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  1. is this madonna with elvis??

    Nop, that's Lola
  2. Plus her fans are not old enough to pay that amount of money, parents are not gonna pay 400 dollars to bring their kids to a lame show
  3. She is raising her grandson as her son
  4. madonna's shadiest moments

    Exactly! Did anyonr see the videos?The guy was an asshole and was clearly provoking her, he deserved to be sacked.
  5. No fucking way, only D lists goto Wendy (except JLO).
  6. That was a legit comment someone made, but he/she had a technical mishap and posted it like a 10 times by mistake and people started posting the same thing endlessly.
  7. Janet Jackson thread

    I don't but I do remember this epic thread from Dotmusic http://web.archive.org/web/20020612083207/spice.dotmusic.com/forums/Messages.asp?ThrdID=217316&Id=22
  8. I remember reading she said "I'll never tour again" right after WTG, then again for BAT and then after the GS. She was obviously exhausted after each tour (understandably)
  9. Janet Jackson thread