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  1. Really lovin' this song, much more than GMAYL Does anyone else notice a "hiccup" sound at 2:59 right before she says "Forgive me"... or am I just crazy haha
  2. Heard the LMFAO remix of GMAYL on Z100 tonight, luvin' that they are still giving it spins.
  3. Looks like there are updating now that the pre-sale deal ended.
  4. Standard Edition Tracklisting: 1. Girls Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. I Don't Give A 6. Turn Up the Radio 7. Give Me All Your Luvin' 8. B-day Song 9. Superstar 10. I'm a Sinner 11. Masterpiece 12. Falling Free
  5. Once the MDNA presale tie-in ends, I'm sure that'll help shift focus onto the single.
  6. It just gets more AMAZING with repeat viewings. I noticed her left hand visibly shaking when she's singing the beginning of Like A Prayer. Was Brahim one of the "Music" dancers?
  7. Z100 and KTU (both NY stations) have been playing it at the top of every hour with Madonna's message and the MDNA/iTunes promo.
  8. According to the Clear Channel press release, it is happening.
  9. AMAZINGGGGGGGG She needs to do that hair for the Super Bowl!
  10. I really like it. Catchy, fun and happy- which is exactly how she described the music would be. But bc of those damn lyrics/demo leak I can't help but still hear "give me all your love AND give me your love"
  11. I know! But I guess since it's 3am there, everyone is still asleep
  12. First time I'll be tuning into the NFL channel
  13. All her studio albums are now $7.99 on sale.
  14. I'm assuming since nothing has been said or even rumored at this point that she won't be doing any type of promo gigs like she has for the last few albums?
  15. Oh, so basically all the albums we ALREADY own. Good job Warner Bros.
  16. The single artwork is AMAZING. Simple, fun, natural- I love it. The video looks cool, nothing groundbreaking but its only 5 secs of footage. She does repeat her now favorite hand move
  17. I'll probably be in the minority with this but I really wasn't impressed with his mixes of the classic hits on Re-Invention. He created magic with "Erotica" (CT) and her recent work but give me "Vogue" "Like A Prayer" "Into The Groove" "Music" from Sticky & Sweet anyday.
  18. I'm sure all 8 of them are too busy feasting on their NutriSystem meals to even notice.
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