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  1. Why give this vile fucking hating asshole any attention?, he's been an OBSESSIVE hater for like 20 years now. FUCK HIM.
  2. Visuals were amazing...Madonna looked phenomenal and the message was on point. Was I blown away? Not really but all good.
  3. A mere 30 minutes and I am blasting this gem!!!!!
  4. Hooked with only that 30 seconds!! Bring on midnight!!!!!
  5. So any idea when the real deal will be released then? Friday?
  6. Wow thank you!! Sounds promissing!!!
  7. Me neither would like to hear it!!
  8. The official video for this masterpiece is when? @Mensch any idea babe? Next Friday?
  9. Addictive..infectious...brilliant!! You are left craving for more!!!!!
  10. This song is a honey candy....smooth...luscious....when you suck on it the first few seconds it's somewhat flat then the more you suck...the more you get in and you're filled with pure tasty honey! ONLY FUCKING MADONNA!!
  11. She looks like fucking Susan in 1985!! THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!
  12. I absolutely adore this shoot!! I would love to have an HQ of this cover uncropped!! it's ART!!
  13. I do believe the Eurovision announcement may be incorporated into the press release on Monday along with the tour details.
  14. I can't wait to see the whole spread!! ❤❤❤
  15. Breathtaking..gorgeous...divine...OMG❤❤
  16. It is a stellar track!! Fanstastic production...lyrics...all just divine!! Another great offering from Madame X!!
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