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  1. Sorry if this was posted before but what time on Friday for "I rise" will it be at noon?
  2. ABSOLUTELY!!! An EPIC ride this has started to be and ONLY the beginning!!
  3. So fricking adorable these two!! the way he holds her! he truly is in aw of her, so much respect!!
  4. I don't even think I will be able to cope watching it live, I will record it and Watch it 15 minutes after....that is how nervous I am....pathetic really!
  5. True colors by Cyndi Lauper is considered a "gay anthem"
  6. How can one forget??! I want my Madame X all the time!!!!!
  7. You know what? This crossed my mind too actually!! lol
  8. Yep, your theory makes sense! time will tell!! so much stuff to look forward too!!
  9. Pretty sure this one will be "Killers who are partying" to accompany the music video with the drags!
  10. She will yet again revolutionise the world of stage performance!! only Madonna!!!
  11. Maybe, but I think those will be announced right after the Eurovision.
  12. How can we not be grateful this woman exists??! Damn we're a lucky fan base!! she will bring down the house!!!!
  13. Video at 11.7 now! aiming 12m before the first 4 days is completed at 4pm ET!
  14. I feel it, she is gonna be servicing on hell of a memorable performance Wednesday!!
  15. She looks sensational!! out of this world!! I do believe that she will not wear this outfit though ( although beautiful) when it's showtime. Most likely the same design and fabric as she is rehearsing in it but I don't think she would spoil her look that long in advance.
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