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  1. Exactly the same for me...already in awe of the snippets!!
  2. Excellent, why? Because it is! I am in awe of this piece of pop art!
  3. Stunning work of art, poignant, touching, breathtaking poetry...in awe here.
  4. I get what you are saying but why do you hope for a wide audience for Madonna when Madonna herself doesn't give a rat's ass about it?...The entire planet knows who she is and her legacy is safe and sound for decades to come. She has earned the right to express herself however she pleases artistically at this stage of her career. Thank god she is still crisp and bold to present her art! Will this give her another top 10? Most likely not but let's just celebrate the fact that she is still here giving us original fearless stuff instead of playing it safe!
  5. Sublime video....just sublime....cinematography...imagery...the message!! pure perfection!
  6. Can't get over it....it's on Loop wth a capital L!! it's stunningly addictive, glorious beyond belief!! chills all over with the theatrics on this one!
  7. Please, don't act like you don't know what we are talking about. You are totally entitled to your opinion. Where the problem occurs is when you post the SAME opinion in 5 different posts. We read you the first time dude, no need to repeat yourself.
  8. Haunting...enchanting...powerful...vulnerable....EPIC SONG!!!!!!!!!
  9. WE GET IT!!!!!!!!! You may Stream along now.
  10. And the avalanche continues!! Probably the shoot where she wore the white dress with the black wig! Other new pictures await!! http://news.madonnatribe.com/en/2019/madonna-on-the-italian-vanity-fair/?fbclid=IwAR09lwKD_AUsN3a9xvptUKpFLxGCI6fGnnghl7Gq99K7tKvxLXoVzg2_mX0
  11. I stand corrected, now if you'll excuse me I shall grab my "Math for dummies" book...yikes!!
  12. I don't get it though why is 3 stars considered 60/100, when it's actually 70/100 in real calculations?
  13. Ok so this is not televised right? or at least is it gonna be broadcasted online?! such great news!!
  14. What an absolutely stunning video, Madonna and the camera should be re-named we two are one! she looks phonemenal!!!!!!
  15. You just resumed word for word what I think of the video!!
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