs. The big bucks will come from revenues from MDNA. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/can-madonna-sell-beauty-products-like-kylie-jenner-160842844.html "Though she has played many roles over the years, Madonna has never been a shrinking violet, and she has chosen to name the line after herself, minus the vowels and second “n.” The parent company of the brand is a beauty and wellness company called MTG, based in Japan, where the skin care line has already been successfully selling for three years — and is on track to do about $383 million in revenue this year."
  3. Thank God she wasn't part of it. I hate that song, the worst, so cheesy. And most of those people haven't done shit for Africa since then. Madonna has done more than all of them combined.
  4. Exactly. The ones who are wearing the glamour gowns like they're going to the Oscars are the ones who got it wrong. I think she looks sensational.
  5. She tries to be sexy but she looks more like a skank. That's why she's jealous and bitter. Plus of course her career is non-existent.
  6. Two things most of Madonna's female critics have in common - they're has beens and they have zero sex appeal. They're just mad and jealous cuz they can't pull off what comes so naturally for Madonna.
  7. Fuck Camille! It was convenient to be on Madonna's side when she was at her peak and was widely popular with the general public. I think that Camille is worse than the other critics cuz she was on board and then jumped ship when the going got tough. She's the one being dishonest and hypocritical by turning on Madonna during the Sex era & the present when Madonna needed her defenders the most. She joined the fray - the sexist, ageist, misogynistic critics Madonna had been fighting throughout her career. Madonna has always been consistent in what she stood for & if Camille stood by her in the beginning, she should stand by her till the end - during the good times and the bad. I agree - that DM piece is revolting!
  8. Watched it with 4 friends - not big M fans and everyone loved it. I mean really loved it. They thought she was hilarious plus sang along with every song. I thought it was really great! James seemed a bit nervous but he was fine.
  9. I think she's doing this on her own and not necessarily sanctioned by the campaign. New York (especially New York City) is overwhelmingly & solidly for Hillary so no need to campaign or waste resources here.
  10. Debbie Harry & Madonna

    I saw Blondie a few years ago in concert here in New York & I was stunned at Debbie Harry's performance. I love her to death but she had zero charisma and zero stage presence. I couldn't believe how uncomfortable she was on stage. She was better off just standing & singing in front of the mike rather than prancing around the stage trying to connect with the audience cuz it looked so unnatural, awkward & forced. If you're a fan, it's painful to see her live.
  11. Hypocrisy And Madonna

    Let's put things into perspective. I would liken pheasant shooting more to fishing than what transpires in this video of the Trump boys. Disgusting!
  12. Madonna in Cuba

    Is that Rosie behind Debi?
  14. This is probably how it went down: Jimmy Fallon: Hey Madonna, wanna meet Obama? M: How, when, where? JF: Perform Borderline (Jimmy's favorite Madonna song) on my show & I promise you'll meet him. Deal? M: Deal!
  15. Madonna bought another apartment in the same building in 2008 for $7+ million. I remember there was also a lawsuit cuz the coop board tried to stop the sale cuz they felt that she already owned too many units in the building & thus too many voting shares. Madonna won that lawsuit & was allowed to buy the unit. When she sold her apartment in the building & moved to the UES, the sale did not include the $7+ million apartment. She still owns that. I guess she lets some of her staff live there & now the building is disallowing that. That's the problem with coops. You don't actually own the apartment, you own shares like in a corporation. So it's run like a corporation with a board of directors & rules you have to abide by. "Lease" is just term that's also used even if you own the apartment & not renting.