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  1. Im in disbelief that people in this very forum feel it’s okay to attack a 16 years old girl.
  2. I wouldn’t even give him clicks i’d stay to just ignore it
  3. Found this on Twitter . Apparently is real. Love it!
  4. Somebody create a cover art from this please
  5. I came here to post the same totally Game of Thrones!!
  6. Transports me all the way back to Erotica. It’s exquisite.
  7. Reggaeton is vilified in many parts of Latin America and in the world in general , but those who like the genre will eat this up. I love it so much.
  8. Instant classic!! the Portuguese part melts me! the bridge i can’t . We don’t deserve her.
  9. In Brazil is the second most streamed song period. Worldwide, it’s also true that it’s the most streamed song from Madame X possibly thanks to Brazil i love Brazil for showing Madonna the love she deserves.
  10. Let Brazilians flood the comment section, I welcome it. It’s a BOP!
  11. It’s so addictive . And I loved the original too, but not at this obsessive way
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