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  1. Probably not the biggest concern right now for our mnationers in Paris, but i'm sure she will carry on cause it's one month after, it won't be as controversial as 9/11 that was 2 days after
  2. ^No thank you We need a show with GA. Which only leaves Europe
  3. She should have skipped the whole Dick Tracy section and sing La Isla Bonita
  4. I don't think so, DYU is about 7 minutes max, i dont see timing as the reason to cut it, there's gotta be something else
  5. I think if she was doing MDNA times i would be pissed as well, but 30 min late seems so not a big deal to me...maybe it's just me
  6. Oh, for fucks sake..if anyone decided to line up hours before you are going to be just as tired at 9 PM or 10 PM, nobody put a gun in your head to line up that early, those people that complain just fuck off
  7. by the comments here it looks like she was 2 hours late...how late was she?
  8. It would be a first, even the ones not released were filmed
  9. Good for you on going alone despite the challenges!! Glad you enjoy it!!
  10. Loved her exit https://Instagram.com/p/97B3xNygQr/
  11. Madonnanation present everywhere including the fisting community
  12. Poor DYU getting so much hate, I love the whole performance I'm glad I got to see it in full how it was originally intended (everybody included)
  13. Did she do only lap and rebel heart?
  14. Amazing! people in Europe didn't get the album with the ticket right?
  15. omg i love Prague so much, i'm feeling nostalgic about the time i saw Confessions there, so glad czechs did not dissapoint and received her with open arms
  16. bitch keeps saying the same with each new one
  17. Not so poor, she's doing 5 shows, the most for any country in Europe, lucky bastards
  18. You can't at a computer only in the app, I didn't know they were being rude! Screw them!
  19. I noticed too, I now always hide the chats because of that, on the other hand, they won't get to see it in person so I feel for them
  20. La isla Bonita just ended she left the stage
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