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  1. American Life had a top10 hit thanks to a technicality since DAD wasn't really a single from AL..., the album had no hits and has aged amazingly well.
  2. im requesting to my local stations in montreal http://montreal.virginradio.ca/RequestASong.aspx http://www.thebeat925.ca/requests.php
  3. lets remember the leaks really screwed up the original plan, no one planned for the song to be released in december with no promo and no video and rhen push the song a month and a half later, you know this is not interscope fault
  4. It's only 1 letter appart no? How come nobody told her?
  5. I listened to the demo for the first time today and while I liked it, I prefer the final version. I also found through Google a mix of the two versions (with the demo's drop) which doesn't sound bad at all
  6. Im in canada but I never listen to radio, I did hear LFL remix played the other day but no idea which station. Where should be start requesting? I'm in Montreal
  7. some of us never listened to the demos, so i cant say but i love the song as it its, especially the lyrics, definitely single worthy
  8. took me a few listens to like it but now i LOVE IT, the beginning reminds me of the ROL album sound
  9. madonna was the best, annie was pretty good too, the rest were quite boring
  10. i love that she premiered it on snapchat , I bet tons of 30+ y.olds are creating accounts just to watch it, while the teenagers who love snapchat are also exposed to her new music, its a win win for both Snapchat and M
  11. I didnt listen to the demos, except Rebel Heart, and im dissapointed to hear that they removed the vocoder, im dying to listen, but if i made it this far, might as well wait a bit more
  12. i listened to RH and WAOM but will not listen to anything else, i dont want to spoil the excitement of the new album
  13. I have been seeing this type of comments over and over for all her post-ROL albums.
  14. I think she should forget about UK altogether and focus on markets that truly appreciate her and can translate into big bucks on tour (Australia, LatinAmerica)
  15. if there is someone to blame about anything us Madonna...not Guy. Through different interviews we can tell he is pushing her for more promo but she will say no. she has mentioned this many times...she just doesnt care that much about promo cause she has her priorities straight (her kids are first)
  16. Listening to the full album via slacker app (im in canada), searched MDNA not sure if you everyone figure this out by now...
  17. no worries, i heard she's taking a 5 year break before recording another album
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