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  1. Hideous. She looks like a drunkass aunt at a local Christmas party.
  2. No pets allowed yet they let that cow walk in.
  3. Oh father Justify my love I'll remember Bedtime Story The power of gooddbye
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's fucking Susan!!!! this woman!!!!! GORGEOUS!
  5. I understand what you are saying, but I can totally picture Rihanna saying to Drake after that infamous kiss "Dude why the fuck did you do that? She's fucking Madonna!! you acted like a prick"
  6. When the information tabulated is actually factual..she can't cheat her way out of it. The TRUTH prevails. Another example to expose her fraudulent floppy ass.
  7. Fantasic news!!!!! 😍😍😍
  8. Hideous. Horrific. Nauseating.
  9. Is that fraudulent cunt chasing after Madonna at the beach in Lisbon?
  10. Let's face it...even though this cunt did not deserve ANY nominations at all, those 2 noms remain a joke considering all the paid hype she had. It is a complete flop for her...no record/song/album of the year.None of the press release I read are mentioning her. NOBODY CARES!
  11. She looks like a reductive version of Elizabeth Berkley in "Showgirls" only shorter and uglier.
  12. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    Always adored this song, wished it would've made the cut on Erotica!
  13. Meanwhile Madonna does an ass flash that lasted 0.8 seconds on the grammy red carpet and it makes wordwide news.