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  1. I’m waiting just because the music is not readily available in YouTube LOL cant wait tho !!!!
  2. I’ve heard this a lot = « poor me, Madonna disappointed me in front of my friends » lol grow a pair and move on
  3. Like i said I was perfectly happy with the performance until I got here. We don’t deserve her.
  4. I don’t believe that. Tell me the exact song that sounds like Crave? The music sounds very different than rebel heart
  5. I loved it and came here to celebrate LOL how delusional I was. I noticed a couple of clunkers but it wasn’t horrible
  6. I liked. LAP vocals could have been better but future was lit. Loved the entire message.
  7. For those in Canada, and in need of a VPN. I normally use Opera browser cause it’s faster, but it comes with a nice native feature or VPN. It worked like a charm for me.
  8. 15/10 I’m obsessed since the first play
  9. I knew it was fake , didn’t want to pass it as real, I was using it as a meme to express how happy and excited for the video, did not think for a minute that people were gonna think this was real
  10. https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX5y71ufjoyXC?si=1F4lfpHSSwSwPN_e5WJOkA
  11. Funny She continued to use the #magic hashtag even in that playlist to reveal the Madame X title.
  12. I made the mistake to look at her Instagram comments and it’s disgusting all the hate she’s getting (mostly white gays demanding another confessions) . All the most popular comments are gross. If you hate the song why the need to go an insult her in her Instagram? I love the song since first listen I’m shocked it’s getting so much hate
  13. How come some users voted twice (under horrible and bad?)
  14. I love it!!! I wonder if white gays will like it though? LOL
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