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  1. LOL. Playing an instrument is not like an outfit, or accesory, or new dance step, which you can show a new one every tour and keep people interested. The fact that she keeps playing the guitar just proves that it is not a fashion thing, but something she wants to keep doing in the long run.
  2. unless you are posting full lenght videos, we dont give a shit kidding
  3. i cant wait any longer, i want an entire performance now and HQ mp3s j/k
  4. im waiting for first videos as well... meanwhile im watching my university shitty Madonna concert "Madonna The Pop Icon"
  5. I know! "just because i dont LOVE every single piece of shit doesnt mean im a hater, bla bla bla"
  6. There was no speculation about Montenegro either, as far as i remember...
  7. You seem to be sickly happy about Venezuela not happening
  8. i dont think the fact that people critizing madonna is the problem...the problem is that the same criticisms are being mentioned OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN..... but the key is to keep changing to topic and pointing out different things and just ignore them...(which i havent being able to do until now LOL sorry!) about Vogue I'm really excited about this performance. When i hear the last part of 4 minutes for the first time, it immediately reminded me of Vogue (the horns and some beats), i think the mashup with 4 min can work incredibly. I was dissapointed in RIT that she used a very "album" version...i want to hear the sounds live, ala "Girlie Show" hope she does that this time
  9. Aren't all albums more than DEAD when Madonna tours? (AL, COADF, Erotica, Music (?), ) And Holidayguy i didnt suggest that, i enjoy BAT. I was just referring to the fact that the only way she can manage to dance like crazy song after song is if she mimes the whole concert. in BAT she was younger, i dont expect her to repeat it because its not phisically feasible for her.... If you don't like Rock music, nobody expects you to like madonnas rock versions...in any case, she never does more than 2 songs with electric guitar, so its only 10 minutes of the show that u will hate. It will be just fine.
  10. Madonna is never going to do what the fans want,THANK GOD! Can you imagine Madonna doing what the fans want? BAT part 2, 3, and, 4. Miming the whole concert cause she would be dancing like crazy from start to finish. Greatest hits tour filled with nostalgia songs all converted into DANCE remixes fully coreographed. your ideas and song suggestions are ridiculous, (i mean "can't stop?" ) and expecting a 50 y.o. woman to dance like when she was 30. GET REAL! i guess you all be happy when she never tours again! LOL
  11. I love the guitar! and im happy she wont stop playing it.... ....her shows are always full of dance routines/coreography...., so i dont understand the bitching about guitar. Do people think she doesnt dance as much because she prefers to play guitar? The guitar maybe have replaced sitting down moments, ballads, or interaction. or whatever other trick she used to do to catch a breath.....but dancing heavily is about the only thing that hasnt change. (well, maybe not in DWT)
  12. i love how everyone complains, as if they have already seen the tour, shut the fuck up already
  13. I'm still don't believe it, but i would be awsome!!!!!! some people say that we should not believe pollstar...one can only hope Madonna ¡al Estadio Tec! Madonna Por fin, los fans regios podrán disfrutar de su talento en vivo en el Estadio Tecnológico. Foto: Reuters Anuncia Pollstar que se presentará aquí el 3 de diciembre Alejandro Jasso Monterrey, México (21/7/2008).- La espera terminará muy pronto... ¡Madonna viene a Monterrey el 3 de diciembre! Por fin, los fans regios podrán disfrutar de su talento en vivo en el Estadio Tecnológico, donde se anuncia que traerá su Sticky & Sweet Tour. El portal de internet Pollstar, considerada el vocero oficial de la industria de conciertos a nivel internacional, acaba de incluir la fecha para esta ciudad, aunque aún no se da a conocer cuándo arrancará la venta de boletos. Madonna estará en tierras regias por primera vez después de ofrecer dos conciertos en la Ciudad de México. En el listado de fechas del tour de la intérprete estaban al final los shows del Foro Sol, en el DF (29 y 30 de noviembre), pero en las últimas horas se agregó que la intérprete estará también en Monterrey en el Estadio Tec. Los últimos conciertos de artistas internacionales de su talla en la Ciudad han sido en estadios, como fue el caso de U2, Rolling Stones, Shakira y Soda Stereo. La referencia de Pollstar es confiable, pues, en los últimos tiempos, esta página se ha adelantado a informar sobre varios shows. El año pasado, cuando Ricky Martin trajo su tour Blanco y Negro a la Arena Monterrey, personal del lugar sólo anunció un show para el 15 de septiembre, pero Pollstar dijo que el boricua daría otro el 16 y así fue. Aunque el esperadísimo tour mundial de Madonna aún no arranca, los conciertos de muchas de las plazas que visitará alrededor del mundo ya están marcados en su sitio oficial como agotados. El Sticky & Sweet Tour empezará oficialmente en Cardiff, Reino Unido, el 23 de agosto y hasta el momento Monterrey es la última plaza programada oficialmente. La pregunta ahora es: ¿qué hará Madonna el 1 y 2 de diciembre? Porque, de acuerdo con la calendarización, son los días que tendrá libres en México. Hora de publicación: 21:14 hrs.
  14. for me its more about the musical arrangement, GS was the best one sonically. dont care where the vocals come from, but i dont wanna hear the boring original arrangement...
  15. LOL its funny and pathetic at the same time
  16. i didnt say, madonna on guitar, i just said a rock version! now tell me u dont like the LAP album intro?
  17. i hope its a rock version, with the guitar intro extended
  18. OK, so.....everybody hates the setlist..GREAT is anyone from the haters from Canada ? i need a ticket, preferrably for the montreal concert, toronto will work as well, please, sell it to me! (im serious)
  19. i like it, not the stupid break, i agree, its really lame, but overally i like it, especially the end with the a new level riff..dimebag would be proud (ok, maye not )
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