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  1. Maybe but it wasn't continuous, kinda all over the place. I wanted a more prolonged choreography. I'm nitpicking though. Overall, I enjoyed the video. David is adorable & Madonna looks gorgeous.
  2. My only complaint - I wanted more dancing like in Fallon. The last part was kinda wasted. She should have just finished off with a dance. Still a fun video though.
  3. Yup, I remember the George Clooney incident well. But as you said, the big difference is social media. Celebrities, criminals, law enforcement, in fact everyone, should be more aware that there's always a phone camera/video recording our actions or words at any given time. Once it's caught on film, it doesn't really matter anymore what the circumstances were, what your intentions were, people are going to judge you based on what they see & hear. Sometimes it can work in your favor, sometimes not.
  4. Of course, she's more upset. It wasn't just the age issue this time - that she can deal with. She's continuously addressing the issue but I don't think that what's really bothering her. I think what's hurt her most is the humiliation and embarrassment from the Drake's reaction. To any viewer, fan, hater or just an objective observer, it was clear that his facial expression was not of pleasure or excitement or even shock - it was of disgust. Doesn't matter what Drake actually felt or what he says or how he explains it, that is how the millions of people will interpret it cuz you see it with your own two eyes. If Drake had reacted more positively, I'm sure that the majority of the media and public would still be talking about it but Madonna would have relished the attention. I feel really bad for her cuz I'm sure she planned this whole thing but surely it didn't turn out the way she intended it too.
  5. Yes, but that would only come from her usual vocal haters. The general public wouldn't be interested. This time around, everyone I know who normally even like or admire Madonna are having a very negative reaction to this and actually sharing the video around.
  6. Me too. What Madonna did was not embarrassing, but no matter how you spin it, people's interpretation of Drake's reaction is embarrassing for her. This was not about her age or the open-mouth kiss or any social issue she's standing up for, it was about the fact that anyone watching the video, without any preconceptions or bias against Madonna, an objective onlooker would interpret Drake's reaction as one of disgust. Plain and simple. I'm sure Drake didn't mean it that way but sorry to say, it looked that way. And Madonna is not Joan of Arc, she's only human. And it's hard for me to believe that even she will not feel embarrassed & hurt by all the vile comments, snickering & jokes, not just from the usual suspects, but from just bout anyone who will see this widespread video.
  8. I have a feeling she's gonna sing GT & one oldie. Gurl needs to sell those tour tickets in the US & add more shows.
  9. Let's get something straight. Nothing Madonna does is ever cliche. Others may have done it before, may have worn it before, may have said it before, may have danced it before - it doesn't matter cuz you add Madonna to the mix & it becomes unique - simply because at the center of it all is Madonna herself - one of the most unique individuals/performers who ever lived. That's what makes everything she does so interesting & special & newsworthy. I don't know why some of her fans still don 't get it.
  10. It was worth all the almost 2 hours of pain & suffering.
  11. OH GOD! Madonna, there's time. Get out of there. This is embarrassing, humiliating, degrading!
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