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  1. She waited until the cameras came back to her LMAO
  2. Im in disbelief that people in this very forum feel it’s okay to attack a 16 years old girl.
  3. I rarely visit this section, opened up my eyes about some posters, I wanna throw up
  4. Has anybody seen this? http://bbc.in/2b8Hzre
  5. This is truly depressing, i'm sick to my stomach, hoping your friends manage to recover
  6. Damn right this is exactly how I feel, only if you live / are from Mexico you'll understand this shit
  7. Well honestly she should have started the boycott decades ago...it's not like it's the first time she gets snubbed, at this point it's more a surprise when gets a nom
  8. It's absolutely expected, nothing to be surprised, I'm guessing she will only get recognition once she's dead
  9. I have true blue at the bottom but doesn't mean I don't like it, I think most people agree she doesn't have a bad album
  10. Who's in charge of that? If it's her team they'll just package a new cover and include "sex interlude "live from Rebel Heart Tour
  11. Noms are based on commercial success now, funny how when. Madonna had the commercial success in the 80s Grammys ignored her. It bugs my mind how people like Kanye and Beyoncé have dozens of Grammys while legends like Queen and Led Zeppelin won zero
  12. she won't get any nom for sure, but at least they tried and submitted in the right categories...Ghosttown was never going to be nominated for best video, their only shot was BIM
  13. Exactly, plus they are at a baseball game, hello? Have you been to one? It's absolutely boring. I would be taking selfies or posting at mnation instead
  14. Not sure what's the source, so they may not be true They are coming from this Twitter account https://twitter.com/musicnews_facts/status/655487003283312640
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