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  1. OMG that's so sad, I heard she's staying in a hostel in Berlin :-( #PrayForPoordonna
  2. I though rehearsing was usual throughout the whole tour. i heard thr don't tell me rumour since the beginning of the tour, did it re-emerge?
  3. I agree, I think I'm just being selfish cause even tho I'm a die hard fan I rather pay 350 and dedicate my energy to the show rather than spend all day lining up in the venue (which I have done before I just can't see myself doing that again, especially when her shows are on a weekday)
  4. Personally, having lived in Europe and attended European GA floor shows, while the audience is better, I hate the whole experience of lining up for the entire day and then once there having people muscleing you out...too old for that shit
  5. Quebec ended up being OK for me, I was shocked how bad the first night was in Toronto but the second was great, very different audience in my opinion
  6. Not sure what else is there left to do? There was video, televised performances, remixes and push to radio...
  7. Enjoy the show! I saw Confessions in Prague and it's one of my best concert experiences
  8. yes, basically she has replaced it with Secret a few times One time she skipped it altogether and went right into Ghosttown. While there's a pattern it looks anything can happen in this section, (except for rebel heart ). Who knows what she'll perform next!
  9. Agree I want both so badly...., but there hasnt been a concert where she performed both... ...BUT this time around, there are no rules of what she may or may not do.....so there is a chance
  10. anything will be better than Toronto, that didnt stop me from enjoying both shows, so who cares? Toronto unfortunately doesnt have the best of audiences, even hockey games there suck
  11. the demand in not the reason for that, otherwise why would they add a second date? they could just have 1 date for 35k instead of 2 with 16 k each. It doesn't make sense
  12. I can't at these people setting ridiculous expectations on the number of shows...and they are not even attending the freaking tour!!!! I know it would be nice if she added new countries where they haven't seen her but 81 shows is still a lot.
  13. I prefer the middle part hair but she looks great either way
  14. There's 9 days between Philippines and NZ shows..hoping for more, but i think that's it.... PHILIPPINES, THAILAND, JAPAN, HONG KONG, MACAO, TAIWAN QUEEN OF ASIA
  15. have fun guys!! My late-nites will be over, been sleeping past 3 AM since she started touring the west..fucking periscope is so addictive
  16. She is appreciating the Frida section as she should :-p
  17. Beyonce and Jay Z supposedly were there too
  18. Fergie was there judging by her twitter timeline
  19. More LAP clips https://Instagram.com/p/9XzMkAg9NO/
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