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  1. Does anyone have this shot in better quality?
  2. I seriously don't understand why people are bitching over what she's choosing to perform and what not. This era not only have we've gotten multiple performances of various songs, not just the singles, but even the single performances have been switched up and altered each time vs. the Hung Up routine performed 20 times in just a different colored Gucci jacket. Stop criticizing and enjoy it all!
  3. 1. I Fucked Up 2. Love Spent 3. Gang Bang 4. Falling Free 5. I'm Addicted
  4. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... She was actually VERY positive about the pics/nudity. Said she looks great, everything is "sitting" well, no "sagging". Isn't offended by it unlike Kim Kardashian bc Madonna has been doing it for decades and also considers M's pics more "art". Overall, very positive remarks.
  5. I don't think she will ever agree to that type of schedule again. It was very ambitious esp at her age (her tour legs were half of that even in her 20's/30's) but obviously the goal was to top S&S numbers. I believe she will go back to her usual 4-5 month long span and possibly add another leg after a break.
  6. Wasn't the close-up pic of the heart/floral she posted last week Dolce and Gabbana though?
  7. @3:30 she explains how her children (specifically Lola) and Guy influenced her decision to pull the video. Like others have said, radio didn't shun the single bc of the video or her anti-war stance. She had just had a Top 15 airplay hit with Die Another Day 6 months prior and radio was hyping the new single (playing clips, etc) leading up to its release. The song itself and listeners feedback resulted in it not being played further. Unfortunately radio never gave her another chance after this (minus "4 Minutes"). Its cold reception and poor performance doesn't reflect on the merit of the song itself, it just didn't connect with audiences.
  8. The Next Best Thing killed any type of positive buzz she had from Evita. Swept Away only further cemented it.
  9. I believe they left off Oh Father, Bad Girl, and Nothing Really Matters because those singles were her lowest peaking pre-2000 and the videos already appeared on previous compilations. Fever and Drowned World weren't released in the US and again appeared on previous compilations. This Used To Be My Playground and You Must Love Me videos appear on their respective movie's DVDs. I think the main focus of the DVD was not only to be upbeat, but to capitalize on having videos never before available on DVD.
  10. 9/27/01 Superstar Madonna's long-term spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg has quit -- she wants to move on to low key stars on the Warner Records label. Representative Rosenberg had worked with the Material Girl for years, being the official voice to clarify or deny reports and allegations about the singer. Rosenberg explains, "We had reached the top of the mountain. Our relationship had been so close and vital. I had never before imagined it ending. But then the real world came to an end with the World Trade Center disaster. I decided I wasn't in a position to sustain the emotional commitment necessary to stand between Madonna and the media. I've given everything I can." Rosenberg goes on to say she will retain a special friendship with the starlet. She adds, "I love her, cherish her and lovingly say goodbye. Our friendship will remain." Rosenberg will continue to work for Warner -- Madonna's long-standing label -- but on new artists. She enthuses, "Now I get a chance to work with some of Warner's new emerging artists. There will be life after Madonna. And I get to work with Cher on her new album." http://www.imdb.com/news/ni0068824/
  11. I agree mostly with what he said. However, it's never a good look to put down another producer's work. Especially since Mirwais could very well say those same "not good enough" remarks about Orbit's contributions to "Music"
  12. I believe the picture with Miley from after their performance is her most liked post.
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