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  1. dubtronic

    Billie Eilish

    yeah, that one was not that interesting!
  2. dubtronic

    Billie Eilish

    I adore her! Like the minimalistic production....Check out this song, was one of my favs from last year:
  3. dubtronic

    Beach House

    Perhaps you like Cigarettes after Sex as well?
  4. dubtronic

    Beach House

    Love them!
  5. dubtronic

    Your top albums of 2017

    Love the Album by Marnie!
  6. dubtronic

    Bjork thread

    1. Arisen My Senses 2. Blissing Me 3. The Gate 4. Utopia 5. Body Memory 6. Features Creatures 7. Courtship 8. Loss 9. Sue Me 10. Tabula Rasa 11. Claimstaker 12. Paradisa 13. Saint 14. Future Forever Rumoured Tracklist Utopia was written by Björk and was composed on Protools. The album features 14 tracks including five co-written with Arca and one with Sarah Hopkins . All songs except one are co-produced with Arca . The producer Rabit participated in the title Loss . Björk brought together a group of 12 Icelandic flutists. She also wrote for Hamrahlíðarkórinn , an Icelandic choir conducted by Thorgerdur Ingolfsdottir . Marta Salogni and Heba Kadry were in charge of the mixing and Mandy Parnell of the mastering. Bergur Þórisson , Bart Migal and Chris Elms are the sound engineers for the album. The cover of the album was made in collaboration with Björk, James Merry , Hungry and Jesse Kanda . The duo M / M Paris has designed the artwork with a new typography.
  7. dubtronic

    Chvrches Appreciation

    I adore them!
  8. dubtronic

    St. Etienne is one of the coolest bands ever

    One of my fav bands !
  9. dubtronic


    I thought the avicii production sounded a bit nervwracking, so this is my version https://youtu.be/tJr8VmVQaas
  10. that's my intention, to keep the integrity of a song...