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  1. Me too, but I'm afraid we won't be getting the free album cause it's not ticketmaster
  2. Actually iTunes Store has been down all morning!! :-( had to listen in desktop
  3. Thanks to so many interviews we now have a pretty good picture of what went through her mind and how she made decisions after the leaks, she also said she didn't have enough space / time for finishing all the songs, remember the album Release date was advaced a bit, she had to race through everything and she second guessed (her words) so there you go
  4. I followed the link but can't get to the right channel I only see the west coast show where there's a girl taking about his bf
  5. During daylight savings it changes from EST to EDT. (March to November I think ) We are on EDT since Sunday
  6. Funny, the lyrics is one of the reasons why I love this
  7. I don't care for this one, i kept hearing how much people loved the demos, so i went and listened to the demo and I hated it even more. The album version is tolerable.
  8. https://instagram.com/p/0EByIQrBrW/ billyasksmadonna Hey @Madonna. You say New York City was more fun in the 80s. What's something that's actually better about New York today? madonna there are more vegan restaurants, more whole foods....thats it.
  9. Iconic, Graffiti Heart and Borrowed Time fit the rebel category
  10. People are loving holy water on Twitter!!!
  11. Wait... Did the official acoustic version leak? Or was it released in some markets?
  12. Love this song! Definitely top 5 from this album for me
  13. lets not turn this thread into a battle between the ones that complain and those who hate the ones that complain and just keep posting the reviews please
  14. you have made this clear plenty of times, let the fans vent
  15. Just ignore these bad reviews and promote the good ones on Twitter, these so called "writers" pay check depends on clicks and attention, the less people read them and give them importance the better
  16. are you talking about LFL boycott? that was not as a result of spamming
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