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  1. A lot of people out there agree with you and some crazy stories are floating around, search for false flag in Twitter. I for one think this is very real
  2. i dont like it at all. Her song writing here is lazy, every song in Rebel Heart is better
  3. I admittedly like the demo version of Rebel Heart, but seriously, just let it fucking go, its not going to happen
  4. This was livestreamed and we all missed it, lol
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/ghetto_journo/status/587503313391718400/photo/1
  6. https://twitter.com/amen_madonna/status/587501966412001280
  7. https://twitter.com/amen_madonna/status/587501447673225217
  8. the banner was obviously fan art, didn't look official at all, not sure why many fans started retweeting that
  9. Yes we are racists and we also kiss expensive bottles of wine (20 dollars) on the weekends while listening to Putina Rubio. Now seriously tho, equating BIM to Spanish Lesson or Bday song? De cual fumaste?
  10. i cant stop laughing, especially when Madonna breaks the violin, it looks super creepy and hilarious
  11. The credits are all messed up though, it shows Lucky Star was co-written by Shep Pettibone
  12. I signed up for the trial and loving it so far, not sure if I'm going to keep it though. I have few weeks to figure it out.
  13. As far as I know, none of the popular streaming services offer free downloads, you can only download locally for off-line listening, but as soon as you cut the service, it's gone. Everything seems to be going towards that "paying for a service and not for the actual product"kinda thing, not just music, but software as well..
  14. I personally don't think music should be free of course, but I remember when music wasn't free and how the industry took consumers for granted. I remember when they stopped selling singles at one point and all of a sudden you had to buy an entire album cause singles were no longer as profitable. The music industry did milk the consumer for the longest time but nobody had a problem with that because those very labels were "enabling" the production of music directly and artists were getting juicy contracts. The money stayed within the industry. But now there are players such as apple and spotify (Technology players) that are taking a big chunk of the profits while not being involved at all in the creative process neither are enabling it. This is not exclusive to music, in most entertainment business they are mostly hated because they are perceived as opportunistic, they don't produce content, they just deliver it, so why are they taking so much money? In the other hand, It's kinda like the necessary evil because the industry needs them because of the massive reach they have. They now want to cut this annoying middle man, but I wonder if it's going to work? Also important to note, the music industry cannot continue with this trend of "free music" cause at some point there will be no more money to continue producing it, so I agree at some degree when they talk about sustainability. It will be definitely interesting to see how this evolves.
  15. https://twitter.com/MarinasDiamonds/status/583402692845928448 (no idea how to embed tweets) Isn't the point of Tidal to have more control of your music? Which based on this tweet, she has no control of. So wouldn't Tidal be good for her?
  16. She's done crappier events like the BBC lottery and she was fine :-)
  17. i dont care for Taylor but no reason to turn this into a Taylor bashing thread either
  18. i was going to say 2004 grammys but yes 2006 is more accurate
  19. loved the performance, no spectacle needed for such a beautiful song, the acoustic arrangement worked great to focus in her voice and the song. People already know she is a kick ass dancer / show woman, this highlighted other side of her we normally only see on tour in the acoustic sections. and its totally ok if people don't like the performance but don't need to post it 100 times
  20. Wasnt tomorrow's show taped already? Is she singing TAB?
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