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  1. What a masterpiece...I am in awe...speechless..moved...proud. I am in tears...this woman.
  2. But Extra can't premiere a 6 minutes + long video?! entertainment shows like that don't have the time frame to do so?!
  3. Exactly....Dick Tracy...Body of evidence...Bad girl...Evita in the coffin all gave me shivers...I am ready....or maybe not!! Bring it Madame X!!
  4. Could it be tonight at midnight Eastern time??? I can't!!!!!!!!!
  5. So proud...let's live the moment...it's glorious!!! So well deserved!!
  6. Absolutely flawless and it was so great to hear about her talking about the songs!
  7. Yeah she wore them but she looked phenomenal!
  8. I LOVED everything about this appearance!!
  9. She's got the moves baby she's got the motion!!!!!
  10. Love the outfit!!!!!!!! Take a bow meets Madame X!!!!!
  11. Damn she is beautiful in that last Instagram post of hers, just astonishing!
  12. Hell to the fucking yeah! what's with the meltdowns!!? it's fucking embarassing. Let the bitch be!
  13. Madame X is one astonishing brave bitch!! Praise the lord we are in the same lifetime as her. She is absolutely everything!
  14. OK...yet another epic offering awaits!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!
  15. This album is perfection, brilliant, enchanting, I am in awe and obsessed with it.
  16. I caved in and listened to this song. This is simply magical, haunting, dreamy, a superb melody...an absolute diamond. Simply brilliant. It touches you right to the heart.
  17. My hand is raised!! ( the 3 songs should be included in my opinion) but all good if not
  18. You are not alone, the internal struggle is real!! I keep changing my mind every 8 seconds, but I decided to wait!
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