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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://imageshack.us...7/madonnay.jpg/
  2. American Life had some good "real music" (and some other over produced as well) i really enjoyed the accoustic-ish tracks, plus NKM..we know she's never gonna take that direction again though
  3. everybody liked the performance, where's the negativity? people joke about het cat face, thats a recurrent joke that cant be taken seriously and is part of the nature of this board
  4. amazing vocals hate her cheeks, but thats not relevant, amazing performance
  5. It was funny...sadly, you cant deny there is some truth behind it...madonna is not as superficial as they portrait her, but she does look desperate to look young
  6. Tina probably stole the jokes out of this forum...
  7. Australia is a bit further down my friend.
  8. Janet sized flop is as low as she can get, no one has flopped harder than J, let's see if Madonna can beat that!
  9. lol! that's Janet Jackson kind of funny "unforseen logistical difficulties"
  10. i think Celebration will define new levels of flop, 1st lead single to not even make it to the top 40...but i guess we've been prepared for that in the last years and should not come as a surprise, we have had major flops like american life singles and any other non-leading single. We better get used to enjoy the music and forget the charts! LOL
  11. it was an airplay hit, it was all over the place when i lived in europe, it was a big hit in LatinAmerica. i dont know about chart positions or sales, but Sorry it was definitely one of the few major hits she has had in the 00's. i dont count the US of course.
  12. those bastards didnt pay a ticket, money grabbing granny must have been mad
  13. Gypsy? what about other types of music like tango and salsa
  14. people in internet express the worst as we can see in this forum as well, this is "standard" behaviour, pick a random artist and search for comments in youtube videos, and they all will have people saying the worst, unfortunately, this is normal in the internet world, people express hatred in unthinkable ways on the net
  15. Why people keep comparing current Lady Gaga's success to that of Madonna in 1984. I think Madonna and Cindy were much ahead of the current Gaga's level by then. Maybe in 1983, not in 1984
  16. i read the comments in that link, they mention that usually nobody sells out in Zaragoza and its a terrible venue, happened to Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, etc..wonder if its true?
  17. I've seen her last 3 tours and while i enjoyed this one, I hate the fact that she is not singing up to her capabilities... she sounded very bad for me even in songs that were not that difficult.....i've heard clips in europe and she sounded awsome in You must love me...but awful in America. In Montreal she sounded OK, i guess by the time she hit Argentina she sounded awful. I was hoping she improved in this summer, but the clips i've heard she sounds absolutely bad in all songs!. :S So, in conclusion, yes, the clips sound fake, but only because she sounded like shit this time, so it was NEEDED. I personnaly prefer decent vocals over heavy dance routines, but I guess nobody wants a DWT again (one of my faves even tho i never saw it live). RIT was the perfect combination and she still sounded awsome in most of CT. SST is full of dance from beginning to end, so its understandable, hopefully next time is more balanced so she can catch her breath and sing better.
  18. there would be no headliner, i agree, but honestly, madonna is the queen, besides, she doesnt do this very often....she will be definitely the most awaited one.
  19. all of them technical awards if im not mistaken
  20. ^No mention about Australia :agnetha:
  21. ^LOL! it all makes sense now, Nikki trying to say something as always to stand out but Madonna shutting her down "even if you don't want to hear about it"
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