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  1. Lol the MJ defenders always repeat the following points, it’s like they have been instructed to repeat over and over -I’m not even a MJ fan (yeah right) -They have done “their research”. They don’t dig into the details they just say “I’ve done a lot of research” This phrase is repeated exhaustedly. It’s almost as they are trying to brainwash the reader -Chandler killed himself out of guilt (where’s the proof ?) -there no evidence, -they conveniently avoid acknowledging all the grooming, the gifts, the sharing beds, the expensive trips, the video messages, the voicemails, the faxes. That’s not evidence for them. They want a sex tape. And even a sex tape they are already coming up with theories on how to discredit it its sickening how blind they are. I pity them -
  2. What kind of evidence would this be comparable to? Did MJ write fiction and people are using that against him? Or his songs? From what I’ve seen the things that are used as evidence are suppprting the grooming and they are legit documents / voicemails / faxes / videos / footage.
  3. Kids started to speak up as early as in 1993 though. These 2 may be a bit late but it’s hardly shocking to anyone. Nobody (except lunatic fans) is being skeptic because it’s fucking obvious it happened, I mean, are you kidding me ?
  4. I don’t remember them but judging by the pic they were ugly as hell
  5. Im devastated :-( it was also my first obsession as a child. Grew up with their music...i remember not only collecting their CDs but obsessing over any bside and rarity i could find in the internet . I had the privilege to see them perform live in 2009 (only time) My favorite songs: dreams 21 empty linger daffodil lament Dreaming to dreams ode to my family free to decide animal instinct No need to argue Not sorry never grow old
  6. All those songs that lasted months in the top spot are horrible. Remember Macarena
  7. Or course its a one hit wonder in us/canada and it's a hit in Anglo markets thanks to JB (needless to say) but in Latin America they have way more hits since like 15 years back. Justin Bieber jumped into the wagon once the song was pretty big in Latin / South America so it also benefited him. I despise the song, but there is a whole world out there beyond North America
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