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  1. HQ Photo thread: June - Nov 2015

    Does anyone have this shot in better quality?
  2. Your MDNA Top 5

    1. I Fucked Up 2. Love Spent 3. Gang Bang 4. Falling Free 5. I'm Addicted
  3. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... She was actually VERY positive about the pics/nudity. Said she looks great, everything is "sitting" well, no "sagging". Isn't offended by it unlike Kim Kardashian bc Madonna has been doing it for decades and also considers M's pics more "art". Overall, very positive remarks.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread (Oct - Dec 2014)

    Wasn't the close-up pic of the heart/floral she posted last week Dolce and Gabbana though?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF0vjmiI6nI @4:50
  6. MSG if only for this performance.
  7. Love the way she sings the "All the world loves a clown" part.
  8. The Next Best Thing killed any type of positive buzz she had from Evita. Swept Away only further cemented it.
  9. I believe they left off Oh Father, Bad Girl, and Nothing Really Matters because those singles were her lowest peaking pre-2000 and the videos already appeared on previous compilations. Fever and Drowned World weren't released in the US and again appeared on previous compilations. This Used To Be My Playground and You Must Love Me videos appear on their respective movie's DVDs. I think the main focus of the DVD was not only to be upbeat, but to capitalize on having videos never before available on DVD.
  10. Ariana Grande

    Vocally, she is talented. But like Mariah, she can't dance and possesses little stage presence.
  11. Madonna: RARE Part VIII

    Looks like the MDNA Tour DVD cover uncropped/unedited
  12. Beat is so crazy (demo clip)

    I agree
  13. She has dove deeper without Orbit... With Pat Leonard.