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  1. I seriously don't understand why people are bitching over what she's choosing to perform and what not. This era not only have we've gotten multiple performances of various songs, not just the singles, but even the single performances have been switched up and altered each time vs. the Hung Up routine performed 20 times in just a different colored Gucci jacket. Stop criticizing and enjoy it all!
  2. I don't think she will ever agree to that type of schedule again. It was very ambitious esp at her age (her tour legs were half of that even in her 20's/30's) but obviously the goal was to top S&S numbers. I believe she will go back to her usual 4-5 month long span and possibly add another leg after a break.
  3. @3:30 she explains how her children (specifically Lola) and Guy influenced her decision to pull the video. Like others have said, radio didn't shun the single bc of the video or her anti-war stance. She had just had a Top 15 airplay hit with Die Another Day 6 months prior and radio was hyping the new single (playing clips, etc) leading up to its release. The song itself and listeners feedback resulted in it not being played further. Unfortunately radio never gave her another chance after this (minus "4 Minutes"). Its cold reception and poor performance doesn't reflect on the merit of the song itself, it just didn't connect with audiences.
  4. Change the tracklisting to this: 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. Turn Up The Radio 6. I Don't Give A 7. Beautiful Killer 8. I'm A Sinner 9. Love Spent 10. I Fucked Up 11. Masterpiece 12. Falling Free "I'm Addicted" as the lead single to radio/iTunes on Jan 1st with MDNA coming out Feb 6th/7th to fully benefit off the hype of the Super Bowl performance and the era would have been 10x more successful.
  5. The same tracklisting I made... except GMAYL doesn't make the cut
  6. The more I watch it, the more I love it. The dance sequence during the 2nd chorus is EVERYTHING
  7. All I can say is it was well worth the 4 year wait... MDNA delivered
  8. Can't believe this originally was intended to be a bonus track. It's AMAZING.
  9. The instrumental bit is pure BLISS
  10. I actually really like "B-Day Song". It's cute.
  11. "Falling Free" continues the tradition of AMAZING album closers.
  12. "Hold me like your money, tell me that you want me. Spend your love on me, spend your love on me..." LOVE SPENT
  13. http://www.omfgmusic.net/2012/03/madonnas-mdna-arrives.html Song links.
  14. I'm A Sinner Who knew Orbit had this in him?
  15. "Turn Up The Radio" should have been the lead single. End of story.
  16. I think this is the closest to the correct lyrics I've found, altho still not sure on the "arrested in" line. We coulda bought a house with a swimming pool Filled it up with Warhols, it would be so cool Coulda gone riding stallions in the country side With a pack of Great Danes, racing eye to eye We coulda toured the world in a private jet Run naked on the beach, all soaking wet We coulda climbed a mountain, seen a perfect sunrise Written our names across the sky We coulda gotten drunk and driven on the Autobahn We coulda got ourselves arrested in Sal de Mar We coulda lived life crazy 'til the day we die Instead I made you cry I fucked up...
  17. Is the lyric at the end of the second verse "You want to know how to make God laugh- tell him your plans" ?
  18. I think it will be "Turn Up The Radio" since we got the full lyrics today.
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