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  1. Close to , I also don't like the Rain ones (both SST and GS)
  2. Not sure if it was posted, here's UB video
  3. Noms are based on commercial success now, funny how when. Madonna had the commercial success in the 80s Grammys ignored her. It bugs my mind how people like Kanye and Beyoncé have dozens of Grammys while legends like Queen and Led Zeppelin won zero
  4. she won't get any nom for sure, but at least they tried and submitted in the right categories...Ghosttown was never going to be nominated for best video, their only shot was BIM
  5. we should start getting videos soon once the west coast wakes up
  6. don't see the point of getting mad if this is all just speculation
  7. Not sure what's the source, so they may not be true They are coming from this Twitter account https://twitter.com/musicnews_facts/status/655487003283312640
  8. I'm not gonna waste my time correcting myths and rumours, you believe what you wanna believe, and I'll pray to keep my sense of humour. BRILLIANT
  9. it has to be a multi-city venue That leaves Europe only, so I guess Turin!
  10. This one is amazing http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x393xku
  11. I didn't even notice I picked the first result . I tried to edit it via mobile but it deleted the poll, I guess polls don't like edits in mobile...flop thread
  12. How much do you think she'll gross in Asia alone? I'm not attending any show there, but i'm so excited for this leg of the tour
  13. I love all three...I can't decide, but i though it would be fun to remember the previous classic renditions of this amazing song
  14. People (fans)hated 4 minutes even tho it was a legit hit, they kept saying it wasn't "Madonna" sounding, I remember hearing that a lot. I still love it. Candy shop leaked 1 year before and it was trashed by fans and non fans a like. fast forward 7 years later she is still performing the song in 3 consecutive tours
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