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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/ClauditoP/status/684937715075301376/photo/1
  2. Lots of fans photos here, not sure how to post Facebook pics https://www.facebook.com/whatsgrumadonna/posts/982873058437584
  3. Rehearsal clip https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaWorlda/videos/1652654898336706/
  4. 10 PM but Mexicans won't complain about late starts...everyone starts late here, it's not a play, it's a concert...weekday or not
  5. Lunice just started...according to my friend who's there
  6. No one is complaining about in this thread so don't transfer that negativity here, as Mexican I'm embarrassed of your remarks about other Latin countries, get over yourself
  7. She is playing a lot of hits, you don't hear that complain that much this time around
  8. Of course nobody knows this for a fact who can know anything for a fact? People speculate cause she did that in Spain during the music breakdown
  9. You guys just get me excited for nothing, that tweet has no sources whatsoever
  10. Lets wait until it's confirmed before we start telling "I told you so's" (I'll be the first saying it )
  11. Can she please come back to the Americas for once!!!! A GIRL CAN DREAM
  12. It's all based on my own assumptions: Mexico shows are next week, we normally get a heads up of a few weeks...but who knows, anything can happen but I doubt is Mexico at this point
  13. There's 33 shows left, there's plenty of time....in MDNA we heard about the Colombia rumour when she was already in the US leg of the tour, then Miami was confirmed..... In the other hand, my favorite venues for the DVD are all gone, except Mexico (which won't happen) Hoping for Puerto Rico now
  14. So much drama, and LOL at the people thinking an IT problem should be solved in 5 mins all of a sudden you all know the details and make dumb assumptions..enough internet for todat
  15. I kind of agree that this time around she's not following a pattern, so anything can happen, but TBH I rather see her move on so we get new music SOONER
  16. she was hilarious !!! And the audience does not look dead at all!
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