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  1. if we count telerisa starlets i heard there were dozens
  2. yes, its true, mostly cause its cell phones cameras (not good ones) people dont want to risk in bringing the cameras and stupid mexican guard take it from you and never see it again.
  3. The grandma!!! LOL thats cute madonna has fans her age
  4. i still dont understand why would she come all the way back to Mexico just to be in 2 cities
  5. notice how people were watching the concert from a bridge....people were singing to candy shop and yelling madonna, how sweet and everybody kept saying "she sang everything i wanted to hear" which is not surprising since Madonna has been consistently successful with every album in latinamerica. i think most of the request in this region might be recent songs....
  6. Great but short coverage, fans giving opinions and official footage from Grupo Reforma
  7. There are videos floating in youtube already http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpG4eQnsLJk
  8. im exhausted, im off to bed it was so exciting to hear the request section over the phone........major loon! ill come back tomorrow hoping to find videos and pics cheers!
  9. Taken from newspaper Reforma www.reforma.com Madonna finishes her 'sweet' concert Songs like "Ray of Light", "Like a Prayer" and "Hung Up" completed the set of the singer on his first concert at the Foro Sol. Picture: AP The singer performed the theme Sorry at the request of its Mexican fans Juan Carlos Garcia Mexico City (November 29, 2008) .- In the last part of the concert's Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 Madonna at the Foro Sol, divided into segments conceptual "Gypsy" and "Rave", the 50 thousand attendees who entered , According to OCESA, vibrates with the singer. With the songs "Devil Would not Recognize You", "Spanish Lesson" and "Miles Away", the public was receptive and attentive to what he was doing the diva on stage, but as the first two have not been promotional singles so not all people were turned on. "This is a very good opportunity to say that I am happy to be back here after so many years, thank you very much, I think this is the best way to begin my tour of South America," he said before singing "You Must Love Me" . In the musical variety of sweets, people found a taste for the presence of the star and his style. At the end of "Get Stupid", appeared on the screen an image of the newly elected President of the United States, Barack Obama, which got a large ovation. And it was in this segment in which Madonna seized more than at any time to sing those attending the "4 Minutes," "Like a Prayer" and "Ray of Light." As usual and as it has in other concerts in different parts of the world, asked the public to elect a song and from which he was asked, the winner was "Sorry". The interpreted only with his acoustic guitar and so. The paladeo of sweets and candy with the stamp of the Queen of Pop ended with "Hung Up", which put everyone to dance and chant and gave it to the final with "Give It 2 Me."
  10. Translation coming soon Termina Madonna su 'dulce' concierto La cantante interpretó el tema Sorry a petición de sus fans mexicanos Juan Carlos García Ciudad de México (29 de noviembre de 2008).- En la última parte del concierto del Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 de Madonna en el Foro Sol, dividida en los segmentos conceptuales "Gypsy" y "Rave", los 50 mil asistentes que entraron, de acuerdo a OCESA, vibraron con la cantante. Con las canciones "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", "Spanish Lesson" y "Miles Away", el público se mostró receptivo y atento a lo que hacía la diva en el escenario, pero como los dos primeros no han sido sencillos promocionales, no toda la gente se prendió. "Esta es una muy buena oportunidad pare decir que estoy feliz de estar de regreso aquí después de tantos años, muchas gracias, creo que ésta es la mejor manera de iniciar mi gira por Sudamérica", expresó antes de cantar "You Must Love Me". En la variedad de golosinas musicales, la gente encontró el gusto por la presencia de la estrella y de su estilo. Al final de "Get Stupid", apareció en las pantallas una imagen del nuevo Presidente electo de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, con la que consiguió una nutrida ovación. Y fue en este segmento en el que Madonna prendió más que en ningún otro momento a los asistentes al cantar "4 Minutes", "Like a Prayer" y "Ray of Light". Como es su costumbre y como lo ha hecho en otros conciertos en distintas partes del mundo, pidió al público que eligiera una canción y de las que le pidieron, la ganadora fue "Sorry". La interpretó sólo con su guitarra y de manera acústica. El paladeo de golosinas y dulces con el sello de la Reina del Pop concluyó con "Hung Up", que puso a todos a bailar y a corear y el pilón lo dio con "Give It 2 Me".
  11. they say the sound was great eveyrwhere in the place....
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