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  1. LOL https://youtu.be/sf1d56AfgAc?t=1m42s
  2. In all the shows I attended I noticed how before WBSS the part of the audience that is on the side of the scenario, far in the back, started roaring and clapping.. (it was odd that only that specific section did that) I figured they saw her either entering the cage or something...i'd love to see pics of that
  3. We all know she's a control freak, so no, i'm never worried to be honest (one exception was the cape of course )
  4. Anyone has found any studio versions of the RHT? Not necessarily "leaks" but fan made versions as well! I'd love to get a hold of a studio version of Heartbreakcity / LDLHA
  5. Soundcloud is such an amazing place for finding gems, thanks for sharing all the goodies
  6. absolutely not a chance with this tour, even Singapore is very unlikely, i think the only tour that may have qualified in the past was the Virgin Tour oh wait..wasn't Burning up a bit racy? so, no, none of her tours are suitable for China
  7. One country Two governments. That's what my Chinese friends tell me when Im confused about Hong Kong / China situation :-)
  8. This show look like it would have been great for the DVD, loving the crowd from the videos I have seen, amazing!!
  9. I was quoting "no substitute for love" which is the demo I was just curious if she sang the demo or something( but she didn't )
  10. Omg Congrats Chelle!! Can't wait for Suede and Chelles review and everyone else seems like half Madonna nation was there and had the best time !!!
  11. The reviews are amazing!!! Seems like having seated floor was not an issue after as it looks the audience was on fire!
  12. Don't pollute this thread with that please
  13. I loved "you thrill me " since it leaked and I could not believe my ears when I heard it live in my 1st confessions show
  14. They were told in advance of the late start, so she's technically 30 min late
  15. my guess is that the deal will not come to fruition if they ask her to remove or alter her show
  16. It will be shocking if she censors her show TBH, I hope she doesn't
  17. Periscope is to blame, you can't barely see anything in most periscopes (and I still would watch them of course ) but I don't get why people keep judging a show/ audience based on grainy streams
  18. Sure, but herself is not the problem, they only have 1 stage this time, so its tight to move the stage from one day to another
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