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  1. I could her her, very loud, but i couldnt really make up any words of what she was saying she asked 2 guys, probably she didnt like the 1st one she did said something like "great job mexico" and sorry was huge in mexico, yes!
  3. My friend in the audience just texted me, ROL just started, im calling her in 3 minutes!!!
  4. REFORMA said that everybody sang to MUSIC, which received the best reaction so far, even more than borderline
  5. the guy in the concert had to ask which song was she singing LOL hahahahaha
  6. apparently they say she is wearing the three colours of the mexican flag below the skirt or some shit(?)
  7. i can hear you must love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. i think that one is true, i can hear the beginning of you must love me
  9. Reforma published this pictures, supposedly from Mexico
  10. LOL we were all excited for nothing, feel like a total fool yes, best crowd ever ROTLMAO
  11. http://www.eradio.com.mx/eradio.m3u open it in winamp and try to press play as much as you need it, cause the serves is constantly full
  12. It sounded GREAT, but we are not sure if it was the real thing they have a loooooong commercial break now i wanted to hear vogue, people would go crazy
  13. well, i didnt expect them to broadcast the whole thing, but at least some REAL songs....
  14. the guy in the radio has no clue about anything Esticky and sweet tur LOL
  15. "everybody is dancing and taking pictures, the atmosphere is just incredible and the place is packed" this is what a "reporter" is saying The beat goes on is now, but they are not broadcasting "the beats go on" hahaha
  16. i wanted to hear the beat goes on intro, where she greets the audience, and they cut it!!! wonder if they are "broadcasting" a fake show
  17. like bon bon, said, you have to keep clicking PLAY constantly, it took me like 15 min :S
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