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  1. I seriously don't understand why people are bitching over what she's choosing to perform and what not. This era not only have we've gotten multiple performances of various songs, not just the singles, but even the single performances have been switched up and altered each time vs. the Hung Up routine performed 20 times in just a different colored Gucci jacket. Stop criticizing and enjoy it all!
  2. Her FACE from 3:08-3:10...
  3. You can hear her breathing throughout "Runaway Lover".
  4. I don't think she will ever agree to that type of schedule again. It was very ambitious esp at her age (her tour legs were half of that even in her 20's/30's) but obviously the goal was to top S&S numbers. I believe she will go back to her usual 4-5 month long span and possibly add another leg after a break.
  5. She didn't do anything to her upper lip. She is wearing grillz.
  6. MSG if only for this performance.
  7. @3:30 she explains how her children (specifically Lola) and Guy influenced her decision to pull the video. Like others have said, radio didn't shun the single bc of the video or her anti-war stance. She had just had a Top 15 airplay hit with Die Another Day 6 months prior and radio was hyping the new single (playing clips, etc) leading up to its release. The song itself and listeners feedback resulted in it not being played further. Unfortunately radio never gave her another chance after this (minus "4 Minutes"). Its cold reception and poor performance doesn't reflect on the merit of the song itself, it just didn't connect with audiences.
  8. Ariana Grande

    Vocally, she is talented. But like Mariah, she can't dance and possesses little stage presence.
  9. Put some money on my stage!

    I was there. It was amazing. They should have filmed the 2 nights at MSG.
  10. MDNA Tour Pictures Thread - part 2

    No problem!
  11. MDNA Tour Pictures Thread - part 2

    [media=] [/media]4:20