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  1. Some of the comments on Tribe are so vile, it's beyond pathetic! coming here is a breath of fresh air tbh. This video is perfect to represent BIM. Cool, colourful, energetic, all over the place, not a boring moment!! Madonna looks fantastic!! why the bitching??! I seriously don't get it!
  2. It ain't over till it's over...I still think somehow we will see her tonight. I still believe a pre-recorded tape or something...
  3. Actually I'm going with somebody who attended the show who reported it. "The shows ended and she wasn't there. Very surprised considering she's appeared more times on Letterman over her career than any other show"
  4. That sucks big time!! such a missed opportunity! with the ratings being over the roof and all. I really don't get it.
  5. Yeah you may have a point there!! lol...I guess I was referencing more to the chorus I've always been in love with you I guess you've always known it's true you took my love for granted why or why the show is over say goodye
  6. They really kept that finale Under wraps!! amazing!! it is top secret. And we will know May 20th starting at 11:35 ET. I don't know why I see her doing Take a bow for the occasion, at least a portion of it...
  7. We have all been fooled, this woman is 26, not 56....she is a force of nature, I'm in awe.........
  8. This is a Madonna I have never seen!! and to think I could love her even more...well there you go!! Adore this bitch!!
  9. She literally doesn't give a fuck! and that is why I love her!! expect the unexpected!!
  10. She will probably be totally destroyed for that look tomorrow! and she will do stand up with the grillz! man....only her! she is anything but boring! Only Madonna!
  11. Perfection, that is what Madonna is in this video, the song was already perfection, and the video is perfection. What more can we ask here? the complainers can fuck off, I mean really!
  12. Hilrarious!! and Ellen basically set the record straight by saying she was lovely and all! still good promo for GT!!
  13. Wow...What a wonderful surprise this day was Madonna looking spectacular, owning the event...all these pics with her fellow divas!! all gravy!!
  14. Look, chart wise things are not doing bad at all, still the 3rd most bought album in the world right now! http://kworb.net/aww/
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