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  1. Absolutely hideous but it's funny as hell, i kinda love it
  2. I rarely visit this section, opened up my eyes about some posters, I wanna throw up
  3. Has anybody seen this? http://bbc.in/2b8Hzre
  4. This is truly depressing, i'm sick to my stomach, hoping your friends manage to recover
  5. she is still making a lot of money for an arena tour, the people making more money right now like Taylor and 1D won't see the same numbers again in a few years, Madonna in the other has been touring for 30 years and still pulling decent numbers
  6. Did you take into account currency exchange 2012 vs 2015? The euro is at its cheapest
  7. Close up version of the banter before WTG Can't get enough of the Mexican audience, singing for her, (Cielito Lindo) chanting Madonna, yelling I love you, etc.....
  8. I know its hard to judge on periscope but the audience sounded On fire and sang even the RH songs, people were chanting "ma-do-nna" a lot, and i can tell that always melts her heart
  9. She just finished holiday "Muchas gracias te amo! You are a great crowd, buenas nocheeeeees"
  10. We need a royal flush from Hector ASAP, just report his account
  11. She's talking about she's going through a difficult time and sometimes she doesn't seem like doing a show but that changes when she gets so much love like tonite , she sounded like she was crying :-(
  12. Wow the crowd is chanting Madonna-Madonna-Madonna (Spanish accent)
  13. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aV3m6DkwODM1MjR8MXlOeGF6dnpRakVLakzwBNhaXiJZ6sUhc7V0NxfFa6feC8kQbGLnmKvMo99s
  14. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aV3i0zkwODM1MjR8MXluSk92UnZWYnpHUie0buCzE7tynApjtd05TZFseZ4A_6Gc7R2Z_zwQOSNe
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