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  1. Not quite correct. "Swiss" is actually Swiss German, which comprises a variety of Dialects spoken only in Switzerland. Some of us consider it as a separate language since Germans cannot understand a word we are talking about :smile: :smile:

    And all of you thinking Swiss audiences are lame: You are absolutely correct, Swiss crowds are reserved, shy and more quiet. Just as M said yesterday.

    But I'd rather go to a Madonna concert in Zurich than in the big cities. All of the negative aspects of going to a concert are kept to a minimal here. No pushing or shoving, no bitches giving attitude and generally an exciting atmosphere. Plus I got there at 8 PM and had an awesome view very close to the stage. Unfathomable in New York where you'd have to stand in line for hours to get such a close spot.

    And yes we were blessed. M did the Medley and WTG AND Ghosttown. So if we are a lame crowd, M sure enjoyed us. The model was hot but the whole audience could tell he was as dumb as a brick. All he did was stand there and look stupid while M was trying to have a conversation with him

    Bad example, New York has seated floor, so no pushing whatsoever, plus the audience is great , same for Montreal :-) You get into your seat 15 min before the show next to the run way/ or next to the heart....the atmosphere does suffer but there are exceptions (London also comes to mind)
  2. I'm # 132. , not great but I'll take it!!!!

    People left last night during la vie en rise to get their numbers early,!! Cheating!!!

    What? Doesn't that defeat the whole thing? You leave the show early and miss 3 songs just so you can be front row the next day?

  3. Did she interact so much with the audience at the american shows? i feel like since she came to Europe, around the barcelona shows, she started loosening up much more. I always look forward to the wedding bouquet part now, speech after medley etc she's just so witty and hilarious!!

    Yes, she was very chatty since the opening night, but the chat sections seem to be getting longer...I attended show #1 and show #14 and I noticed a difference already, it didnt start in europe

  4. I just can't believe there's only 4 more months till the tour ends where did the time go?

    if you think about it, most of her pre-Sticky tours would be ending already...we just passed the 39th date i think (GS had 39 shows)...so we are lucky to have a tour spanning 7 months!

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