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  1. On 5/20/2019 at 9:50 PM, Crystal Coffin said:

    The 4th thread. 👍

    It's a major "success" (interpret it in any way you to) and certainly NOT forgettable.

    So yes, anyone who is not in the UK/Europe/Australia: Please do understand that things like the Drake kiss, the Prince tribute, and the Aretha speech, were ABSOLUTELY nothing compared to the Eurovision 2019. 

    To quote from the performance itself: WAKE UP. 

    Drama queen

  2. 17 hours ago, Monkey said:

    She was lost in the performance. Her voice was terrible. The message was dark and messy. Totally inapropriate for the Eurovision. It's like she couldn't give a fuck about Eurovision, people who watch this program. Oh let's do this dark boring version of LAP and then future dressed like joan of arc, because it's coherent with the artistic message I want to share. I was mortified during the performance, 10 people around me laughing and saying how bad she was singing, how weird the spoken word was and finally how bad and autotuned the new song was. The guy who hosted the night then proposed to put an old Madonna song (true blue) and we all danced. I was more upset, cause this is exactly what she should have done: a beautiful and joyfull performance with oldies and a good new song. Soryy I love her, like really, but for the first time I cannot defend her.

    I’ve heard this a lot = «  poor me, Madonna disappointed me in front of my friends » lol grow a pair and move on 

  3. 2 minutes ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    Yeah. So far, this era seems like Rebel Heart 2.0 which is weird because I'm not used to Madonna repeating herself. The songs so far sound very much like songs other people are doing on radio right now. Like "Crave" could be a Drake song or an Arianna Grande song and it's so weird that is the direction she chose to go in. I was very excited when I heard she was working with Mirwais again and was influenced by Portuguese music. I'm not hearing any of that yet. Maybe I'll hear it with the rest of the album.

    I don’t believe that. Tell me the exact song that sounds like Crave? The music sounds very different than rebel heart 

  4. 7 minutes ago, le smoking said:

    I genuinely can't believe the amount of hate this performance is getting.  Not the most energetic and not the best vocally, but when I was watching it live I thought they were non issues especially the vocals.  Dark Ballet sounded amazing, she looked great, styling was on point, the message was beautifully presented and it was one of her most gorgeously staged performances ever.  When all the stupidity about her vocals or whatever fades away I hope people just remember her message of unity.  

    I loved it and came here to celebrate LOL how delusional I was. 


    I noticed a couple of clunkers but it wasn’t horrible

  5. 35 minutes ago, peter said:

    ^ There’s at least one minor translation issue ... “mente” is “mind” (not “mine,” as above). 

    Still trying to figure out exactly what everything means.

    ”Sí” means “yes” and “si” means “if” — so it is difficult to tell if they are saying “if” they fall in love, or “yes” they have fallen in love.

    It’s definitely « if »

  6. I made the mistake to look at her Instagram comments and it’s disgusting all the hate she’s getting (mostly white gays demanding another confessions) . All the most popular comments are gross. If you hate the song why the need to go an insult her in her Instagram?  I love the song since first listen I’m shocked it’s getting so much hate 

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