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  2. it worked bon bon, thanks!! it just started, they are broadcasting candyshop into
  3. i cant hear anything on eradio, i tested the radio like 2 hours ago, and it was fine, but now nothing...can someone try it? http://www.eradio.com.mx/eradio/
  4. My friend from Tabasco is in the Foro, i will call her during the request song from Canada....yaaaay, im very excited!!
  5. ^ i know, there are always rumours to extend the tour and it never happens...
  6. She is touring Latin America for god sake, virtually any other region should be able to bring her (well, maybe not Africa)
  7. i cant wait to see how latinamerican fans to show the world HOW IT IS DONE! take that montreal!
  8. People in madonnachile said that there are some platinum tickets for both concerts in Mexico and some even claimed they got the best tickets today directly from ticketmaster.... I checked myself and i found only for Sunday and partial visibility (580 pesos) maybe u have good luck!
  9. if they are real fans, they probably would know madonna would never come out LOL
  10. Other interesting news: (Taken from Elnorte.com, but its restricted to subscribers, translated in google and semicorrected by me) Major politicians going to the concerts, which explains the large deployment of security Madonna: A matter of State Nov, 29, 2008. 29-Nov-2008) .- MEXICO .- Among the "subjects" that tonight will sing the songs of The Queen of Pop, who arrived last night along with their children to the airport of Toluca, will be the highest heads of national politics At today's concert, the first of two in the country, are expected attendance of President Felipe Calderón, the head of the government of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, and at least 14 governors, including Enrique Pena Nieto, revealed commanders of the Police capital. Although the governor of Nuevo Leon, Natividad Gonzalez Parás, today is not on the list of "political fans," it will attend the show tomorrow at the Forum Sol, accompanied by his entire family. Faced with the assistance of top level politicians, the City Police will deploy 2 thousand 501 agents in the vicinity of the compound, which is expected attendance of 110 thousand fans in two concerts. Members of security shelter to the singer since last night when, upon arrival, an operation was deployed to escort the Toluca airport to their hotel in Paseo de la Reforma in this city. In total, 21 were custodians. In the device of the Secretariat of Public Security of the City, which will begin at 16:00 pm today in the vicinity of Ciudad Deportiva, also involving 222 police officers and Industrial Bank that will be inside the building and which will be coordinated 120 private security elements. Madonna, quiet, and Rocco, restless Looking down and without greeting the representatives of OCESA, hoping one of the hangars of the Toluca International Airport, Madonna arrived last night at 18:50 hours from Miami, accompanied by her children Lourdes Maria, Rocco and David, as well as 14 other people. Wearing a pink and sporting a white shirt, the singer dropped from a plane Grummer, according to airport employees, with games room and beds. "He did not say any word, or to persons who received or those who greeted. When the people of migration approached her, just nodded with his head," said the informant. The first was down in a nanny, who had been in the arms of David Banda, the adopted son of the interpreter, and then dropped "The Queen of Pop", followed by Rocco, who brought a back pack, and Lourdes Maria, dressed in pants and an orange shirt. "Rocco was very restless, running from one place to another and a person who came with Madonna tried to reassure. The boy seemed very excited, yelled a lot, he was very happy," said the source. When you get off the aircraft, the crew went to five black Suburbans of the same model and with polarized glasses. According to the informant was the staff of the singer who asked that the vehicles were identical to sidetrack those who wish to follow them. Two of the PFP vehicle patrols guarding the convoy and the last of the five trucks were "hanging" six guaruras. Besides that, in each vehicle bodyguard was a personal staff of the singer, plus two locally recruited, who were carrying weapons. The convoy arrived at 20:19 hours at the hotel at Paseo de la Reforma and went directly to the parking lot, did not stop despite the presence of about 30 fans waiting outside for the singer
  11. she is going to fuck A Rod somewhere in La Condesa
  12. Here is the pic of her arriving to Mexico (well, thats the one published in the newspaper...) (didnt know how to publish the image, the tag keeps giving me an error)
  13. Reforma, the most important newspaper in the country published a whole supplement dedicated to her. Her visit its BIG NEWS, and i see news about her pupping every minute. I uploaded the supplement here in PDF, its in spanish, its very interesting, especially a picture from the girlie show in 1993 that i have never seen where she is wearing a pink sombrero (i have seen pictures of her with the sombrero, but this one, never...maybe im a flop fan ). Enjoy! http://rapidshare.de/files/41020882/m.zip.html
  14. im actually skyping, so whoever has a mobile from DF wont get charged,(i know u are not from DF) anyway, ill be following the broadcast
  15. Where does it say they will broadcast it live?? didnt se it anywhere???? im stuck in Canada, it was my dream to go to the mexican concerts.. Is someone from DF going? i want to call and listen to it live during the request section!!! hafo?!
  16. she obviously doesnt remember the lyrics to Whos that girl, not even how to pronounce señorita
  17. the greedy granny knows already only people her age will go to see in this city, so no surprise...., but she cares only about the money...LIKE IT SHOULD BE!
  18. Ill never understand why Prague wasnt a sell out, both shows were labeled as SOLD OUT shortly after they were put on sale, in record time. I attended the second show and it was PACKED. I think they later released some tickets but werent sold out?
  19. i'm going to the Montreal show, 22nd only, but enough, in the 102 section. Can't wait! who else is gong to that show?
  20. people are selling them in 10,000 pesos.(1,000 dollars) i guess its even cheaper or more convienient to attend an american show at this point
  21. Yep, besides, Madonna doesnt perform on Friday, thanks to her cult, as Gus mentioned, so, maybe its the 3rd
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