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  1. Wow she goes from 100 to 250 pounds and the back quite often doesn't she? Of course, She's not even the best yo-yo dieter, Kirstie Alley does it better
  2. Agree!! Of all the songs I think this one aged the best, it was Mirwais last masterpiece
  3. Agree. Even Tigresa del oriente has more views that Jancelina
  4. It's easy to predict she'll jancel the tour, it doesn't even count as prediction anymore, it's her standard touring protocol: book a hundred dates, perform the first dozen, jancel a few here and there due to "doctors orders" then "postpone" the tour (never say cancel!)...then silently when no one notices, those said "rescehduled" dates dissapear from ticket master website. the only fun thing to predict is the ridiculous reason she will use this time around and that has been revealed, so not much to speculate with Janice
  5. She'll make it about herself as always
  6. her original nose
  7. This is really sad :-(
  8. Janet had ligitimate hits in Latin America: Together again and All for you. end of list however, who cares? Latin America was never her focus, neither I think she ever payed attention to us. I'd say is more embarrasing the fact she is barely famous in Europe
  9. I love bon appetite, and if she's truly flopping, who are Gaga fans to talk? 😂😂
  10. Was beyonce's tour a 90 min medley with PowerPoint presentations as backdrop?
  11. I Love everything about it, even the transition to get together is amazing