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  1. I suspect LN DID try to get Madonna in Madrid and Barcelona, since that ensures a sellout. We dont know why this didnt work out and what kind of obstacles they faced..but since they tool SO long to announce the spanish dates, i only can guess that LN was having some troubles or solving logistical issues
  2. i respect peoople that complain about their experience, cause they went themselves, but this.....
  3. in one of the newspaper comments, some people were offended because she called them "motherfuckers" LOL
  4. She didnt come to LatAm, around 60 around the world i guess
  5. and that means LiveNation will price tickets even more expensive for the Madonna 2010 tour,so they can regain the title again, which means more stadiums and hopefuly, latinamerica again
  6. Good fod her, i dont know whats the big deal if she breaks Madonna's tour. Unlike Mariah or Janet, she is popular almost everywhere, never in the level of Madonna, but enough to be profitable for her to tour.
  7. some artitst has more than 1 stage....dont know if madonna is one of them anyway, i agree....i dont think she will add any other date either, maybe after Brazil, but not before
  8. Mexico should get another one and she could sell out 5 shows or more...., but then again, another latinamerican country deserves it...i'm sure that Madonna would sell out every single show here in almost any country, including countries like Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru...at the same high ticket prices...The money (demand) is here madonna, stay here for over a month!
  9. i wish i could go, but have no tickets...Montreal, anyone?
  10. Its his personal blog, he can say what he wants, you should create your own personal blog and bitch about it THERE, not here,where everybody got sick of you.
  11. ive heard different clips, and it sounds different from city to city, but the quality isnt great, so we wont know until we see it i guess
  12. LOL the request thing is FAKE, shes always gonna sing EY, totally acted. not that it bothers me at all :-)
  13. its not a controversy really, just a silly discussion about the costums...read if u have nothing else to do http://forums.madonnanation.com/index.php?showtopic=21652
  14. I wasnt serious, i though you knew about the whole Kylie/Vogue-SST "controversy"
  15. im attending the Montreal concert......HOPEFULLY! dont have a ticket yet.... I know this is not a place to buy, but i want a Montreal ticket wish i can go to Mexico, but im in Canada at the time of the tour anyone? Please?
  16. Well, the female dancers remind me of this http://www.kewego.es/video/iLyROoaft8gw.html
  17. no, the original doesnt work for concerts, she did it in VT and it was BORING, no wonder it was left out of the VHS release
  18. no, people call you braindead for jumping into conclusions about something you havent even seen properly.
  19. did she play the "A new level" riff at the end of Hung Up?
  20. you seem to be pretty consistent when it comes to bitching i personally dont care about ROL.....or Human Nature, the performances dont attract me...do i need to keep saying the whole time.... no, i focus on the things i like...
  21. this is supposed to be a fucking youtube thread..... MODS, we need some order :barett:
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